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It’s not too late to order some sugar sweet unique valentines!
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Or call 720-982-4613
These are Flat 5×7 cards printed on 100lb cover stock and they come with white envelopes.
One card for $3
Two cards for $5
Four cards for $10
The whole set of twenty for $50
There is a $1 shipping charge on orders of less than five cards.


Bisexual Unicorn -

Bisexuwhales -

Bisexuowls -

Got Pride? -

Biforce -

Bisexual Pride Dinosaur -


NEW TWIN STUDIOS PRODUCTS ON ETSY NOW !! Makes the perfect gift!

Product 1: Custom Corset Lace Up Rainbow Hooded Crop Top with a Spiral Pocket

Product 2: Adventure Time Bubblegum Princess Crochet Vest

Product 3: Giant Crochet Rainbow Hood

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Books for Animal Lovers

Gifts for those among us who love our furry & feathered friends as much as (or more than) our fellow homo sapiens.


etsyfindoftheday | i’m gonna say it … HOLIDAY | 11.6.16

the dancing cat | 2017 cat calendar by jamieshelman

it’s never too early to pick out your 2017 calendar … my top pick is this illustrated kitty one by my personal fave jamieshelman. so cute, it’s an ideal gift pick for cat ladies on your list. you know you know one. or four. :D

cute present idea:

step one. put a little piece of mistletoe in a small box.

step two. give the box to someone special.

step three. they open the box.

step four. reach forward, take the mistletoe out, and hold it above your heads.

bonus step. flash a cheeky smile.

step five. now kiss ‘em, stupid.

Welcome to the Con Part 21

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Summary: Your friend Lauren and yourself are having the best time at a Supernatural convention. You meet Jared and Jensen in the photo op, and they’re just as awesome as you imagined. Jensen is charming and you seem to click right away. But as life goes, you sadly have to say goodbye. During the panel, however, the unexpected happens….

In the recent weeks, you’ve often found yourself staring at your left ring finger. Jensen couldn’t have found a more beautiful and perfect ring. The entire idea that you’re going to get married  is enough to make you stop and take it all in as it is.

Your engagement is the favored distraction topic of your eleventh grade English class.

“Miss L/N, it is true you’re marrying Jensen Ackles?”

“Jake, I don’t really think that has much to do with Othello.”

“We know, but we’ve all also seen the stuff on YouTube.”

You sigh. Sometimes the whole publicity thing could get annoying.

“It’s true, yes.”

“What’s he like?”

“Amazing. Now, Act 2-”

“Do you go to award shows and stuff?”

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