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Could I request TFP poly waves and human please?

Poly Relationship with TFP Soundwave and Shockwave
● S/O isn’t allowed in the lab when Shockwave is working; it’s too dangerous and absolutely illogical. So during times like this, S/O is typically with Soundwave. He’s a pro when it comes to multitasking, so he’s more than capable of keeping S/O entertained until Shockwave takes a break.
● You know Soundwave will record anything cute that S/O does and show Shockwave later
● Sometimes S/O and Soundwave force Shockwave to take breaks because he’s a total workaholic. These breaks include tons of snuggles and S/O giving these boys lots of smooches. Soundwave has a heart on his screen the entire time.
● Neither of the wavebabes have mouths, which means there’s a lot of soft helm-to-forehead touches. It’s adorable really. A giant alien robot gently touching foreheads with a tiny human. It doesn’t get much cuter, folks.
● S/O is always allowed to sit upon Shockwave’s tiddy
● Soundwave makes lots of cute home movies. He plays them when all three of them are relaxing together.

~ Bow Before Your True Master ~

Because the world needs more trashbabies in flower crowns. ♥

(almost a month after starting it, it’s finally finished! That’s one way to learn how to draw your favourite giant robot. DO SOMETHING YOU’VE NEVER DONE BEFORE. orz)