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My collaboration with @whatthefoucault for the Captain America Reverse Big Bang 2017 @capreversebb. !!! The fic can be found on Ao3 

It’s my first time participating in a reverse big bang and it has been lovely !! Thank you so much @whatthefoucault for your enthusiasm and for this adorable domestic fic. 

Also I’ve had the pleasure to work with two authors for this event so stay tuned for another fic with nearly the same but not completely identical pic ! 


It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.”

Happy birthday @hybriddutyofcare

imagine an au where bakugou has his own cooking youtube channel to out-subscribe midoriya’s life tips/hacks channel and it’s just him making vids on dishes like how to make spaghetti and he’s like “if you undercook or overcook your noodles, then you can fucking leave my channel” or “add some parmesan at the end to top it all off and if you don’t like parmesan then fuck you” and sometimes kirishima will show up all sleepy from a nap bc he thinks bakugou’s just cooking for them, hugs him from behind, then dozes off on his shoulder before bakugou has to kick his ass out of the kitchen like “oi i’m fucking filming you dumbass???” other times he’s in the background coming home from class or work with a bouquet of flowers for his boy and quietly arranges them in a vase but bakugou’s unfazed bc kiri always does that, brings him home flowers


Cultural Exchange. (Yuuri can’t cook, but luckily he also can’t speak Russian.)

“Matt and the Shorthair” - Digital Oil Painting

“Kiss, darling!”

A sweet kiss from Matt Smith to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day. ^_^ I love how this turned out, the hair, the eyelashes, the cat fur, it all just looks so soft and touchable. Very happy!

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Yes. T’Stuckony. Beautiful. 

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They are so flipping domestic it hurts 🙈 Lito is lazily leaning against the fridge just enjoying the view of his baby making breakfast and while smiling the most adorable mischievous smile throws a piece of fruit at his head lol. He is a child okay 😆 And then there’s Hernando my cute cinnamon roll who looks at Lito like he is the most splendid thing he has ever seen. I think for Hernando, Lito is indeed the most stunning art his eyes have ever set upon.
(Gif isn’t mine, just borrowing it)