adorable domesticity


Cultural Exchange. (Yuuri can’t cook, but luckily he also can’t speak Russian.)

“Matt and the Shorthair” - Digital Oil Painting

“Kiss, darling!”

A sweet kiss from Matt Smith to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day. ^_^ I love how this turned out, the hair, the eyelashes, the cat fur, it all just looks so soft and touchable. Very happy!

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You know what I need? 

A space husbands fic where after the 5 year mission Spock decided to become a teacher at the academy (after all he never wanted to have his own ship) instead of going back to vulcan. And Jim, who also got his promotion, invites him to stay with him until Spock find his own apartment. Spock knows how miserable Jim is without the Enterprise and he can’t just leave him alone and it’s obvious that Jim also needs Spock, so they conclude that it’s better if they live together.

Eventually they start cooking for the other, they spend hours reading in front of the fireplace, they fall asleep in the couch, they accidentally brush their hands… People ask if they are married and they dismiss the question with vague answers. One night they sleep together (maybe because Kirk had a nightmare and Spock had to assure Jim everything was fine and he was there for him). Their mental bond gets stronger, personal space is nonexistent and love confessions are not necessary at this point. Kaiidth.

ok but please imagine: simon offhandedly referring to baz as his boyfriend, or to himself as baz’s, and not realising just how much that word affects tiny basilton who has been wanting this for years:::

when they meet someone new

“oh, it’s nice to meet you. this is my boyfriend, baz.”

when they’re having one of their little squabbles

*tiny shrug* “i’m your boyfriend. i have special privileges.”

and baz is just blushing like crazy (if he’s capable of it atm), or unable to stop the small smile that creeps onto his lips as he throws little glances at simon, hardly paying attention to the rest of simon’s words or anyone else’s because he’s simon’s boyfriend holy shit

bonus: now imagine baz finally calling simon his boyfriend.

simon’s being an adorable idiot or smth probably, and baz kind of just rolls his eyes and throws penelope a look and says,

this is my boyfriend?” in the fondest voice simon has ever heard him use.

and simon just. melts. a little. inside. 

bc basilton pitch just called simon his boyfriend for the first time and it was kind of wonderful.

my expectations for season 2 of stranger things:
• hopper and joyce being fucking adorable doing domestic things
• hopper and eleven bonding and having precious father/daughter type moments
• dustin teaching eleven how to read because “if you can’t read, how will you read lord of the rings??? or the hobbit??!?! unaCCEPTABLE”
• nancy and jonathon having a big blowout over something and it ending with jonathon being like “ITS BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, NANCY WHEELER, YOU COMPLETE MORON” and nancy not giving him another chance to say anything before kissing him
• mike wanting to take el on a date and hopper being VERY protective and insisting on chaperoning the date and any time mike gets too close he gives him the dirtiest look
• lucas insisting on watching star wars with everyone and will having to remind him to be patient when el has a thousand questions
• will inevitably becoming just as protective over el as hopper and hopper thinking it’s the cutest
• “no stop jon don’t take pictures of me” but they always turn out so well and nancy hangs all of them in her room
• jonathon showing eleven all the music he’s shown will and loving her like the little sister he’s never had
• joyce being SUPER motherly over el and making sure she never lets ANYONE walk all over her
• steve getting a cute new bf (don’t try and tell me the boy isn’t bi he is fight me) and anytime anyone makes fun of him nancy and jonathon absolutely will not have it
• steve and his bf going on double dates with nancy and jon
• jon going up to mike and going “so, you like my little sister?” and mike being confused at first then being “OH EL” and jon just laughing
• will sharing the fort with el and them sneaking eggos into it because joyce “will NOT allow that garbage to be eaten in my house”
• teaching el how to ride a bike
• all the boys saving every penny they have to buy el a bike for christmas after they see how much she loves it
• jon and nancy pitching in when the boys come up WAY short and buying el the nicest bike they can afford
• making el’s birthday november 6th because that’s when they found her and she doesn’t know when her birthday is and they can’t be sure any records on her are correct and everyone has to have a birthday
essentially if this season isn’t full of everyone being happy and fluffy after all the trauma i wont be happy okay