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Harry shaking my life while making his shake.
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Summary: Nat and Wanda trick you into going to a Halloween party at the Stark Tower.

Warnings: smut- oral (receiving), penetration; fluff

A/N: Wrote this to get out of my writer’s block. I hope you like it!

“Fuck!” Nat yanked the strings tighter and you gasped for air. “I know I wanted to wear a corset for Halloween but-”

“Authentication is the key.” She helped you straighten. “And look at how great your breasts look.” 

“They do look pretty great.” You admired yourself in the mirror, running your hands down your torso and enjoying the feeling of the leather under your fingertips. “So…are you finally going to tell me who’s going to be at this party?”

“Nope, it’s a secret.” Nat chuckled as she adjusted her hair and makeup. “Don’t worry, you’re going to have fun.”

“You’re in for some serious hell if you’re lying to me.” You pointed at her and slipped into your leggings. “Why do I have to be a sexy cat? Why can’t I be like Victorian royalty?” 

“Because last time you were drunk you let it slip that you’ve always wanted to dress up as one.” Wanda slipped into the room grinning. “I told Nat and she helped me get the costume, now let’s go.” 

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It's Like A Bat-Signal for Wynonna:
  • *Waverly and Nicole have been kidnapped and wake up locked in a room who-knows-where*
  • Nicole: "Wave? Are you alright?"
  • Waverly: "Yeah, we just gotta find a way out of here, but that door's solid stone so there's no way we can get out of here by force.
  • Nicole: "Do you think Wynonna, Doc, or Dolls can find us?"
  • Waverly: "Wait, that gives me a crazy idea that might just get us outside help. Do you have your handcuffs?"
  • Nicole: "Uh...yeah?"
  • Waverly: "Officer Haught, I think you should arrest me for obstruction of a police officer because I'm so adorable that I'm distracting you from your duties ;)."
  • Nicole: *????*
  • Waverly: *Hisses* "Just go along with it and handcuff me."
  • Nicole: *Handcuffs Waverly* "Um...yes...sure... you're much trouble. I'm afraid I'll have to-"
  • *Door swings open*
  • Wynonna: "I don't know Dolls, I had the weirdest gut feeling that told me to come her- *Sees Nicole and Waverly, sighs* Nicole... What are you doING WITH MY SISTER? WEREN'T YOU GUYS KIDNAPPED? I swear to Juan Carlo if that was another one of your ridiculous role-plays..."
  • Waverly: *Murmurs* "Well theory confirmed...every time we do something embarrassing we're practically sending Wynonna a giant honking Bat-Signal."
Signed in Black- Part 1

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Soulmate!AU, BadBoy!AU, FLUFF [potential smut in future chapters]

Summary: Min Yoongi. That was the name magically tattooed to your skin. You were told he was your lover by fate. And as cute as it would be to have a soulmate, Yoongi was the last person you ever wanted to be bound to. But thankfully, there was a way to remove the tattoo. All you had to do was convince six Bulletproof Fairies that the two of you were in love.

Word Count: 3.3k

Parts: ONE // TWO

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Fusion is serious magic, not a trick for dinner parties.

You are not two people. And you are not one person. You are an experience.

You forget you were ever alone. You know, when you fuse, you don’t feel like two people, you feel like one being. And your old names might as well be names for your left arm, and your right.

Post Eri-Rescue Idea:

Eri is rescued in some action filled traumatizing way, and Deku is the one that saves her. His line?

“It’s okay! Why? Because I am here!”

Eri is just, she’s seen him before and so she knows he’s got her best intentions at heart so she’s not scared. Nope, she clings to his strength and the hope he gives her like the only lifeline she has (and in some ways it is)

Once they’re in a safe place again, it’s time for Eri to go to the social workers because she’s a tiny child who needs caregivers who know what she needs and they need to have LOTS OF EXPERIENCE with traumatized kids. She’s not having any of it. It’s either Deku or everyone in the surrounding vicinity loses their quirks. So, well, they reach a compromise:

Eri and Deku stay together in a secure location with a child therapist and a pro hero that Deku trusts implicitly. The therapist is government issued, but Aizawa as their pro-hero sure isn’t. 

Eri and Deku bond, as close as brother and sister in the coming days. Eri is getting almost nowhere with the therapist, she doesn’t trust them at all, but she has a wary trust with Aizawa because of Deku’s influence. He’s awkward and cranky but he’s always kind and gentle with her, and he’ll teach her self-defense moves when she asks as he’s teaching her Izu-nii all the stuff he’s missing at school. Things even get fun when All Might visits to talk with them, and with him she sees someone that makes Izu-nii happy and someone everyone respects and cares for, even if he still tries to care for them with his breaking body. She recognizes a lot of Izu-nii in him, and a lot of All Might in her big brother.

When things are finally cleared enough that Eri doesn’t have to be constantly supervised anymore, Deku, All Might, and Aizawa go back to Yuuei while Eri is sent to elementary school for the first time because it’s time for her to be integrated back into society. They promise to go and visit Eri often, because being in elementary school is tough, and everything seems fine for about a week or so.

That is, until Eri runs away in the middle of the school day. She’s already snuck into Aizawa’s classroom by the time anyone even notices she’s gone. 

“She’s quiet!” “She’s such a good girl we never thought-” “I just never noticed-”

excuses excuses and more excuses. Aizawa’s still pissed tho and proclaims right then and there that if they can’t take care of Eri then he will. It might’ve been impulsive, but, well, no buts it was just impulsive. So Aizawa has a daughter who won’t leave his classroom, a naive impulsive student of his own who his daughter attaches herself too, and the epitome of publicity porn running down his neck any hour of the day. That’s the only part he hates (besides the fact that he actually has to keep his house tidy now). Even All Might, with all his annoying pep, keeps bugging him everyday. It doesn’t help that his adorable new daughter keeps distracting his students who love her dearly (Tsuyu especially takes a liking to her) and who all SHOULD be studying but he can’t even blame them for giving her affection when she’s had so little of it so far in her life. Even he will turn away when Satou gives her sweets before she eats or when she suddenly has a new toy after passing by Momo’s desk, or she’ll sit inside Shouji’s wing or squeeze into the same seat at Midoriya to watch him teach together. She even makes Bakugou stop his loud outbursts and reflect on his behavior (the sudden anger and violence in his actions make Eri cry and it truly makes Bakugou sit and reflect how he presents himself to victims of violence. A hero can’t make victims afraid to be rescued)

Anyways, Eri becomes Class 1-A’s mascot, Aizawa’s accidental impulse daughter, Deku’s little sister, and All Might becomes a kinda weird uncle 


Bill Skarsgard Imagine

Imagine: Bill has the job of picking you up from a party and putting you to bed, while you are very very drunk.  It’s simple, sweet and domestic.

It was 3:45 AM and Bill just received the text from you, asking for him to pick you up from the Hen Night you were at. He stayed up watching TV, until he could come and get you. He always liked to ensure that you got home safe. There was also not much point of going to bed because he knew that you would wake him up when you got back. Every night out you go on, he would either party with you or get woken up by you trying making food and stumbling on top of him, as you climbed into bed with a slice of pizza. This time, he offered to just stay up until you texted.

Y/N: Billllll, Can u com g4t mt ples. Brinh foodddd. Lobe u xxxx

Yep. You were defiantly drunk and requesting food, as per usual.

Bill: Sure sweetheart, I will be there in 15 minutes. I will make you some waffles when we get back. Love you xxx

He got in the car and drove to the bar he knew you were at. He could see you stood outside in the freezing cold. You only had on a short dress and no jacket. You had your arms wrapped around you and were talking to the bride to be. Bill got out of the car to get you because he knew you weren’t paying any attention to the cars pulling up. He shut the door and walked over to you.

‘baabbbe, you made it’. You slurred.

Bill bent down to kiss you on the lips but he missed as you moved your head to lean into his chest. He got your cheek instead. You had your face buried into his chest.

‘Y/N, we need to go now, you are freezing’. He laughed as he tried to pull you away slightly.

‘No, I’m using your chest to warm my face.’ You mumbled against him.

Bill gave in and picked you up bridal style. You started to giggle and wrap your arms around his neck, as he walked you to the vehicle.You began to wriggle as you go to the Mini. Bill put you down so he wouldn’t hurt you… and so he could get you in the car.

 He tried to put your seatbelt on but you wouldn’t let go of his neck. You puckered your lips, asking him to kiss you. He gave you a quick peck so he could both please you and get out of the cold himself. You were still not letting go.

‘Come on babe, I need to put your seat belt on’. Bill laughed.

‘ ughhhh finnee’ You let go of his neck with a pout.

‘Don’t give me that look honey. I want to make sure you don’t get hurt if we get into a crash. I love you too much’. Bill said as he placed a kiss on the top of your head.

 You smiled at this and mumbled ‘I love you’ back.

 Your boyfriend got into the driver’s seat and drove away from the bar. He could see you out of the corner of his eye, while he was driving. You were trying to get off your shoes but there wasn’t much room because of how slouched you were in the chair. He could see you try the strap, pout when you failed and then try again. You were so adorable. He  tried to distract you, before you got annoyed and broke your shoes.  

‘Y/N, how was your night?’ Bill asked in a sweet voice.

‘Oh, it was good. The music was great and the drinks were really cheap. Some guy split his drink on me though’. You replied with a hint of anger.

‘Don’t worry, we will get your dressed cleaned’. Bill shrugged.

‘I knew you were dying to get me undressed Bill Skarsgård’. You flirted back.

‘Oh, so I see we are at the flirty stage but are far too drunk for us to do anything’. Bill smirked.

‘What, I’m not that drunk’ you objected.

‘How many have you had?’ Bill enquired.

‘Like 12 or something. I’m fineeee’.

‘You have had too much to make any decisions at the moment. When you are sober we can have some fun OK? Plus, you can’t even walk properly so I know for a fact, you would be stumbling around the bedroom.’ He stated.

He never wanted to take advantage of you. You may have been together for a few years but he always made sure you wanted anything before he did it.

Bill pulled up outside of your shared flat and lifted you out of the car. He gave you a piggy back this time so he could climb the stairs easier. Bill unlocked the door and walked into the flat. You both had so many memories in this flat. It was originally yours but he moved in last year. He could see all the photos of you and him on the wall. He could see the table you ate at, the first time he came over for dinner. He could see the blanket you would cuddle under. He could also see the draw he was hiding a small box in. In that small box, was the ring he was saving for your anniversary next week.

 He was brought back to reality when he felt you snuggling into his back. You noticed you were inside and dropped off his back with a wobbled. Bill caught you and sat you down on the sofa.

‘You take your shoes off and I will warm you up some food’. Bill smiled as he held your face.

‘Yes sir’. You saluted.

You got your shoes off and turned on the television, while Bill cooked some waffles. He could hear you laughing at some cute dogs on screen. He smiled to himself, at the sight of your drunk happy state.

 Once they were cooked he bought you in a plate and a glass of water.

‘Here you are beautiful’. Bill said, as he handed you the plate and put the water on the table.

You snuggled against him as you ate. He had is arm wrapped around your shoulders and placed kisses on your forehead, until you finished eating. He noticed you were done and were starting to fall asleep under him. He wanted to get you to bed before you passed out. He lifted you for a third time and took you to your shared bedroom. As he reached the bed, he placed you down. You immediately stood up and tried to get undressed. Tried being the main word.

‘Come here’. Bill chuckled.

You walked over to him and turned around so he could undo your dress. He pulled the zip down and kissed your shoulder. You moaned and moved your face to rest against his. The dress fell to the floor and you stepped out. You shivered at the cold and attempted to take off your bra. Bill pushed your hand away so he could do it instead.As he unclipped your underwear,  his cheeks grew bright red. He has seen you naked so many times but he can never get enough of it. You were drunk but still noticed his reaction. You smirked to yourself and put on your pyjama top.’Still got it’ You thought.

After you had cleaned your teeth and Bill removed your makeup, you both climbed into bed together. You instantly snuggled up against him and put your head on his chest. Bill wrapped his arm around you and rested his head on top of yours.

‘Goodnight Y/N, love you’. Bill whispered.

‘Night babe’.

‘Oh and Y/n…’


‘If you throw up in the bed, you are cleaning it up’.