adorable derps

thegrumpykitty  asked:

Your post are immensely entertaining, and I usually identify with taemin in them. Thanks for running an awesome blog! Could you do SHINee at a fireworks show? If you haven't done anything similar yet.

thank you baby! ah yes taemin our adorable lil derp, he’s always so much fun to write^^ and fireworks are so beautiful aren’t they?


  • takes very blurry pics to send to his mom 
  • also can’t really get the timing right
  • keeps getting shots of the fireworks before they explode 
  • ducked when the show first started bc he forgot for a moment that they were waiting for fireworks and the noise scared the shit out of him 
  • points at the sky
  • “it’s us!!!!! …. exploding…. wait maybe not” 


  • his mouth is open the entire time bc he is gaping at the sky (minho: you’re going to catch flies / jong: *shuts his mouth for 2.3 seconds and then opens it again bc A BIG ONE went off*) 
  • says wah~~~ after every single one and keeps nudging members next to him and pointing as if they’re not watching too (taemin: yes i saw it we are all seeing it together) 
  • whenever there’s a pause gets nervous that it’s over but LIGHTS up again when there’s more 


  • pulls knees to chest and hums firework by katy perry 
  • realizes that everyone else is humming it too (key: wait did i start a chain reaction / taemin: omg is that why that song’s stuck in my head??)
  • takes a candid pic of the members 
  • it looks good, grumbles that he’s not in it 
  • always feels a lil sad after the finale 
  • but he bought sparklers!!!
  • holds his a little far from him bc the sparks kinda worry him ngl 


  • “they should just set ALL of them off at once / jong: *wide eyes* that would be too much… the ultimate sparkle
  • points sparkler at onew 
  • “SHINEE” 
  • ot4: oh no 
  • now shinee is running around yelling expelliarmus at each other 


  • “i’m gonna promote my concert by just shooting fireworks that say TAEMIN every night over the han river so that world is showered with my name” 
  • keeps making circles with his hands imitating the explosions when the fireworks go off 
  • it doesn’t seem like he realizes that he’s doing that 
  • key: water you doing / taemin: ?? *looks down at hands* jazz hands i guess?? 
  • REALLY wants to buy real fireworks and set them off too 
  • gets one of those mini firecrackers and is severely disappointed by the lame sparks