adorable creatures *3*

  • Age 0-2: can you stop crying, you adorable creature?
  • Age 3-4: Yesh, whos mama handsome boy? Uh, who does everyone love?
  • Age 5-7: Can you stop for a second!?
  • Age 8-10: Im a teenager, stop treating me like a kid
  • Age 11-14: Life is so easy, can I be an adult already?
  • Age 15-16: *existencial crisis*
  • Age 17-19: PARTYYYYY
  • Age 20: What have i done?

Sometimes when I’m lonely, I look at pictures my girlfriend has sent to me or the photos we have taken together and I feel like my whole stomach and chest fills with butterflies. I can’t even begin to describe the feelings she gives me by just a simple picture. She’s magnificently beautiful and attractive and adorable and sexy all at the same time. There is no one else out there remotely close to the beauty that she is.