adorable boxer puppies


Dear Doggary,

I’m currently 19 weeks old and 45lbs. I’m going to be a big big big puppy.

It’s been very hot here, and we’ve been getting lots of smoke from the fires in British Columbia, so I haven’t had too many adventures since the air quality has been quite gross. 

Puppy school is going well, the trainers are super impressed with how much I know. I can shake a paw, roll over, play dead, lay down, speak, and of course, sit. I’ve had to have a couple solo classes to try and help with my separation anxiety. I’m a little bit of a jerk in that regards, but it’s just cause I love my humans and always want to be by their side.

Doggy daycare is still lots of fun! I’m about to level up and get to play with the bigger puppies. I have made lots of friends and am beyond excited to get there in the morning. They treat me really well!

Since it’s been so hot and gross here, my humans got me my very own pool! I’m not too sure what to make of it just yet, I’ll put my front paws in and just drink. Haven’t quite gotten to the point where I play like a lunatic in it yet lol

Snuggles and Kisses,