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happy birthday, sweet boy!

for two years in a row now, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to tell Jensen happy birthday in person and this year was an absolute dream ❤

Jensen was so incredibly wonderful this con – not that he isn’t always, but there was an ease about him this con, or maybe an ease about me, that made this convention so good. His performances on Saturday night were goosebump worthy (three songs!!!!) and all of Sunday he was wonderful

I didn’t go gold this year so I first saw Jensen at his photo-ops at 10:45 Sunday morning. I had Jared’s m&g so I had to stand with some of the first people in line. Jensen walked in after a few minutes, sat his coffee down, and waved and grinned as everyone cheered. I watched him take four or five pictures with people, saying hi and being so kind to each person, doing poses with practiced skill. I watched as a woman in a wheelchair came up and wanted to stand in her picture with him so he helped her up so gently and held her tight before assisting her as she sat down and thanked her so much for coming. After the first four or five pictures he asked Chris (the photographer) to turn off the music and he walked over, standing right by me, and said, “Guys, I just want to apologize. Jared doused me in his cologne right before this because that’s the Jared we’re dealing with today,” and then he looked at me and waved his hand to make the cologne go my way. Absolute menace, I’m telling you.

My picture came up and he smiled and said hi in this sweet, soft voice he has when he’s one-on-one with people and I asked him if I could just hug him and he said, “Absolutely, sweetheart,” and pulled me in and I just melted getting to hug that soft and beautiful boy ;;;;;;;;;; 

I love his smile so much and I got to see it many times this con and I’m so grateful for that

I told him thank you and he smiled real big and told me, “No, thank you” and then I let him get on with his photos 

Autographs are a whole different story, but just as wonderful and just as important as the man who made every little moment something so memorable

I wish I could do more for him on his birthday, but I don’t know how or what, so all I can say is that I hope he has the most wonderful day ❤ he deserves it and so much more and each day I grow more and more thankful for him and the person he is and what he’s done for me and this fandom and the people around him. we are so lucky to have him as we do 

I love you so much, Jensen Ackles


KC AU Week: Day 4 || All Human.

↳Assassin/Scientist AU

Caroline Forbes, professional assassin and con-artist is hired by one of the government secret agencies to seduce Klaus Mikaelson, aspiring and successful scientist who has uncovered a series of discoveries that will change the whole world, and steal his progress.

Now, if only he wasn’t so sweet and adorable, then maybe she would have been able to get it over with and finish this task.

But of course, he had to have dimples and an accent. In short, her own custom made recipe for disaster.

First Crush - Part One

Request by Anonymous: Batmom and Bruce have a daughter and she’s the youngest in the family and batfam is very protective of her


Abby Martha Wayne was completely and hopelessly crushing on the cutest boy in her grade.

With his blonde hair, greenish-grey eyes, and face loaded with adorable baby fat, he was every kindergarten girl’s dream.

Every afternoon when her mom picked her up from Gotham Elementary, the first thing they would talk about was Joshua Rothschild.

Y/N found it cute how her six-year-old daughter would continuously gush about the boy and couldn’t help but remember herself back in the day.

She, like Abby, had been infatuated with a fellow classmate. That classmate (as everyone already knows) was Bruce Wayne.

To be honest, Y/N would have never had the courage to even talk to him if it had not been for her parents suggesting a play date with him.

One of the main reasons why Martha and Thomas Wayne had agreed was because they also knew that their son was quite taken by the young girl.

And from what Y/N was hearing from Abby, Joshua was acting exactly like how Little Bruce had acted around her. He was constantly pulling on her hair, pushing her on playgrounds, and teasing her about her pigtails.

There was no doubt in Y/N’s mind that they would later end up together.

To help her daughter like how her own mother had helped her, she reached out to Joshua’s family who had thought they were being pranked when they first answered the call at four in the afternoon.

They agreed to meet up at the park and have a picnic, but Joshua’s parents soon told her that their butler would be the one to drop off their son and pick him up as they were currently on a last-minute business trip.

So after placing the last few items into the picnic basket, Y/N glanced over at the long flights of stairs and rolled her eyes when she saw that Abby has yet to come down.

“Abigail Wayne, if you don’t hurry up then I’m leaving without you!” She shouted.

A loud thump was heard and Y/N bit back a chuckle as she saw her only daughter run down the stairs in her white tennis shoes.

“I’m ready!” Abby exclaimed, grinning. She was so excited that she was practically jumping up and down.

Y/N smiled down at her and picked up the basket from the counter. She mentally reminded herself to thank Alfred for preparing the lunch as she grabbed the keys to her car from the key holder.

“Well let’s go!” Y/N said, laughing when Abby cheered and raced over to the door which led to the large garage.

Y/N froze as a deep voice rang through her ears. “Go where?” The voice asked.

She lets out a nervous chuckle and glanced at her husband, “To the park.” She replied, trying to be as truthful as she possibly could without revealing the fact that they were going there to meet up with the boy Abby was hopelessly crushing on.

Y/N wondered what she did to deserved this. She had tried so hard to keep this play date a secret from everyone as they were protective as hell over Abby.

It made her wonder how her sweet daughter was going to survive during her teenage years.

“What park?” A new voice, this time belonging to Tim Drake, questioned.

Y/N cursed mentally as she saw all four of her sons walking up behind their father. The five of them raised their eyebrows suspiciously at her.

Since when did they meet up and not tell her? And how did she not notice since all four boys together usually ended up with a few broken objects and, not to mention, bones.

“Just the one a few miles away from the manor.” Y/N answered, smiling innocently. God, she was horrible at keeping secrets. Not only that, but her boys - er, men - could all easily spot a secret and a lie from a million miles away.

“Mommy, what’s taking so long?” Abby called from the garage.

Smiles formed on everyone’s faces at the sound of the youngest in their family. It wasn’t much of a shock to her that Abby was abled to have her dad and brothers wrapped around her finger.

“Hold on for a second, baby. I’m just telling everyone where we’re heading off to.” Y/N called back.

“Why don’t we all just go?” Dick suggested, grinning and noted the sudden wide-eyed expression making its way on his mom’s face. “It’ll be a good family bonding experience.”

Trust Dick to say that.

“I bet you have enough food for the seven of us in there, ma.” Jason said, gesturing towards the basket.

Y/N sheepishly rubbed the back of her neck and glanced at Damian who was staring boringly at the kitchen wall, “Um, I don’t think Damian wants to go.”

Jason rolled his eyes and smirked at his brother, “The demon spawn can suck it up and deal with it.”

This earned him a death glare from said ‘demon spawn’.

“I’ll have you know, Todd,” Damian spat, “I would love to go to the park with ummi and Abby.”

“Seriously? You still call her ‘ummi’? You do know none of us speak or even care about the Arabic language, right?“ Tim spoke up in disbelief.

Damian growled at him and was about to retort but Bruce quickly stepped in, successfully silencing him within a second.

“I think that’s an amazing idea, Dick.” The billionaire told his eldest son before turning his attention back to his wife who looked even more nervous. This made him even more curious on what she was hiding.

“Mommy!” Abby shouted, more impatiently this time.

Knowing that if she denied, they would only follow her so Y/N Wayne took in a deep breath and nodded. She puts on a fake smile and over-enthusiastically waved over to the garage, “Let’s go then!”

Guess she couldn’t drive her favorite five-seater car today.

Show Me

Summary: You’re a police officer who catches a mysterious man speeding in his car- you should really give him a speeding ticket, but he has something to offer you instead.

Pairings: Dean x Cop!Reader

Word Count: 1853

Warnings: language, smut, oral [reader receiving]  

A/N: So, I wanted to write something Dean x Cop!Reader themed and this is what I came up with, this is only my second time writing smut-hopefully you like it! Massive thanks to @fvckinpayno for being my Beta for this fic😍

also tagging: @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki  @spnfanficpond  @readingissupernatural @mrswhozeewhatsis @but-deans-back-tho

You were looking forward to nothing more than the end of your shift. You were just heading back to the station, doing the speed limit down one of the country roads–when a black vehicle sped right past you, doing way over the limit. Cursing under your breath, you switched on the siren and the flashing lights, tailing quickly after whoever was driving like a complete maniac.

Thankfully, after a few yards, the car pulled up a deserted side road. You got out of your patrol car and walked to the driver’s side, where the window was already rolled down.

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! I really enjoy your writing, and I especially enjoyed your clingy Saitama headcannons, so if you could do clingy/overprotective Genos headcannons that would be lovely. But if you are too busy then do not worry at all! Have a great day!

More Genos headcanons! Woo~

Sorry I took so long to write them. ^^;

  • -Being a careful person he is, he will definitely look out for any dangers ahead of you to make sure you’re safe and sound no matter where you are and/or where you go.
  • -He might exaggerate a bit when you’re sick by not letting you out of bed and checking your temperature less than every half an hour to see whether you’re getting better or not. Even if you tell him that you’re alright, he will still persist on taking care of you  until you feel good enough to do things on your own (even if you’re just out with a cold he worries it’ll turn into something more).
  • -So in other words he will nurse you to health! And you may expect him to be by your side whenever you call him (or make any noise at all–)
  • -Whenever Genos is feeling slightly clingy he’s not too sure how to show this, so he will most likely get pretty embarrassed over it, not uttering a word before finally making up his mind and bringing you into a hug when you least expect it.
  • -Once he hugs you he will insist on holding you close to him “Just a little longer”, It’s his way of showing how much he loves you and how much he cares, all the while making sure you’re still there with him.
  • -He might not show it but he is quite worried that you’ll leave him one day so he will often walk up to you when you’re in the kitchen making food just to hold you for a while.
  • -If the two of you are out and he suddenly feels cuddly, he will gently squeeze your hand while glancing at you from the corner of his eye to see your reaction.
  • -When you catch him staring he won’t look away. Of course, his cheeks will turn slightly pink but he will keep looking at you with an adoring smile, brining your hand up to his lips to kiss your knuckles lovingly.
  • -He really enjoys it when he gets to carry you around, your arms around his neck and head resting on his shoulder. He just finds it adorable.
  • -The blonde cyborg will shower your face with gentle kisses if he wakes up before you, cherishing every moment such as this whenever he can.
  • -Bonus: Kiss his neck to get him all ‘blush and stutters’. (He won’t exactly feel it but it’ll do the trick)
  • -While the two of you are cuddling he will occasionally reach out for your hand and compare it to his, a small smile adoring his face, before lacing your fingers together. He  finds it amusing how your hands fit together; like two pieces of the same puzzle.
  • -He usually prefers to be the big spoon but won’t mind letting you cuddle him instead. However, he prefers to have you facing him whenever the two of you are in bed, his arms around you and your legs tangled together.
  • -When Genos gets cuddly he will try to keep you close to him if he can, feeling slightly upset when you leave him to do something else. Nonetheless he is a huge heater that will ensure you are warm enough at night, making you feel secure and safe throughout the time you’re with him.  

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FULL  NAME :  Gary Unwin
AGE :  23
BIRTHDAY :  3rd June
ETHNIC  GROUP :  White British
NATIONALITY :  British English
LANGUAGE/S :   English, Chinese, French (FLUENT)
Spanish, Arabic, Japanese (CONVERSATIONAL)
RELATIONSHIP  STATUS :  depends on the verse
CLASS :  Middle/ Lower class
HOME TOWN / AREA :  Cockney, England
CURRENT  HOME :   Apartment in London (provided by Kingsman)
PROFESSION :  Spy Tailor


HAIR : Dirty Blond
EYES :  Green
NOSE :  Average??? Adorable
FACE :  Square shaped
LIPS :   Thin
COMPLEXION : Fair, more pink than tanned
BLEMISHES :  Body moles, beauty marks
SCARS : Aplenty
HEIGHT :  5′10″
WEIGHT : 70.3kg
BUILD : Sculptured, visible defined muscles
FEATURES :  Nothing striking in particular
USUAL  HAIR  STYLE :  Neat, usually uncombed

USUAL  CLOTHING :  Adidas sweaters && trackies


FEAR/S :  Drowning, losing his loved ones
ASPIRATION/S :  Make the world a safer place for Daisy && his mum to live in.
POSITIVE  TRAITS :  Loyal, faithful && loving
NEGATIVE  TRAITS : Stubborn, rash
ZODIAC :  Germini
TEMPERAMENT : Always pushing the boundaries && unrepentant
SOUL  TYPE / S :  Server
FAITH :  None
GHOSTS ? :  Believes that there’s something, but maybe not just ghosts
ECONOMIC  PREFERENCE : Just a steady income, food && roof over his head
SOCIOPOLITICAL  POSITION : Used to be middle/ lower. Now, middle-upper
EDUCATION  LEVEL :  High school dropout


MOTHER :  Michelle Unwin (ALVIE)
SIBLINGS :  Daisay Unwin (ALIVE)


DEITY : Hermes
MONTH :  September
SEASON :  Autumn
PLACE :  London, France
WEATHER :  rain
SOUND : Rain
SCENT/S :  Daisies
TASTE/S :  Strawberry
FEEL/S :  Gentle breezes/ caresses
ANIMAL/S :  All kinds
NUMBER :  Five
COLOUR :  Brown


TALENTS :  Fighting/ Parkour/ Skateboard
BAD  AT : Baking
TURN  ONS :  Alot (&& depends on verse) - Someone whom he can trust wholeheartedly (very similar to dom/sub undertones)
TURN  OFFS : Posh twats, know-it-all (just to name a couple)
HOBBIES : Exploring new places
TROPES :  Rhetorical question (++ innit?)


MAIN  FC/S :  Taron Egerton
ALT  FC/S :  None
OLDER  FC/S :  None
YOUNGER  FC/S :  tba
VOICE  CLAIM/S :  Taron Egerton