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Dating Peter Parker Would Include:

- You two meeting at school.
- He was a bit of a shy butterfly when you first met him, but he quickly loosened up when he noticed your Star Wars tee and you smiled at him.
- He’s super romantic and will just randomly bring you flowers.
- You two often observe the night sky together on rooftops because why not.
- Marathoning Star Wars together.
- Discussing the Star Wars films and which is your favorite.
- Helping each other study for quizzes and tests.
- He tutors you on science and maths.
- You tutor him on English and history.
- You two are constantly talking. Be it in person, by call, FaceTime, Skype, or text.
- Both being awkward yet cute.
- You learning more about technology from him.
- You not putting up with any lone wolf crap from him.
- Knowing that he’s Spiderman before he tells you because you recognized how they move and talk similarly.
- A lot of cuddles, cheek and forehead kisses, holding hands… Cute stuff.
- He blushes a lot and you flirt with him very often just to cause it.
- Aunt May adoring you.
- Tony adoring you.
- Being BFFs with Ned. - Being a part of the Midtown High School Science Team. - Mitigating Flash and his interactions with Peter. - You go directly to Peter’s after school and hang out there most of the time on weekends too. You practically live there.
- “I love you” is said in pretty much every other sentence.
- You two nerding out together.
- You help tend to Peter’s wounds so he doesn’t scare the stuffing out of Aunt May.
- You help come up with excuses for him whenever he is late to an event or if he shows up with an injury.
- You pretty much are what keeps him grounded and focused on normal life.

DISCLAIMER- As usual, I do not own any of the characters mentioned and you are you. Please don’t sue me.

Wait Horace’s Odes 1.3 is the most adorable thing. Sometimes I forget that all these amazing Latin poets aren’t living in isolation from eachother, then here comes Horace all, “Hey, my friend Vergil’s about sail on a ship and the sea can be really dangerous, so please just make sure he gets there safely, okay?” And then 2000+ years later we still have this poem. “Ship, I pray, you should keep the half of my soul safe.” So cute!!

“I’m sorry I took so long, guys…!”

——Welcome home, Roy.

Aaaaaugh I just have so many feels about Roy being back in Smash 4, it’s ridiculous ;x; Finally, all of our nerd babies are back together. So I did a little celebratory doodle, because I just want these nerds to be bff swordsmen forever. It’s a bit late, but have these three being adorable. And yes, OoT Link since he was with Roy originally shush.

Idek what’s going on with the bg ha ha

Knock, Knock Ch. 13: Over-Identifying with Taylor Effing Swift

A/N: Sorry for the insanely long delay. I have most of this story entirely mapped out - it’s just about writing it. And life has been a little bit insane lately for me. And a little bit rude. But yay! I finally got myself a few hours to just write.

(Also just to clarify, I have no hate for the T-Swift and this chapter was named long before whatever weird feud thing is going on right now on the interwebs. The chapter title is simply about identifying with sappy love songs - something I myself can attest to being a swift kick in the lady parts when you’ve previously prided yourself on being independent and capable and totally above the whole lovesick puppy thing.)

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Adulting was the fucking worst.

Seriously, at least some people had the benefit of an idyllic childhood – not Killian, of course, but at the very least it was a possibility. But had anyone ever described a grown-up scenario as idyllic? Not unless they were in a fucking fairy tale. And even then you never actually got to see that part of it. The meat of the story was dragon slaying and evil-stepmother-outsmarting. The floofy happily ever after part was always just a platitude, a sentence to lull children to sleep at night.

No, adulthood was stupid. It was bills and complications and being the bigger person and to-do lists and a whole gamut of bullshit that was so much shittier than even the worst afternoon on the schoolyard.

Killian wasn’t one to whine – no, he was generally the suck it up type – but today he was cranky. After leaving his soul-sucking adult job on Wall Street, he’d opted for a more exciting, a little more carefree and fun-spirited career… only to be slammed in the face with the harsh realities of such a jolly lifestyle.

There’s the cleanup and the logistics and all the basic planning and whatnot. But then there’s the really icky stuff.

Like obtaining sufficient insurance.

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