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klance training headcanons after they start dating 

  • keith continues training regularly after they start dating and lance insists that they fight against each other sometimes. they actually hold up really well against the other and have a lot of fights where the winner isn’t necessarily clear. the few times that it’s clear that lance did get his ass kicked by keith though he just grins at him and goes “you know, i love a guy that can kick my ass” and keith just rolls his eyes and smiles
  • the team also trains regularly together. allura has them train in pairs and individually. imagine keith going up against the gladiator with the team watching. hes holding up extremely well and is getting close to going farther than he ever has. lance is cheering him on the entire time, probably screaming a bit too loud for everyone’s ears whenever keith is successful. once keith finally loses a battle, lance goes to him and swoops him up, just proud of him for getting so far and happy cuddles ensue with adorable blushing and giggles 
  • imagine that lance is also getting far, and keith isnt as much of a verbal cheerer as he is just someone who cheers aggressively on the inside while on the outside hes watching intensely. lance is also getting pretty far and once he loses, it kinda seems like it hurt a bit. keith goes over and is just like “oh no baby are u okay D:” and lance is like “yeah im ok” and keith is kinda suspicious cause he still seems like he could be in a bit of pain and lance just gives him a peck and smiles, reassuring him that he is okay and keith hugs him in relief
  • whenever they train in pairs, they work extremely well together. they make it out of the maze with hardly any hassle and if one accidentally leads the other into a wall, there’s some pouting and whining, but for the most part no hard feelings are shared. if they’re against the drones, keith guards lance while lance attempts to shoot them down. if theyre against the gladiator, lance covers keith while keith goes in for an upfront attack. again, whenever theyre victorious, they just hug, maybe lance swoops keith up and like spins around with him and happy, victorious giggles and cuddles and kisses are shared
  • basically just imagine them being super cute and happy and proud of each other yeah

no one ever told me chloe bourgeois is actually gwen stacy

NCT cheering you up when you feel sad

Ten:Look baby what I got for you! Your favorite candy!!!” Finally you let out a shy smile…You just can’t resist his charms…and that candy looks really delicious!

Taeyong: *attempts doing aegyo* *you’re not smiling yet* *tries one more time* You finally burst out into laughter…he does it so cute and prettily, that makes you forget everything!

Doyoung: *makes a video call* *shows weird faces* *you look confused* Finally you let out a big laughter making him laugh too at your reaction! He is really good at bringing your mood up! Such an adorable bunny!

Kun: *sends you a video message

If you won’t come over I’ll drink your favorite coffee…oups I already drank some!” You make an angry face but finally smile, now you want to hurry up and have a taste of that coffee from his lips… 

Hansol: *takes you out for shopping*

 “Choose everything you want, I’ll buy it for you…” he grabs a sexy outfit for you. At first you feel shy to change into it, but you go on with a smile and try it. He approves as how good and sexy you look…but he does it so seriously, that you can’t hold your laughter anymore…you are finally feeling happy again!

Jaehyun: *offers you a potato chip and while you open your mouth, he puts away his hand and eats it by himself, savoring it really loud*  You look at him a bit mad, but finally show a shy smile as you watch him eating! He is so cute every time he eats something, you want to cherish his smile forever!

Yuta: “Come here honey, let me show you something…” 

*attempts grabbing your hand, but you won’t let him* 

Tries one more time, while he brings it near his face and kisses it like a gentleman, comforting you at how beautiful you look when you are happy…you finally face him with a big smile! It’s impossible to resist to his charms…

Taeil: He’s not very good at cheering up other people, since he always looks awkward or makes weird gestures. This time he lets out his crazy inner self by making funny faces and it’s just impossible for you to keep you face straight…I mean, what’s with that tongue tease? He asks to be kissed too, after he made you laugh so hard.

Win Win: He loves non-verbal language and uses it every time he wants to cheer you up, since he knows that you laugh pretty hard at his funny way of expressing himself…by making those cute gestures. You go on with a smile and join him for playing…whatever he wants to play… 

Mark: First, he tries to pull-off a seductive expression, but then he faces your disappointed face and cracks up laughing…of course you laughed too at his cute failed attempted of making you think he was some kind of player…Well, in your eyes he is so sweet, you just can’t view him in any other ways.

Johnny: A masculine tall man like him doing aegyo is something you can’t handle…Your sadness goes away the moment you crack up laughing at how dorky-cutely looks making those face gestures.

Jaemin: *plays his favorite song* He starts dancing like a crazy excited kid pulling off some “manly gestures”, but you already laugh as soon as he starts bouncing. He is so adorable and his smile is really contagious…impossible to feel sad around this cutie pie.

Haechan: *shows you some moves, while he tries to act out seductively* You ask him to stop being so quirky since he is a still a kid, but he goes with it and you just can’t stop laughing at how mischievous he looks…

Jeno: Asks you if you want some food, while he stills chews up on some rice…you burst into a hard laughter at how funny he looks…and if it wasn’t enough even he laughs of his own derpy actions… He is so precious!

Jisung: He doesn’t need words or silly actions to cheer you up, just looking at him being adorable makes you laugh so hard! He knows his presence makes people feel happy, that’s why he sticks to his cute-sweet image! He does look like a baby-chick for some reason…

honestly nathan’s attempts at being hetero are really not working

Me: ugh, i hate Jaehyun mean what an asshole i hate him i- *trips* *thousands of screencaps of fan signs and close ups from live stages spill from pockets* fuck those aren’t mine i swear i’m just holding them for a friend i- *slips on a pile of pictures* fu ck no they’re not mine i hate him i just- *more pictures fall out as i fall to my knees, desperately trying to pick them up* hang on a sec jUst LISTEN

Nathaniel: You seem rather attached to that cat, Anders.
Anders: It’s more that he is rather attached to me. Isn’t that right, Ser Pounce-a-lot?
Ser Pounce-a-lot: (Meow!)
Nathaniel: Isn’t that name a little… ridiculous?
Anders: What do you think I should call him? Frederick?
Nathaniel: There are worse names, I suppose…

Because of this banter, I told thethirdamell today that I honestly headcanon Anders’ birth name to be Frederick. I think he teasingly slid his name right into the game under our noses and Gaider won’t confess.