adorable baby being adorable

But consider. 14-year-old Viktor packing baby Lev around the rink and showing him off to his friends.



Number one:

Number two:

Number three:

Number four:

Number five:

Number six:

and, Number seven:

Someone to look up to~ (^_^)

Happy Birthday Sawamura Eijun~♥ 5/15

Always stay true to who you are!! ( ^ ///w/// ~  )b 

“Baby what are you doing?!”
“I cannot choose between a star or an angel, so I will go with both”

inspired by that meme too lazy to actually search its 4am ok feat. ugly hand writing

more pics of Juzen Holidays to come~ what do you mean christmas is done and the new year is coming

| The Star | Festive | The mistletoe | Merry Christmas | Happy New Year |

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I want to thank @mintchocolateleaves for the cutest AU ever. Bless you.

They all had a little accident and everyone shrunk, but in different ages. Now it’s time for mommy Ran and daddy Shin to step in!