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“It’s twisted alright.”  Clint confirmed from his squatted position in front of you.  He’d been gently prodding at your ankle for a few minutes, trying to gauge how sever the injury was to figure out how to get you back down the trail to the car.

“This sucks.”  You huffed, trying to roll the injured ankle and wincing violently at the action.  “Fuck.”  Clint smiled softly, shrugging off his backpack and moving it to his front instead before helping you up to your feet and turning around so his back faced you.

“Jump on.”  After a brief hesitation you grasped his shoulders gently and awkwardly hoisted yourself onto his back.

“Thank you.”  You offered as he re-adjusted you on his back before starting back down the trail.


Happy Birthday “Snake”!!

good things about ndrv3!!


-saihara’s secret and adorable ahoge

-the helluva plot twist in chapter 1


-tenko fucking flips saihara like he weighs nothing more than a bunch of grapes. saihara is screaming

-tenko does the same to yumeno

-kiibo’s ahoge

-getting to see the protagonist’s sprites as they interact with others

-chapter 5 hurt a lot. throwbacks to dr1


-kiibo’s smile

-danganronpa was literally fucking destroyed

-thank god for kiibo


Meeting Barry for the first time.

“Who’s the kid?” you asked, cocking your head to the side as Bruce entered the room. Following behind him with a wide grin was a boy who looked like a lost but curious puppy.

“Barry Allen, meet (Y/N),” Bruce introduced you, walking past your chair towards Diana as Barry’s eyes finally met yours.

“Hi!” he greeted you enthusiastically, making you fight the grin trying to crawl onto your face as you watching his adorable features twist up in excitement and nervousness.

“Nice to meet you.”

One and a Half Stans AU - With a Twist

So the “One and a Half Stans” AU, one of my favorites in all the GF fandom, centers on Grunkle Stan getting de-aged to a little kid, with the rest of the family having to adjust and take care of him, and usually features lots of awkward/guilty Ford (and guilty!Ford may or may not be my favorite Ford).

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this AU again, only with a twist:

In another dimension, the Pines parents still gave birth to unexpected twin boys, only this time, they don’t keep the second-born spare child, whether for financial or personal reasons. So Stanley grows up not as just Stanley, no home, no family. He goes from orphanages to group homes, gets horrendously mistreated and abused by the system, and eventually decides that he’s better off on the streets than staying with people who only hurt him.

Imagine a smol!Stan, maybe twelve-years-old, as a little Artful Dodger type figure that pickpockets and swindles people for a living.

Then imagine post-portal Stanford traveling to this dimension and getting pickpocketed by this young scamp, only to discover that it’s his brother, young and orphaned with nobody to take care of him.

And Ford, for reasons he can’t even quite grasp (long-buried, unacknowledged guilt over what happened to his Stan manifesting itself, perhaps?), cannot let this be and resolves to help the boy.

This Stanley, of course, isn’t inclined to trust any adult after the trauma he’s suffered, and it takes a while for him to accept that Ford’s genuinely trying to help him. Though he still isn’t a fan of being told what to do, even if it’s for his own good, as Stanford soon learns -

“Regular baths, really?”

“And what the hell do you mean no swearing? That’s fucking stupid!”

 "Hey, it’s not stealing if she leaves the purse unattended! That’s practically an invitation! Not my fault she’s dumb as shit- uh, I mean, crap…“

Inter-dimension shenanigans, escaping the fuzz, Ford coming to grips with his emotions regarding his own brother after growing fond of this smaller version and maybe realizing that is probably a lot of what his Stan went through being homeless. And in turn, this small version of Stanley, who has absolutely no concept of family, realizes that there’s someone who actually gives a shit about him and what wonders that does for this street kid's self-image - idk, it’s so my jam.



Last week I found this adorable post by @plot-twist-i-am-an-android and I just… HOW COULD I NOT DRAW THAT?

And because I wanted to include myself as one of the kids, I included a few of my friends too - 7 to be exact. In the last two images, you can see them in this order: @mhmdogelicious, @thecatyoudontexpect, me, Litty, @ladyofirony, @aquaticactivity, @mayallthebaconburn and @glowfoiry.

(Also Chat, stop hugging the kittens out of the blue like that, or you might kill the poor things.)