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How long have you been planning for Coulson to be the Ghost Rider – and what was Clark Gregg’s reaction to finding out that news?

Jeffrey Bell: To say he was happy, it would be an understatement.
Jed Whedon: I think what he said when we told him was, “I didn’t think I could geek out more,” but he was like, “It seems I can.”
Jeffrey Bell: Yeah, that was what he said. [x]

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Love your winterironwidow AUs, they give me life! But most are winterwidow to winterironwidow, how about we change it up a bit: Tony and Nat are working together (and being together) as a sort of "anything-for-hire" - they will steal, spy, assassinate and protect, whatever is needed, for money. And they are VERY good at what they do, what with Nat's infiltrating sneaky spy skills combined with Tony's computer/gadget skills and brains (and they are both excellent at acting). (1/2)

(2/2) Then one mission Tony’s cover has been blown and he has to disappear into the crowd. He spies a guy sitting alone in a café and sits down next to him asking him to hide him because some guys have been following him all day. Bucky, always the gentleman, does exactly that, and they proceed to have a wonderful first date which doubles as a job interview because turns out the former special forces sniper is currently unemployed, and has just the right skill set to compliment the other two.

“Tony,” Natasha says slowly, eyeing up the good-looking young man currently standing half-naked in their bedroom. “What did I say about cheating on me?”

“Not to, or you’d slit the bitch’s throat right in front of me and make me watch them die, then drown me in their blood,” Tony cheerfully replies, sauntering out of the walk-in closet he’d insisted every safe house would have to contain, while the stranger spluttered. “He’s got great abs though.”

“I can see that,” Natasha states drily because he really does. Dead-Hottie-Walking–and damn it, Tony’s ridiculous nickname habits are starting to rub off on her despite her best efforts–has earned the name. He’s also pulling himself together remarkable fast, refuses to break eye-contact with her despite the light blush that refuses to die down.

Natasha always respects a man who refuses to cower in front of her but is still smart enough to realise he’s in trouble.

“He’s also a sniper,” Tony adds, as though that is supposed to make her feel any better, and throws the guy a shirt he catches without looking. 

Oddly enough it does make her feel better.

“Really?” she drawls, attention still fully focused on the unknown threat. “And how did you come to lose your shirt?”

Dead-Hottie-Walking’s mouth sets into a tight line, before he visibly forces himself to relax, shrugs. “It got blood on it,” he answers, no inflection whatsoever. And yes, she can see why Tony likes him.

Damn it.

“So,” she leans against the door frame, folding her arms in front of her chest in a mock-show of patience. “Are you going to tell me why you’ve invited a virtual stranger in our,” secret “bedroom or should I go get my knives and get the answers myself?”

“Kinky,” Dead-Hottie-Walking mutters not quite under his breath. Definitely see why Tony likes him.

“It totally wasn’t my fault!” her loveable, genius, idiot of a boyfriend blurts out, hands flailing. “I was just doing my job, there was absolutely no way I could’ve foreseen-!”

Natasha suppresses a sign.

So this is going to be one of those days.

I adore this. I love the twist of Tony/Nat being a thing before Bucky joins them!!! (He totally will, it’s just gonna take some time, for one Nat will have to stop calling him Dead-Hottie-Walking at some point) I hope you like the silliness I came up with :)

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A small, gurgled giggle falls from your eight-month-old son’s lips, which bear a striking resemblance to his father’s, as you carefully place him in his high chair.

“There you go~” you coo, getting him properly situated and straightening out the puppy-themed bib around his neck. He wiggles in his seat and you chuckle quietly at his penchant to fidget. “Let me fix you up first, handsome.”

Being the mini ball of energy that he is, your baby boy releases a string of tiny giggles when your fingers tickle his chest after successfully primping him. The youthful twinkle in his crescent eyes brightens your entire day when he peers up at you, flashing you a show of pink gums and few teeth.

“Is my little star hungry, hmm?” you ask him, tilting your head to the side, running a hand through his head of soft, healthy hair.

Your son emits another cute noise that seems compliant, stubby fingers flailing enthusiastically. His current schedule seems to be working perfectly.

“Is that a yeah?” You nod at him, understanding.

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From the very beginning I thought that Victor was being a jerk here. And now. Now I can’t stop laughing. Because I see that smile and it’s the fakest smile ever. He’s so mad. Like. SO MAD. He’s just thinking “You stupid sexy Japanese drunkard. I’ve been waiting to see you in every fucking single competition after the Grand Prix Final. And YOU. You’re just here so happy about your fucking delicious katsudon. You better get ready for my coaching, you traitor.”

And I just think this is adorable.


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“It’s twisted alright.”  Clint confirmed from his squatted position in front of you.  He’d been gently prodding at your ankle for a few minutes, trying to gauge how sever the injury was to figure out how to get you back down the trail to the car.

“This sucks.”  You huffed, trying to roll the injured ankle and wincing violently at the action.  “Fuck.”  Clint smiled softly, shrugging off his backpack and moving it to his front instead before helping you up to your feet and turning around so his back faced you.

“Jump on.”  After a brief hesitation you grasped his shoulders gently and awkwardly hoisted yourself onto his back.

“Thank you.”  You offered as he re-adjusted you on his back before starting back down the trail.


Meeting Barry for the first time.

“Who’s the kid?” you asked, cocking your head to the side as Bruce entered the room. Following behind him with a wide grin was a boy who looked like a lost but curious puppy.

“Barry Allen, meet (Y/N),” Bruce introduced you, walking past your chair towards Diana as Barry’s eyes finally met yours.

“Hi!” he greeted you enthusiastically, making you fight the grin trying to crawl onto your face as you watching his adorable features twist up in excitement and nervousness.

“Nice to meet you.”