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I love your headcanons a ton and read them all the time. I was wondering if you could do the RFA+Saeran+V reacting to an MC who went through a lot of physical and sexual abuse so they're really jumpy and nervous (brownie points for you doing this).

this gets a lil spicy lololol

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  • MC pulls up a chair too Yoosung’s desk, sitting beside him
  • “whatchya doooin?”
  • clearly, he was playing LOLOL
  • but MC never passed up a chance to tease Yoosung
  • “big boss fight. shits gettin real. cant talk”
  • MC points their fingers in the air, offering little cheers
  • “Yoosung, fighting!”
  • he leans forward, his strength revived by MC’s cheers
  • “babe, i need you! we’re losing!”
  • MC waves their fists in the air frantically
  • “c’mon, Yoosung! you can do it! kick that monsters sorry ass!”
  • Yoosung giggles a little, eyes still on the game
  • a minute later he pumps a fist in the air triumphantly
  • “we did it!”
  • he raises his hand at MC for a high five
  • they flinch, and pause before enthusiastically completing the high five
  • “sorry, i guess i got a little too excited there”
  • Yoosung smiles nervously, feeling a little guilty that he made MC flinch
  • “oh…it’s not really your fault. i just grew up in a…”
  • they pause for a moment
  • “…bad home”
  • Yoosung immediately feels like an idiot
  • did MC really think he was going to hurt them?
  • “baby, i promise ill never hurt you. never”
  • he kisses MC gently on the forehead and thanks them for cheering for him
  • please never stop cheering for me, MC. and i’ll always cheer for you, too”


  • Zen came home from rehearsal feeling exhausted
  • thankfully when he went into his bedroom MC was sleeping soundly
  • he loves coming home to them more than anything
  • he climbs in bed with them
  • Zen hovers over MC, who was still sleeping, and leans down to kiss them awake
  • when their lips meet, MC’s eyes shoot open and they push Zen away without thinking
  • “get off me!”
  • he backs away quickly
  • “sweetheart, it’s just me. it’s me”
  • MC was breathing heavily and clutching the blanket to their chest
  • “oh my god, Zen! im so sorry”
  • they’ve never acted like this before when Zen kissed them…
  • “MC, did you think i was someone else?”
  • “it’s just a reflex i guess…”
  • a reflex?
  • “i’m sorry for startling you, baby”
  • Zen puts his hand out to MC
  • “i promise i’ll always be gentle with you”
  • MC’s face turns bright red
  • they grab his hand and cuddle up in Zen’s lap
  • they felt safe there


  • Jaehee was sitting right across the table from MC
  • both of them were surfing the web on their laptops
  • both had a mug of warm coffee they were occasionally taking sips from
  • a few stray hairs fell in front of Jaehee’s face
  • she tries to blow them away but its not really working
  • Jaehee lifts her hand to her face to push the hair away
  • out of the corner of her eye, she sees MC flinch
  • “MC…? everything okay?”
  • “yea, i’m just a spaz i guess”
  • they smile at Jaehee
  • she doesnt think much of it, until she has to move some hair out of her face again
  • and MC flinches again
  • “hey, are you sure everything is okay?”
  • “i’m just really jumpy, i guess…i had a rough childhood, to put it lightly”
  • Jaehee closes her laptop and leans across the table, giving MC a peck on the forehead
  • “i’m not going to hurt you. i’m never going to hurt you”
  • MC’s cheeks heat up
  • “i know, Jaehee.”
  • everyone has their own story, Jaehee thought
  • she was going to help rewrite MC’s


  • “how was work, Jumin?”
  • MC looked up from their laptop to see that Jumin had just come home for the day
  • “annoying”
  • Jumin flops down in bed next to them
  • MC giggles a little; he was acting more dramatic than usual
  • “would a kiss make you feel better?”
  • he sits up and scoots close to MC
  • “more than you know, darling”
  • MC kissing Jumin lightly on the cheek, but when the try to pull away from him, Jumin catches their lips with another kiss
  • he continues to kiss MC, soaking up every little detail
  • the warmth and wetness of their lips
  • the way every muscle in his body seems to relax at MC’s touch
  • unconsciously, Jumin’s hand starts to make its way up MC’s leg
  • they push him away suddenly
  • “Jumin, stop”
  • “i’m so sorry, my darling. i guess i just started to get carried away…”
  • MC sighs
  • “it’s not your fault, Jumin. i’m just a little, well, jumpy when it comes to…this stuff”
  • Jumin wants to apologize a million times for the selfish way he acted
  • “MC, we can go as slowly as you need. i’m never going to leave you, so we have all the time in the world”
  • “thank you, Jumin”
  • how did MC manage to find the sweetest human being on earth?


  • Seven was looking for some chips in the kitchen
  • he looked in every single cabinet
  • in the sink?
  • he even checked the fridge
  • “MC, did you eat the last bag of chips?”
  • he yelled to MC, who was in the other room
  • “um….no….?”
  • “LIAR!”
  • he runs into the other room, and MC gets up to run away
  • Seven finally catches them and grabs their wrist
  • MC tries to pull their wrist away, but fails
  • “Seven, let go of me!”
  • “no way, i caught you fair and square-”
  • “i’m serious, let go of me right now!”
  • shit, they sounded really serious
  • “sweetheart, im sorry. i didnt mean to freak you out i was just playing around”
  • “i know, i know. i just have this thing about people grabbing my wrists. i’m sorry i snapped at you”
  • their wrists? how would a fear like that develop?
  • “why your wrists?”
  • “i just…i was controlled a lot as a kid”
  • controlled…?
  • Seven hugs MC tightly
  • “i’m so so sorry. i’m such an idiot”
  • “you’re not an idiot, Seven”
  • but he felt like an idiot
  • he has to be nothing but gentle, sweet, and caring toward MC
  • because that’s what they deserve


  • “good morning, V!”
  • V had just woken up and walked into the kitchen to find MC reading a book at the table
  • he never got tired of waking up to this
  • MC was smiling brightly at him
  • he walked over to MC and leaned down, kissing them on the nose
  • “it sure is”
  • feeling particularly playful, V takes his hand and ruffles up MC’s hair with it
  • they flinch and smack his hand away
  • “oh, sorry. you just surprised me”
  • usually when people are surprised they gasp, not react physically
  • “whats got you on edge this morning, MC?
  • they let out a heavy sigh
  • “i’m just really sensitive to things like that. growing up, my parents…”
  • a lump starts to form in their throat and tears welled up in their eyes
  • V grabs a chair and sits next to MC, putting an arm around them
  • “its alright, you dont have to talk about it. i promise i’ll be more careful from now on”
  • MC leans into V
  • he feels like he could stay like this with them forever
  • “thank you so much”
  • “you i know i love you, right?”
  • “i know”


  • MC was looking for something to eat in the fridge
  • when Saeran came into the kitchen and saw them he thought it was the perfect opportunity for an ambush
  • an adorable back hug ambush, of course
  • he runs up to MC and wraps his arms around them
  • before he can say anything, MC elbows him in the gut as hard as they can
  • shit
  • Saeran releases them and staggers back a few steps
  • “babe…what the hell…”
  • “oh my god, Saeran!”
  • MC rushes over to him
  • they didnt mean to hurt him, it was just a reflex
  • “i’m so sorry”
  • Saeran gives MC a strained smile
  • “if you dont like back hugs, you could have just told me”
  • they smile back at him
  • “its not that, Saeran. i just get nervous when people surprise me like that. especially when they grab me…”
  • Saeran looks at them, confused
  • “i was just grabbed a lot when i was young so i’m sensitive about that stuff and i-”
  • Saeran interrupts MC by putting a finger on their lips
  • “you dont have to explain yourself to me, MC. i understand”
  • he takes his finger away and kisses them
  • “i’ll make sure to warn you next time i do something like this”
  • “thank you for understanding, Saeran”
  • he knew better than anyone what it was like to be afraid to be touched
  • as a kid, touching for him seemed to always bring pain
  • but with MC, touch meant something else
  • Saeran wanted MC to associate his touch with safety



I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me!

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