adorable ahjussi

about the whole top!soo thing, idk man, yes ksoo acts tough and very daddy material on the street but i really feel that it’s just a façade?

i mean do y'all remember once upon a time in predebut era there were (still are) a lot of guys got very very thirsty for ksoo bc of his innocent and adorable looks—especially ahjussi… i think ksoo is trying to change (toughen) his image to become manlier bc lots of people fantasize him in submissive and weak images and it crushes his manly pride,

also how the way he acts around jongin which are all sugar, cookies and clingy baby; ksoo has become bolder now, usually he would do it in subtler way or only when they were backstage but now he looks like he doesn’t give a fuck anymore and clings like a koala monkey on his favorite tree

even tho kaisoo seem to be the type of couple who switch role, i genuinely feel that ksoo is more the bottom type (and i think he would be the teasing/mean bottom judging how jongin flusters easily around him, for ex: the fans had said jongin blushed when ksoo picked him as the member he would stan lmao)

plus with those butts and thighs, it would be a very cruel joke if ksoo doesn’t do bottom and also it would be such a waste for that powerful hips thrust if jongin doesn’t top ksoo