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BTS’ Reaction to Their Boyfriend Being Cuddly

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He would ADORE u by seventeen  having a boyfriend who loved to cuddle, especially for those times where he felt sad. Jin calling you at 11pm and onwards, asking you over for snuggles was not something new in the relationship.

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We all know that this boy cherishes the moments he gets to sleep, so he would definetley enjoy cuddling/spooning with you whenever the oppertunity showed itself. He probably wouldn’t like being cuddly during the day unless one of you were sick or the two of you knew you would be alone for the whole day.

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He would love it when you got cuddly with him, always pinching your cheeks are telling you how cute you are. Because of his busy life with his career, he would cherish these moments where you both could just relax in each other’s embrace, talking about random things and whispering sweet nothing’s to each other. 

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Namjoon/Rap Monster:

He would only be able to fully relax when he knew everything was done or he had no schedules planned, so he would like to save cuddly moments for these times. If either of you were to be soft and cuddly while Namjoon still had work to do, he knew that none of it would get done. But in the end, he could never deny his precious baby boy some good ol’ snugglin’. 

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This baby koala would take pride in you two being known as the ‘mushy & gross’ couple because of just how cuddly you were with each other. He would be extra snuggly when the other members were about, just to piss them off. “Jesus christ, I’m going to puke. Get a room, you two.” This would only fuel Jimin, he would enter extra extra soft mode after hearing things like that.

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Boi. Once you even hint to him that you may be in the mood for being cuddly, you will not be able to pry him off of you. He’d be stuck to you like a magnet. “What can I say, my man is so warm and fluffy, why would I not wanna snuggle him 24/7?” 

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He would constantly tease you when you got into a cuddly mood. “God, you’re so clingy today.” “You are genuinely worse than Jimin Hyung.” He may say these things, but deep inside and although he’ll never admit it, he adores when you get like this. He would always give in eventually and hold you tight, softly kissing whatever skin he could reach.

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LOL SORRY I JUST LOVE KNOWING MY COLOURS IN OTHERS MINDS.. um okay, im rewatching bates motel and im going through a sean paul phase? its lit


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the monday morning clip in episode 4 s3 was so wild like isak and even were trying to have a casual conversation “are you going to party?” “lol no… I MEAN maybe are you   going  to party?” “yeah i thought    yeah wanna pre drink together?” “sure sure sure coolcoolcoolcool” as if they didn’t almost kiss three days earlier

i mean look at them. these nerds are terrible at playing cool


make me choose: @nevillelonbottom​ asked Flitwick or Trelawney

I frequently act as though I am not possessed of the Inner Eye, so as not to make others nervous.