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Got7′s current favorite fan-given nicknames
(according to the Hong Kira radio interview 032317)

Jaebum: I like KkariBbom (meaning cool bbom)
Jinyoung:  I like nyung gee teng gee! ‘Nyung’ is my name ‘gee’ is like cute and ‘teng’ is like fresh i like it
Mark: I like danho mark (strict mark)
BamBam: I like Bam chinja!
Youngjae: Tweh soodal (Otter tweh)
Yugyeom:  I like Yugyeom oppa!

(translation cr. igot7_MarKP)


tagged a little while ago by @husberttee for the home screen/lock screen/recent selfie/song listened to thing! thanks for the tag! though you’ve exposed me for both my home screen and ridiculous snow selfies…

I’ll tag @actualsunjb and @pegblinity, if you guys want to!

an-actual-stone  asked:

🍒 because you seem like a rad girl, and probably knows how to find bigfoot in any forest

listen i’ve found bigfoot before i can find her again i’m tellin u (also in appalachia bigfoot is called the woodbooger which i just adore) thank u !!

the monday morning clip in episode 4 s3 was so wild like isak and even were trying to have a casual conversation “are you going to party?” “lol no… I MEAN maybe are you   going  to party?” “yeah i thought    yeah wanna pre drink together?” “sure sure sure coolcoolcoolcool” as if they didn’t almost kiss three days earlier

i mean look at them. these nerds are terrible at playing cool


short-lived hair colors

neon orange mingyu / blue jun / mint wonwoo / copper dino / red-streaked s.coups / teal-blonde hoshi


OMG guys this is so cute (via