so you know, one day isak and sana both show up to class wearing these jackets and when sana comes to sit next to him (they don’t have to save each other a seat at this point, people know these two sit next to each other), they’re like “heeey”, with a smile on their face when they notice that they’re matching. and that day when they do exercises in class, they get all the answers right, they perform really well. and so they decide that these are The Lucky Science Jackets, “this is a scientific fact, cannot be refuted” “totally, totally”. and now they’re always wearing these when they have a test, because even though they don’t actually believe in the power of The Lucky Science Jackets, when they’re in the middle of a test or an exam and they’re not quite sure what an answer is, they look at the stripes on these jackets, and tell themselves “i can do this”