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“Why are you looking at me like that?” you blush ever so slightly, Steve is making it hard for you to concentrate on your book when he looks at you with a smile on his face from the bed, he seems exhausted.

“You want me to read to you?” You get up from your little spot by the window and perch yourself by Steve’s side,

He gives you the most adorable little nod with a smile; The special one you love, that made your heart flutter, where his nose crunches up and his head moves up and down slowly, as sleepy as he is, he still manages a smile,

“Okay.” you say softly, The warm night under the stars with him… you began, 

Pausing to Steve taking your hand that was resting on the mattress and placing a soft kiss on it and just holding it, like hugging a teddy bear. You bit your lip with how cute that was!

You take a deep breath and continue to read, “..meant every thing to her as she leaned on his chest and listened to the heart that loves her. Oh, how she longed for this night to last forever.” and you close the book.

And he drifted off to sleep with a smile on his face and his hand in yours.

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I'm sick af right now and in need of cheering up and your blog always seems to do the trick. So i was wondering if you could do a scenario with the host club members taking care of their sick s/o please? Hugs and kisses you're awesome 💙

Headcanons || Fluff

I hope you feel better soon and that this finished request cheers you up!

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Tamaki: He’d make sure that whenever you weren’t feeling well that he’d run over to your place—even if the Host Club was in session—and make sure his ‘princess/prince’ was taken care of. He’d be the type to freak out automatically, probably calling the ambulance even if you had a simple headache and he’d push himself to go to commoner’s marts to find all the medicine he can get for you; he might even hire private doctors for you and make sure they check up on you.

Either way, he’d get the message that you were simply feeling sick and you didn’t need him to go too far. So, he’d do his best to take care of you by allowing you to snuggle in his chest and take a nap there, and he’d make a private chef make you amazing soup—of course, he’ll feed it to you. Plus, he would make sure you take your medicine at a specific time and occasionally, he’ll ask how you were doing.

  • “Don’t forget to take your medicine, Y/N!”
  • “No need to worry, Y/N! I’ll take care of you!”

Kyoya: After hearing you were sick, he’d stay calm about it in general but inside, he would feel the need to rush over to you as soon as possible to take care of you. Coming from the Ootori family, he knew a few tips on how to take care of someone that was feeling under the weather. Occasionally, he’d call you and let you know he was going to retrieve some medicine for you, and he’d hire a private doctor to check up on you on behalf of the Ootori family.

When he’s with you, he makes sure you take your medicine along with eating properly and keeping your hygiene maintained as well. Him taking care of you would consist of cuddles and have snuggle close to you while you take a nap, and he’d rub your shoulders and even comfort you by rubbing circles on your tummy, and once in a while he’ll remind you to take your medicine before you go to sleep, and he’d kiss your neck gently, signaling that he loves you.

  • “Remember, you need to take your medicine, Y/N.”
  • “Y/N, I love you. But you need to sleep now.”
  • “Here, Y/N, come a bit closer…”

Honey: He’d cry automatically at the news that you were sick. He’d yelp to Takashi about how he feels and then orders him to bring a bunch of cake to your place, but Takashi would retort and say “Mitsukuni, too many sweets won’t help” and then Honey would beg Kyoya to insist on having one of his family’s private doctors take care of you. Honey would dash over to your place and then sob to you that he wants you to be healthy and happy, and he would hug you tightly and pull you into his chest, making him feel comforted knowing that you were still with him. 

Every once in a while, it was as if you were the one comforting him since he was worrying too much about your health, however he’d enlighten your sick mood by feeding you your favorite flavored soup and watching cartoon reruns while he lets you rest on his lap as he kisses your cheeks passionately.

  • “Y/N-chan, I’m here for you! Don’t worry!”
  • “Takashi said no sugar… but I want you to eat some, Y/N-chan!”
  • “Waaah, Y/N-chan, it’s okay, I’ll take care of you!” 

Mori: He’d be calm about the situation, but he would know that he has to go and check up on you to make sure you were doing okay. Kyoya would offer any medical necessities that are needed and then Mori would head over to your place, bringing you flowers and your favorite animal in a stuffed plush. He doesn’t feel the need to go overboard by hiring a nurse, so instead, he was willing to take care of you on his own. 

He would feed you like the gentleman he is, allow you to snuggle in his chest and cover you with blankets when you shivered, kiss your forehead as he even offers to give you a massage. When you had to take medicine, he’d remind you to take it—and when times come that you need to doze off to sleep, he lets you sleep close to his chest, and he doesn’t care that he’ll get sick himself, all he wants is for you to feel better.

  • “Y/N, take your medicine.”
  • “You need to get some rest, Y/N.”
  • “I love you. Y/N, sleep well.”

Haruhi: She would be upset knowing that you were sick and you wouldn’t be able to see her for the next couple of days. She offers herself to take care of you, but she wouldn’t want the Host Club to negotiate with her actions. Going to the commoner’s market, she’d buy ingredients to make a delicious soup for you, plus some bottled waters so you can hydrate yourself, along with some over-the-counter medicine for fevers. 

She’d feed you her soup along with helping you change if needed and she’d be willing to cuddle with you in your bed, and she’d let you rest your head against her chest while you take a soft nap. Light kisses and feathering pecks would be her all time speciality when it came to taking care of you; she wouldn’t mind getting sick herself, so taking the chance to take care of you was worth it.

  • “Don’t worry, Y/N, I’m gonna take care of ya.”
  • “I made you your favorite soup, Y/N. Now open up!”
  • “Get some rest, Y/N. Your forehead is burning!”

Kaoru: Hearing that you were sick, he would be sad knowing that he won’t be able to see you healthy and happy the next few days, so he would do what he can to take care of you. Sometimes, he’d be a bit ‘overboard’ by buying you some flowers or any cute little gift to cheer you up, and he’d come over with any medical necessities and he’d take of you. Sure, he’d remind you to take your medicine and to drink some water, but he finds that his gentle cuddles and forehead kisses would be better for you. 

So as you two watch reruns of cartoons or your favorite movie, he’d let you rest your head against his chest, hearing his heartbeat and he’d kiss your forehead, making sure that you felt safe and sound while you doze off to take a nap in his arms. (Plus, he’d sneak in a small kiss on your lips without you expecting it—the sneaky bastard wouldn’t care if he got sick himself. He wants that kiss.)

  • “Y/N, don’t push yourself too hard. I’m here, love.”
  • “You might want to take your medicine now, Y/N.”
  • “Did you really think I would leave without a kiss, Y/N?”

Hikaru: He’d tell Kaoru he would be busy with you for the next few days until you were feeling better. Sometimes, you’d tell Hikaru that he didn’t need to go too far and be there for you, however he’d insist on taking care of you. He’d be a bit harsh about it but that’s only because he worries a lot about you. Asking Kyoya for medical advice, he thinks about hiring a private doctor but then he figures he should take this task on his own. 

And so, he would come over with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and cuddle with you automatically. He’d ask you to take your medicine, and in reward for doing that, he’d kiss your forehead and cheeks—however, once in a while, he’ll kiss you on the lips because he was that mischievous of a boy; and the days he’d take care of you would consist of comforting cuddles and neck kisses by the boy, and he would mumble “love you”s against your hair while you rest against his chest.

  • “Silly Y/N, aren’t you the cutest when your nose is red?”
  • “If you really think I’m leaving without a kiss, Y/N, you’re funny.”
  • “Baby… you need some rest. Sleep next to me, Y/N.”
I Love How It’s Like...


Mabel: Grunkle Ford! Can I make you finger puppets?! :D

Ford: No, Mabel. That’s childish. B(


Mabel: Grunkle Ford! Can I paint your hand like a turkey?! :D

Ford: *Turns around, arms full of art supplies*  (o_O)

Mabel: :O

Ford: I’d be insulted if you didn’t!

Mabel: :D

Imagine an old couple one of them a Gryffindor lady who always loved girls yet she fell for her other half, an ace agender Slytherin, they adopted three kids back in the day but they’ve all left home already so it’s just the two of them again and after living together for 54 years they still tease each other with silly house-stereotype jokes. -S — from une-forme-de-laideur