French Photographer Stands Up For Animal Rights Through “Pit Bull Flower Power” Project

Sophie Gamand is a French photographer and animal rights advocate based in New York city. Since 2010, her award-winning work has focused on bringing humans and dogs closer together in peaceful coexistence by portraying the animals through innocent imagery.  Her latest project titled “Pit Bull Flower Power” is an initiative for an animal adoption project helping change people’s perception of pit bulls and give them a loving home.

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From @pitterpatterfurryfeet: “Finnegan wonders if winter will ever end. He try could snuggling up with his older half-sister Alice, or with his younger (puppy) brother Oliver…surely either option would take that frown off his face! (Photo by @monicasisson)” #twitterweek #catsofinstagram
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Adorable Ceramics by Barruntando

Spanish independent boutique Barruntando is composed of a group of women, who have a deep passion for ceramics. Driven by the beauty of rustic objects, Barruntando’s designers produce functional and adorable ceramics of cute animals with a quirky sensibility.

Following traditional pottery making, the artists are fascinated with the tiny imperfections of handmade art, which make each piece truly unique and charming.

The ceramic pieces emulate the subject’s shape. The irregular shape of the sloth bowl mimics the adorable creature’s actions of wrapping itself tightly around a tree; whereas the pieces with baby animal faces resemble the cuteness and peaceful quality of a sleeping baby animal.

Quirky in shape and composition, each creation is made with the purpose of brightening one’s day. You can find their entire collection in their Etsy shop.

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