adoptive dads


Movie Night: ft. an angry teenage son who is done with his sappy gay dads (but still cares)

Sorry for not posting anything for some time! (it’s been weeks), but I’ve been pretty busy with a big move coming up (>_>)… Meanwhile my fanart blog has reached over 3,000 followers and I just want to thank you all for sticking around and sending all the encouraging comments! (It means so much to me ;_;)

 I hope you all enjoy some sloppy drawings of our loveable podium family and their floofy poodle.

(edit: had to make some changes for tumblr quality)

I’m just saying

so here’s our favorite adoptive space dad Bail Organa in Revenge of the Sith:

and here he is in Rogue One:

meanwhile, here’s Obi-Wan in Revenge of the Sith:

and here he is after the exact same amount of time: 

I’d like some of whatever Bail is having on Alderaan and exactly zero of what Obi-Wan is having on Tatooine 


No, it’s you.


cheesy metaphor for freedom aside, look, they have plenty in common and would be adorable friends, dont look at me

I want Hugo to fight me,,,,,,, gently,,,,, with cuddles,,,,,,

Too many kids
  • Widow: Gabe you have a problem
  • Reaper: What are you talking about Amélie?
  • Widow: You can't keep adopting every single skilled Orphan you see Gabriel! Mcree,Genji and Sombra are enough I will not allow you to adopt Roadhog and Junkrat!
  • good shit: Optimus Prime
  • great shit: Optimus Prime in angry mode
  • my-soul-has-ascended shit: Optimus Prime in angry protective dad mode
  • Mr Kubdel: Jalil is kinda irresponsible, I'll give the watch to Alix instead
  • Alix: *breaks watch within an hour and goes on a murder spree*
  • Mr Kubdel: Why are my children like this

“Dad! I- I mean, King Regis!”
“Ah, Prompto, good afternoon. How was–”
“We gotta head to the Citadel! Noct and Luna are back with your new chair!”
“I understand, but please steer carefully!”

Maybe in a happy ending AU, Prompto looks after his new dad Regis after Noct is King. :D I mean, Prompto would need a job, and I can see him as a caretaker more than a Glaive. Also Regis wouldn’t make him change his fashion at all so that’s a perk! 8D