A ride in the jeepney with our #cleanwaterphilippines crew earlier today! Tomorrow is a big day! We will find all the locations in my life pre-adoption.. My biological parents residence that they lived in when I was born, my hospital where I was born, the compound that I lived with my foster mother and foster sisters and then up to Sammy’s hospital and OUR orphanage to do a magic and music show! I want to visit these places to give thanks. Each of these points in my life were important,making me who I am today. It matters deeply to me! I am not really focussed on finding my biological family on this trip…maybe in the future! I look for them on the streets and in the jeepneys and in the businesses that we pass by….
#AdoptionIsAwesome #FindingMyRoots #PilgrimageWithAPurpose #FilipinoAdoption

Never in a million years did I expect to be planning a magic show at the orphanage in the Philippines in which I’m from! After being abandoned at the hospital at birth, I was taken to the #RSCC in Quezon City (the same orphanage that Sammy T was at). I stayed there for a while until I was taken in by 2 foster families, and then adopted by the Shigleys! I feel so grateful for this opportunity for Sammy and I to entertain the children at that same RSCC so we can give back the love that we were so lucky to have received as foundlings 🚼! ♥♥♥

#cleanwaterphilippines #adoptionisawesome #FilipinoAdoption #giveback #FindingMyRoots