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Wells Fargo’s new ad features a lesbian couple adopting a deaf child. The couple is played by an actual lesbian couple, and the girl is actually deaf. 

“’We thought it was really important that it be very real and authentic and true,’ Moldafsky [the chief marketing officer] said.”

Visibility all day! Thanks, Wells Fargo! 

(I’m not crying, it’s just raining inside of the office, on only my face…)


Wells Fargo, the second largest U.S. bank by number of branches, just launched an ad that depicts two women practicing sign language before they meet the deaf child they plan to adopt.

In other words: *four hundred sobbing emojis and heart emojis in succession*

Lio’s been confusing his “jump” and “dance” commands because, when I taught him “dance,” I made the hand cue too similar to his “jump” hand cue.

I introduced the new hand cue for “dance” last night and he’s already got it down!

On another note, HE LOOKS HUGE HERE? Why has he never looked this big to me before??


Enjoy your day weekend month or life. Adopt a pet don’t shop. This is not my video clip.


This is quite possibly the cutest commercial I have ever seen.



Comic Con survival tip from Tom Hiddleston

i like how in modern aus the starks are all fancy business ppl in new york or connecticut as if they wouldnt actually be some weird survivalist family from alaska that shows up in the tabloids bcus their eleven yr old daughter brought a wolf to school and their adopted son keeps posting video blogs about how zombies from canada are taking over and no one can tell how serious hes being


Ok, but have you considered that the live action Speed Racer movie is actually one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all time.