adoption scandal

For Hibiki

Happy birthday, little darling. 

Our little sundrop, our little screamer, our beloved, big, little boy. 

You are a full year old today. It’s been a full 7 months since we had the honour of meeting you, and being allowed to take you home. 

In that time, you have given us all the love your little body can muster, and more, because you don’t know how much you really mean to us. 

Us, two old men who have always just known we wouldn’t have children, as neither of us have ever managed to muster any interest in women, and for most of our lives, the thought of someone like us being allowed to adopt, has been scandalous, dirty, unheard of. 

We thought we would never know the joy of having our own children. And here you are, living proof that our fears were unfounded. And with you, the missing piece in our life has been found. You have completed us. You, little one, are “practically perfect in every way”, to quote a woman I will make sure you’ll know as you grow up. 

You, however, are fortunate enough to have been born in an age where you can legally be who and what you want, with no fear of legal repercussions. A world that, certian countries notwithstanding, is rapidly becoming more and more understanding and accepting. A world that hopefully, by the time you are old enough to care, doesn’t judge people anymore. A world that is infinitely less narrow-minded than it was when your dads were young.

And I know you will lead a good life. Not to make us proud, not to make your teachers proud, not to please anyone, but yourself. I hope with all my being, that you will lead a happy, fulfilling life. Be kind. Be generous. But always take care of yourself. Say “no” without shame and without feeling that you need to make up excuses for not saying “yes”. 

Change the world, Hibiki. I do not ask you to create world peace, or make international trade completely fair. I would never put such a burdain on your little shoulders. But I will ask you to change the world for yourself. A smile and kind word can change someone’s day for the better. Be a warm, kind person, Hibiki. 

Your father and your brother and I will give you everything in our power to cause your happiness, now and for all future. 

We love you, Hibiki. 

Happy birthday, little one. I love you. 

Hugs from your father.