Hey everyone!

It’s breaking my heart already to make this post, but my kitty, Apple, needs a home in the NYC area. I could potentially do the Georgia/North Florida area as well. I can’t keep her any longer due to personal reasons, and unfortunately she and my best friend’s cat don’t get along great.

She’s about five years old, no health problems. Her given birthday is July 3rd, not sure when she was actually born. She was an adoption and I still have all her papers and vaccine receipts. She’s an absolute sweetheart, fairly cuddly, and will often let you rub her belly. She loves to eat, so watch her food intake! She can also eat really fast sometimes and then throw up, just watch her and make sure she doesn’t inhale her food. I’d prefer she goes to a home with no other cats or dogs, but if you do have other animals, they need to be laid back and fairly easy going. The current cat she lives with is very energetic and playful and a bit of a bully, which is why she doesn’t get along with him. She’s very lazy (but does still love to play with a stick toy or a good catnip toy), sleeps often, and has something like nightmares where she wakes up crying. She’s a pretty easy cat to handle, all told. She will take time to get used to a new home, but just feed her, show her love and affection and care, and she’ll warm right up to you. She can be a bit timid, especially around loud noises and tall people, she just needs a gentle hand. She’s a very very special cat and she holds my heart, and I absolutely hate that I have to give her up. I want to find her the best home possible, so if you’re interested or able please message this blog and I can set a meet-up with her. 

She has to be adopted out by September 13th at the absolute latest, I would prefer she’s adopted ASAP so I know she’s got a good home.

Family member: so… have you changed your mind about having children yet?

Me: no, I still don’t want to have kids :))) I actually want to have surgery done so I can’t have children :)) I might adopt kids though :))

Family member: oh NO but you’ll reGRET it some day!!!!! :O

Me: no, I actually won’t, Patricia, because the world is becoming a terrible place full of crime and global warming and unhealthy living and technology that listens to what you say and do and I don’t want to bring kids into a world like that, but I’m happy to look after children who are already here in that world. Thanks for coming to my TED talk :) please take your opinions elsewhere :)

Please help!!

if you live in south Jersey there’s these two cats at my work (Moorestown PetSmart) who have been here for almost half a year. They’re a bonded pair and one of them doesn’t have knees so he walks funny and I fear because of that and bc they’re bonded he won’t be adopted 😞 Charlie is the one without knees, and both cats are absolute sweethearts. I feel so bad that they’ve been here so long and I’m sure they need a home without other cats or dogs or kids so I can’t take them 😞 I really want them to find homes soon, please reblog!!

Leonardo DiCaprio wanted to adopt six children, so he went to the local orphanage. The orphanage only had five though, so they brought out the kids one by one. Someone working there grabbed a mini pumpkin and carved a smiley face on it and tried to tell him it was a kid but he said, “This, sir, is a pumpkin and I do not want it.” And then he put down the pumpkin and left with his five new children. They all became famous.


I apologize in advance for the number of puppy photos soon to be appearing on my feed. We had a (very) short visit with this little guy where he slept pretty much the entire time. We will be bringing our new baby home in 4 more week. His name is Lewis. He is a Havanese just like my last dog. I still miss my sweet Jesse girl (RIP baby dog) sooo much but I plan to love Lewis just as much. Have no experience with a boy dog, so a bit worried about bathroom habits and such. Will have to learn and figure it out… lol. At least he won’t be peeing on the toilet seat!

Meet the “Spicy Sisters.” 

These nine girls were adopted by different families in 2007 from the same orphanage in Chenzhou, Hunan, a southern province in China. Although they live in various cities across the U.S., they stay connected in a special way. Ever since their adoption, the girls and their families get together for a reunion every year.

The group of nine call themselves the “Spicy Sisters” because of their birthplace — the nickname pays tribute to the spicy cuisine serviced in Hunan.

One of the mothers told NBC News that she felt it was important for the girls to remain connected to each other because they have a commonality that only one another can truly understand, adding that the girls are her daughter’s “greatest connection to where she comes from.” 

Read more about this inspiring bond here: https://nbcnews.to/2zx48CO

Credit: Tracy Emanoff


@pangur-and-grim while on the subject of ugly cats, this is Kitty Kitty!! Quite the name for quite the cat! This little man is up for adoption at a veterinary clinic I spent the summer interning at and along with being able to look in two directions at one time, he also enjoys splashing his water everywhere and chirping rather than meowing


Hey guys, so I found a pair of kittens behind work a little over a month ago. I’m keeping one (Gem) but I need some help with her sister, Stone.

She’s going in to get fixed tomorrow and I never intended to foster her this long. I’ve been asking my local rescue for help and have been met with less than stellar responses. 

So here I am, asking you guys for help! We’re looking for folks in Florida’s Riverview, Tampa, or Brandon area’s. We’d be willing to meet you half way, and can go as far as Sarasota to get her a good home!

If you can’t take her home, please signal boost to help us out!


Alright everyone, I know we haven’t updated in a long time, and we’re really sorry about that, there’s just been a lot going on. But here’s an update on all of our foster kittens!!! Enjoy!!!

These three are doing really well. They’re all so sweet and cuddly, and they love to play. They haven’t found homes yet, but they’re really good at adoption and act (more or less) like themselves, so we’re hopeful they will soon!!!

Cleo is still really tiny, barely 2 lbs, and she still looks like a baby even though she’s old enough to be adopted! She’s really, really sweet and she loves to cuddle!

We have a new foster baby! This is Pheobe, she came to us through someone we know. She had a bit of a cold, but she’s all better now and ready to be adopted! She might already have a home lined up, but it’s a little uncertain right now. She’s super cute though and really playful!

We did finally name him! This is Pooka! He’s cuter than ever, and I’m 100% sure he’s secretly pure evil just hiding behind the mask of cuteness. But I love him anyway, which is why I’ve decided to adopt him 😅 He’s a little demon during the day, but at night he’s super sweet and loves cuddles and kisses. He’s also really, really, really spoiled and loves barbecue chips.

That’s about it for everyone! Thank you all so much for your patience!!!