More Humans are Weird

Because this hash tag is SO FUN and thought-provoking. 

No one can keep up with humans and gender. There are no easy signs to tell who is what, not clothing, not body morphology, not how they paint themselves or their grooming or vestigal hair. The humans themselves argue about how many genders there are. Eventually they quit trying and refer to all humans as ‘they’. Most humans are fine with that, even compliment them on their support (?) and progressive views (??). A few humans are offended, but are shouted down by their other humans. The other beings of the galaxy officially give up. 

Some humans want to have sex all the time. Others barely can stand to be touched at all, even casually. Some will have sex with their own gender, which does not produce offspring and is confusing to many. Some will have sex only with certain people, some will have sex with anyone. SOME will have sex with other species, occasionally challenging their own safety and everyone else’s. None of this is considered strange. Anyone saying it is strange is again shouted down and shamed into silence. The other beings of the galaxy officially give up. 

Humans adopt small predators as pets and kiss their “widdle faces” and giggle over their clawed toes (???) and fuss and are thrilled when the predators sleep with them (isn’t that UNSAFE? IT IS FULL OF POINTY BITS) and often sport scratches and bite marks inflicted when the animal was ‘playing’. 
“When were these ‘cats’ domesticated?”
“Oh, we never really domesticated them. We just let them move into the house with us. Aren’t they CUUUUUTE? Come here, baby.” -kissy noises-
The other beings of the galaxy again give up. 

Wars fought. Millions - probably billions, through history - killed. Crew members huffy with each other. Various holidays celebrated, none of which make sense, some of them celebrating events that are physically impossible and could not have happened. All for something that can’t be proved. 
The other beings of the galaxy would think this was all an elaborate prank if it wasn’t for the body count. 

Humans get INFECTED and act as if it is a personal affront, and cuss about it. They confine themselves to quarters so they don’t infect the rest of the crew - very kind, in that respect - and otherwise wrap themselves in bedding and bitch about it for three days while doing their work by remote - “It’s fine, just a cold.” followed by horrifying noises they call ‘coughing’ and ‘sneezing’ -  and HOW. HOW DO THEY EVEN. 
The other beings of the galaxy, for whom infection is always life-threatening, boggle from a safe distance. With respirators on. 

They come from a death planet, these naked apes with no armor, no fangs, no speed. They have the ability to conquer the galaxy, if they only agreed with each other long enough that it was their goal. Instead they poke their noses into other death worlds, ‘exploring’, they call it, adopting horrifying creatures and making friends with other predatory beings, brewing poisonous beverages from whatever they can scrounge, which they then drink for fun. The rest of the galaxy is relieved. If humans had an attention span, they would truly be in trouble. 

No one wants to know what a ‘shark’ is. Humans seem to be afraid of them, and if it frightens the humans, the rest of the galaxy is, to a being, terrified. 


Hey animal lovers!
AUGUST 19 2017 is National Clear The Shelters Day!
You can adopt a new forever family member for a reduced fee or even FREE!!!!!!
Please check your local shelter for their participation, also please please please discuss adopting a pet with the whole family!
More details to follow but please reblog and post everywhere!
Let’s adopt to save lives!!!!!


Believe it or not, three years ago Dee Dee was that cat on the left. Most of you already know her origin story, and those who don’t, I encourage to read it. 

Having Dee Dee in our life has been an immensely positive experience, and on this day, which we consider her birthday (or adoptiversary,) I like to remind people that there’s a Dee Dee in every abandoned, troubled animal out there and I can’t recommend enough that if you can, then you should go find that animal and adopt it. It’ll pay off for everyone involved.  

To many more, Deeds. We all love you very much and we’re glad you made it. 

As always, thank you for following along. 

Otp moments to think about

~ A jumping onto the sleeping form of B and screaming ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ before showering them with kisses and presents

~ A taking the hand of nervous B to calm them in public and whispering encouraging words

~ A taking care of B when B has been working too hard and neglecting their basic human needs

~ Adopting a pet!

~ Sharing their favorite music with each other

~ Introducing each other to movies and TV shows that mean a lot to them!

~ Babysitting

~ Playing video games

~ Reuniting after a long time away from each other

~ Coming up with and discussing theories at 2 AM

~ Knowing each others triggers and having well thought out plans for when those moments happen

~ Helping each other get over bad habits

~ Helping each other maintain good habits

~ Having inside jokes in public and sharing looks and smothered laughs

~ Laying on the hood of a car, looking up at the stars and talking about childhood memories

~ The calm before the storm, a small, precious moment that they have, not knowing if they’ll see each other alive again

~ A admitting a hard-hitting truth to B

~ Shopping!

~ Reading and cuddling on a sunny day

~ Trying out glasses

~ Whispering sassy comments to each other and ‘staring into the camera like their in the office’ looks but their each others cameras

~ Trying to outsmart each other in front of a teacher / boss / high rank

~ you say TWISTER and I raise with MESSY TWISTER (paint!)

~ Finals week and coping mechanisms

~ A lost their baggage and needs to borrow basically everything from B

~ Late night phone calls

~ Napping

~ Jamming in the car

~ Introducing each other to their families

~ Tired monday mornings

~ Stealing food and hauling ass from a party neither of them want to be at

~ Reenacting the Dirty Dancing dance move and messing up

~ Lost in the woods 

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YoI AU where Victor doesn't have Makkachin YET, and he's kind of a lonely famous dude and he's visiting Japan for a tourney and goes to a pet adoption center on a whim where Yuuri volunteers and its like crush @ first sight but they're both awkward over it and of course Yuuri knows who Victor is, and Victor can't get over how cute this dude is and somehow this ends with Victor adopting Makkachin without much thought. Yakov loses his hair bc his star student just brought a dog to the ice rink.

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Just wanted to say thank you so much for your NHL!Bitty fics! They're so amazing and I hope there will be so much more in the future! If you're still taking prompts could you do Zimbits adopting a pet maybe?? Anything is fine, I just have such a soft spot for Jack and Bitty with Big Dogs as soft fluffy puppies <3 Thank you again for all your posts!!


It’s not a sheepskin beanbag chair, it’s a dog. A huge, fluffy, white dog, blinking slowly at him with curiously bright blue eyes.

“Honey? Did you adopt a bear?”

Jack peeks his head around the corner, hair still dripping from the shower.

“Did I not tell you? That non-profit we partnered with last season that works with service dogs trains a few each year to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. They had an opening and I signed up. I probably should have said something before, but I didn’t think they’d actually train one specifically for me.”

The living snowdrift yawns wide and rolls onto its side.

“She’s a Samoyed. Her name is Puffin, but I’ve been calling her Fluff Puff.”

The dog’s ears perk but she doesn’t move without direction. 

“I’m going to call you Fluffernutter,” Eric whispers under his breath, staring at the newest addition to the family.

A Review of the Appreciated - Fic Rec from The Foxhole Court

 I decided to start keeping track of the fics I read and enjoyed, along with some comments of my own. This is only my own personal opinion, but overall I do recommend all those fics. All of them will be Complete, unless I mention otherwise.

Here I start with The Foxhole Court ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)

An AU where Death, aka Neil, is convinced to spend some time playing at being human. Working at the Laughing Fox coffee shop has him meeting ordinary people, as well as less ordinary people.

I really loved this fic so much. Neil failing at being human was hilarious, his friendship with Matt was precious, and the Coffee Thief Andrew was great! Easily one of my favorite. It’s apparently based on the Sandman by Neil Gaiman, but no knowledge of that story is required. I never read it and the fic made perfect sense to me. Not all of the characters are gods, magic or such, but imo they still all have Something Special about them.

Read it for: an endearing Neil trying to understand the appeal of human things such as drinking, eating, watching movies or shopping; an oblivious Neil; Andrew’s intense attraction to Death; express traveling to another country just to have dinner.

The pirate crew of The Fox find an unexpected treasure in the form of a captured merman named Neil. It might bring them more troubles than riches.

Set as my go-to feelgood read, I’ve read it multiple times and it never disappoints. The universe is rich and well detailed, especially under the sea. The parts in Neil’s pov are entertaining and transcribe the feeling of being from another species pretty well. A good point of this story is that there is absolutely no likeness to The Little Mermaid, which would have been ooc. Instead, it suits the rebel side of the characters.

Read it for: an etherealy beautiful mermaid, a bunch of kids adopt a pet but they have no idea how to care for it, Neil talking to whales and cleaning barnacles-ridden boats, an entertaining travel throuhg the seas.

The Urban Fantasy AU where Kevin is finally #1, they still fight Riko, Neil rents flat but doesn’t read the line where it specifies a Hellhound comes with it. The dog is Andrew.

Hard to define without spoiling the entire story, this is a fresh breath of air in the world of AU. An overall original setting that gives us fae and magic. I takes some time to really start, so the beginning might be confusing, but I strongly encourage giving it a try, if only for snarky Hellhound Andrew.

Read it for: a new approach of the Urban Fantasy theme, Kevin is still a Drama Queen, a reassuring lack of zoophilia, Neil cooking pasta.

“hi sorry I live below you and I hear your dog running around and barking all the time and– no no it’s fine I was just wondering if I could pet it?” Jeremy first falls in love with the dog, then with its owner.

An incredibly sweet reading. I don’t know what was cuter: the dog, or the men. Also features a cool appearance from Laila and Alvarez as Jeremy’s not quite helpful friends.

Read it for: a dog with a very cliché french name, drunk texting in broken french, unhelpful dating advice, Jean as a painter.

The recorded number of times someone hit on Neil Josten and got nowhere, and the one time Andrew didn’t even have to try. 

It’s a classic I guess, but it’s well written and hilarious. This oblivious Neil is delightfully funny.

Read it for: a Savage Moment, helpless fools attracted to each other, the team as witnesses.

Three days after he signs his death sentence to Palmetto State, five after Andrew Minyard sends him flying breathless to the ground, Neil’s gaze snaps to the locker room mirror and stares, frozen, at the word threat scrawled along his spinal cord in terrifying, heavy bold.

This is the AU where your soulmate’s opinion of you gets tatooed on your skin. Effective writting coupled with punch-like settings makes this a one of a kind read. So believable you almost forget it’s an AU.

Read it for: soulmates refusing to be soulmates, an very andrew-like andrew, Neil is one the run, the sweet feeling of andreil being soulmates.

Three takes on their daily lives: an evolution of Sleeping together, Fighting each other, and Protecting each other.

I had heartburn reading this, I find this series almost perfect. Some daily-life action in the future, but it’s never boring. It’s both intense and fluffy.

Read it for: sweet everyday things, but also intense in character interaction, boys figuring shit up together, a good Healing of the Soul.

Normally, Andrew is the one who has bad days. 

The one where Neil has a bad day, and they deal with it. A touching piece, that felt very in character. A believable interpretation of Neil’s feelings, while Andrew is There, ever present as his understanding and supporting self for him. Almost bittersweet but somehow by the end, all that was left was pure, positive feelings.

Read it for: a bag of neatly packed feels, a how-to manual on handling them, quiet time together.

In which the Foxes become parents too young, and Neil is truly just fine. Neil is somehow, suddenly, eight year old.

An interesting take on Neil’s childhood, with the added bonus of the foxes interacting with a child. I think this might be the most civil Aaron has ever been toward Neil in. Some are better at handling a child than others, and it’s surprising.

Read it for: a cute young Neil, an heartbreakingly scarred young Neil, unsurprising temper-tantrums, a lost Wymack, having your heart burned to ashes by how pure a child is.

Five things Neil was surprised to enjoy, and one thing he wasn’t surprised to discover he still didn’t.

Don’t let it fool you, there is only pure sweetness here. Several moments of Neil discovering the wonders of life, it’ll definitely leave you smiling.

Read it for: Neil eats a sweet (almost unbelievable), Nicky’s bad influence on Andrew’s boyfriend, catching up after a life on the run.

Hand-raised pigeon in need of a forever loving house!
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Bitty spends so much of the year alone. Kent Parson suggests he adopts a pet. He may strongly suggest a cat. One may (or may not) show up.

“I’m not really a cat person.”

Kent gapes at the camera like Eric just backhanded him from three states away.

“I’m sorry, have I dropped into some parallel universe where you’re suddenly a shitty person? Everyone likes cats.”

“I don’t know why I’m just more of a dog guy. Maybe I’ll get a puppy or something when the season winds down.”

“It’s like I don’t even know you,” Kent laments, lifting Kit up to the screen. “How can you say no to this?”

“She is pretty cute,” Eric sighs and waggles his fingers so Kit bats at Kent’s laptop screen. “But just not for me, you know?”

“No, I don’t know, traitor.” Kent lowers Kit and frowns at Eric. “I’m judging you. Cats are the best. Dogs can’t take care of themselves when you’re away.”

“Says the man with a cat nanny for overnight trips.”

“Kit has a very specific diet, okay? She needs special attention.”

“I’m not getting a cat,” Eric says, final. 

Kent huffs. “Fine. Next best option: billet a rookie. They’re basically pets: you get to feed them and take them for walks and dress them in little outfits. They’re helpless. You’ll love it.”

there are butch women out there in the world and that makes me smile.

somewhere, even right now, a butch is buttoning up her work shirt. another butch somewhere else is changing out of her work clothes, and another one is cooking a meal. somewhere, right now, a butch is holding her girlfriend’s hand. a butch is going on a first date and is nervous. a butch is going through a breakup. a butch is newly in a relationship. a butch is laughing. a butch is dancing.

somewhere right now, a butch is shopping for new jeans. another butch is listening to the radio. a butch is making her own music. somewhere, a butch is up early while another butch is sleeping in. a butch has a long commute. a butch walks to the corner store for a snack. a butch is going for a run. a butch is breaking in new shoes. a butch is driving down the highway. a butch is calling her wife on the phone to see how her day was. somewhere a butch is tying a tie, and somewhere else a butch is helping another woman zip up the back of her dress, or maybe helping another woman tie her tie. 

somewhere a butch feels lonely, and somewhere a butch is experiencing love for the first time. somewhere a butch is on the train, or the subway, or a motorcycle. somewhere a butch is out fishing. somewhere a butch is eating a sandwich. another butch marches in a political demonstration or a pride parade. somewhere in the world a butch is reading a book. a butch is going to the movie theater. a butch is quitting her job, or starting a new one. a butch is visiting someone in the hospital. a butch is going to church, or synagogue, or mosque, and another butch is coming to terms with not going to anything like that anymore. 

somewhere out there, a butch is retired. a butch is picking her children up from school. a butch is happy. a young butch somewhere is putting on her first men’s clothes with some trepidation but a lot of joy. a butch is coming out to her family, or at school or work. a butch is going to the doctor or the dentist. a butch is playing basketball. a butch is moving into a new home, or redecorating a long time one. a butch is struggling to pay her bills. a butch is taking care of a loved one who needs her help. somewhere a butch is building a home. a butch is cutting the grass. a butch is shoveling snow. 

somewhere a butch is hugging someone, or kissing someone. somewhere a butch is getting a good night’s rest. another butch is up late working or thinking or talking on the phone, and another is brushing her teeth. another butch is on lunch break, eating something delicious. somewhere a butch is feeling hope. a butch is feeling hurt, but another butch somewhere is experiencing healing. a butch is giving a compliment. a butch is being recognized for her strengths. a butch is seeing the woman she loves for the first time in a long time. somewhere else, a butch is having to say a goodbye. 

somewhere a butch has ambitions. a butch is studying hard in school. a butch is trying to deal with a failure. a butch is doing research. a butch is writing. a butch is fixing a car. a butch is playing an instrument. somewhere a butch is changing her life plan. somewhere a butch doesn’t know what she’s going to do about the situation she’s in. a butch is making a hard decision. a butch is mourning a loss. a butch is going to therapy. a butch is starting new in some way. a butch is confiding in someone. a butch is adopting a pet. a butch is making a new friend. 

somewhere a butch is talking to her long distance girlfriend on the phone. somewhere a butch is getting up the courage to talk to her crush. a butch is holding hands. a butch is having sex. a butch is trying to forget about a bad date, while another butch celebrates a good one. a butch is telling someone something about herself that is hard for her to say. somewhere a butch is being a good listener, and another butch is learning from a mistake. a butch is grateful to someone. a butch is feeling nostalgic. a butch is moving on from something or someone. 

somewhere a butch is riding a bicycle. another butch is out gardening. a butch is out getting a drink. a butch is telling a hilarious joke. a butch is at the barber shop, maybe for the hundredth time. maybe even on the same day or in the same city, a baby butch is getting her hair cut for the first time. somewhere a butch is planning to propose. a butch is deciding to study something new. a butch is going on a long trip. a butch is home on vacation for the first time in a while. somewhere, a butch laughs with her family. somewhere else, a butch is just beginning to find a chosen family who loves her for who she is. 

there are many butches out there who love and are loved by many different people. there are butches out there who I will never meet, who understand the way I feel and who I am. there is of course more to all of us than being butch, but that is not the point of what I am trying to say. there are butch women out there in the world and that makes me smile.