“Teemo was raised in a nudist colony. She left the colony to raise Victor, after her cousin passed. Teemo is constantly getting tickets for indecency when she takes Victor to school. Teemo is working on finding a happy medium between being a nudist in her current non-nudist world. Victor is a happy boy and loves his “Aunt Teemo.”  He will do anything for her.” -Ethel of GCFA

Victor and Teemo are availble for foster and/or adoption! Contact us today if you have a warm home to offer this loving, affectionate, and playful pair.

Taking Chances

This is my first contribution to Cophinetine’s Day. There will be another longer one later, but this is a good morning people!!!


“I’m going to need you to cover the pet adoption tomorrow.”

Adjusting the glasses that sat on her nose, Delphine looked up from her notes with a furrowed brow. “The pet adoption? Marion… I thought…”

The older woman rose an eyebrow. “You thought what?”

The debate… Delphine shook her head. “Nothing. I’ll get right on it.” She watched as Marion walked away, her stiletto heels clicking against the ground paved by the shards of her hope, broken and fallen to the floor, disappointment heavy in her heart. One year… she’d been working at the paper for one year and still she was given this pitiful excuse of a story..

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anonymous asked:

Riarkle. For the Valentines thingy

1) Who buys expensive chocolates? Farkle. He literally gets them shipped from Belgium several days in advance.

2) Who buys one of each type of flowsr because they couldn’t pick just one? Riley. Definitely Riley.

3) Who goes all-out for their date? In terms of expenses, Farkle. In terms of planning, Riley.

4) Who showers the other in gifts? Farkle

5) Who cries during romantic movies? Riley cried a little whilst watching The Fault in Our Stars, but otherwise they have no reaction.

6) Who forgets altogether? Neither.

7) Who’s a better cuddler? Riley’s teddy bear XD Jk, both are amazing cuddlers.

8) Who surprises the other with a puppy/kitten/other small domesticated fluffy mammalian? RILEY. Every time she sees a stray animal or one of those extremely sad PSAs about shelter pets, she adopts one. Farkle had to buy a separate room for the pets.

9) Do they wear matching outfits? Yes, but not like Farkle and Isadora’s New Year’s sweaters.

10) Are they seeing the Deadpool movie? Obviously yes.


Went out this evening and got a haircut, since I had some free time. I also pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition of Bravely Second and looked at adoptable kitties at Pet Smart (which was torture because I can’t actually get a cat) just because I was by myself and didn’t need to rush back home for anything. XD

7 things that are way more useful and productive than a revenge body

Get a revenge promotion

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Binge-watch revenge TV

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Go on a revenge vacation

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Adopt a revenge pet

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Buy a pair of revenge shoes

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Swipe on some revenge lipstick

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Or earn that ultimate life-changing form of revenge.

So after the passing of my beloved Salem, I did something very impulsive. I couldn’t handle the stress and anxiety of being alone anymore, so I decided to adopt a kitten from a local animal shelter. And apparently so did my sister. The little one laying down is Luna, a 7 month old girl (my kitty) and the fluffy one near the yellow/pink/red toy is Eddie, a 4 month old boy (my sister’s kitten). They are both neutered so no worries of having little ones running around. They are A LOT of work!  Eddie is timid and shy, while luna is hyper and full of energy. They seem to like each other and are running all over at the speed of light. Taking care of them def. helps to keep my mind occupied that’s for sure! So there really hasn’t been much time to do anything else, especially sim.