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okay so i just wrote the first part of my au in which they're soulmates and they meet but one of them wasn't too fond of the idea and tried running from the other but that didn't work out and so they got together. but i really like my characters and i just don't know what to do next in order to continue the theme. any ideas???

Ideas I Have:

  1. stop here.  It is a good idea, you dont wanna go crazy, thats ok. 
  2. stop here and make a sequel
  3. post what you have one whatever platform you use, and let the comments decide
  4. break them up
  5. add some angst
  6. have them get married and live a perfectly normal happy life

~ Lucy

adopt a pet maybe ~Nicole

Imagine Your OTP

1. Waking up in bed together after a night in Vegas to find out they are now married.

2. Dancing around on to roof together on New Years Eve.

3. Waking up at 3 am and baking a bunch a sweet treats because they can’t sleep. 

4. Sleeping thought their alarms, but giving up on going to work and staying in bed all day.

5. Adopting many pets to only find out where they live doesn’t allow animals.

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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ❤

Awww thank you! Ilysm btw <3 <3 <3

Seif Reynolds:

1) His favorite color is blue - not a light blue, but a really dark blue verging on purple.

2) He likes Indian food.

3) He was really popular in high school without even trying, which made Bernan really jealous. He still preferred to keep to himself, though, and he usually chose to spend lunch by himself playing a video game.

4) He loves dogs, and if a pet adoption service ever becomes available in willow creek, he plans to adopt 2 - a beagle and a yorkie poo.

5) One time he got really drunk at a high school party and vomited all over his crush’s shoes.

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adopt me

Almost my entire mom’s side of the family is adopted! Its really cool cause there’s a lot of diversity like my mom is Navajo and then 2 of my uncles are Korean and I’ve got an African American cousin, etc etc!



so, as happens every year, a kitten has been dumped on me and my mother’s lawn. he’s probably about five months old, and this cat is RIDICULOUSLY sweet. he headbutts hands with all his might to receive pettings and is just so so lovable, but i have two animals and me nor my mother can afford a third set of vet bills. he hasn’t had shots or anything due to this – and he also seems to have some sort of slight sickness (an eye thing that i can’t remember what it’s called – my own cat was taken to the vet for the exact same thing, got antibiotics, and was absolutely fine.) all he needs is a vet trip and he’ll be the sweetest cat you have EVER had. we’re near forscyth county in north carolina – if you’re interested in the cat, message me and i’ll take him to you or you can come get him. we tried to take him to the local shelter, but they outright said that if you leave a sick cat there, they’ll be euthanized within 72 hours. all the no-kills in the entire state are full or just won’t take a sick cat – we have called ALL OF THEM. one even told my mom “f*ck you” and hung up on her when she asked if they could take him.

please please please take him. he needs to go to the vet and we can’t afford that. we won’t charge you a dime for taking him in, of course.

Wednesday needs a home! Isn’t this the most gorgeous cat you’ve ever seen? She has sparkling Siamese-blue eyes and a unique, beautiful calico coat.

This gorgeous kitty is in the Portland Metro Area, Oregon. 

Wednesday is 9 years old, and a sensitive, sweet girl, who would do best in a quiet household. She is shy, and will probably hide in a new environment until she knows she is safe. Change is very difficult for cats, especially at this age, when they should be living out the remainder of their life in a safe, low stress environment. Wednesday would do best in a quiet home, without other cats or dogs, or young children, but she will make a lovely, calm companion for the right person. She is a cuddly lap cat once she has adjusted!

Please check out her listing on Petfinder if you have any questions or are interested in adopting Wednesday.

Even if you are not in the Portland, OR area, or can’t adopt Wednesday, please share and signal boost to your followers!

Wednesday on Petfinder:

Note: This is not my cat, but I can answer some questions about her if you have any! I will be trying to get better photos of her as well. She’s just stunning!

if you absolutely can’t go vegan for health/economic/other reasons, you can still:
-boycott zoos, circuses, and aquariums
-boycott leather, fur, wool, and silk
-adopt your pets from a shelter
-educate yourself and others about the harms of animal agriculture
-donate money or volunteer your time for vegan organizations
-eat plant-based when it’s possible, even if it’s just for one meal a day

your options are never either “be 100% vegan” or “exploit animals in every way possible and be fiercely anti-vegan”. even those whose circumstances prevent them from being fully vegan can take meaningful steps to help animals! every bit counts!


Meet Ziva. Ziva was purchased from a Ragdoll cattery around 3-4 years ago, and has been returned, traumatized by her recent home life. The cattery took her back despite her problems and is looking to give her to a new, loving home. Ziva is very skittish and will need time to adjust to her new life. I don’t need to tell you she is beautiful, but I will anyway. Ziva is beautiful. 

If you are interested in adopting her, please contact me and I will get in touch with the cattery. Serious inquiries only, we are located in southern, central PA. As of lately I have had people on here attacking the places I visit/photograph for (all RESCUED animals, by the way, who are being taken care of by amazing people) so I am a bit nervous to give out information on these places in fear of them getting attacked again. I really wish it wasn’t like that, but I do not care to have another place get harassed for rescuing an animal.

Please remember this blog is all about the animals. I share animals to find them homes, and also share those already placed to show the diversity and beauty of shelter life as well as animals outside of shelters in rescues, or situations such as this. That has been my goal and continues to be my goal. I respect and enjoy the people I work with, and if you knew them I’m sure you would too! They are all about the animals too.

Please share Ziva and help with this goal. She is a beautiful young lady and needs a great place to call home.


I’m here to put up something really sad and heart breaking for me. I have no choice but to put my dog Farley up for adoption. It’s been almost a year since we got him now, and he really is a great dog and we would love to keep him, but… we are not the right for him, and he is not the right fit for us.

I firmly believe everyone has a dog fit for them, and every dog a person, unfortunately I am not Farley’s fit. Farley is small and active and playful and needs constant love and attention and play and really long walks and runs. I am small and an not very active and prefer short walks and shorts bursts of play. He needs a home with an active family and lots of room to run. Both my mom and I are disabled and live in a small apartment. I can’t meet Farley’s needs.

  • Farley is a suspected jack russell/whippet mix.
  • His favorite treats are chicken jerkey, dried pasta noodles, and duck jerkey.
  • Few to no behavioral issues while people are in the house. Sometimes he will eat the cat’s food. He does need to be crated when no one is home, but can be left alone at night. (He likes to get into things and will chew up anything left on the floor, chairs, or low tables.)
  • Will need an active family.
  • A fenced yard would be ideal.
  • A little over a year old.
  • He gets along well with cats, children, and dogs. (However, he is just over a year old and has not been neutered due to our lack of funds, and his hormones and lack of socialization are putting him on uneasy ground with other dogs. Fixing him will likely help the situation.)

Farley is up for adoption to anyone willing to drive to the DFW Area for a fee of $25. You must have immediate plans to get him neutered. Send an e-mail to to inquire.

This puppy followed a woman around for months until she adopted him

During her many trips from Germany to Buenos Aires for work, Olivia Sievers met and befriended a street dog (now named Rubio). She first thought it would be a one-time encounter, but Rubio was persistent in his affections, waiting outside her hotel, and seeking her out every time she visited.

After a number of visits, Sievers made arrangements for him to be adopted by a local shelter. However, he escaped and showed back up at Sievers’s hotel—and he waited for her.


Some of you know I recently lost my 12 year-old rabbit. It was extremely painful, & for lots of reasons, I had no intention of adopting another bunny anytime soon.

But when a 5 month-old baby lop rabbit that some despicable person had dumped at the park showed up *sitting in the grass in front of my car,* what could I do? 

I brought her home. 

I’ve named her “Joanie,” after Joan Jett </3