Why do I love Pit Bulls? Maybe it’s that big, beautiful head, just begging to be rubbed. Maybe it’s those soulful eyes, leading me straight into a wounded heart. Maybe it’s that childlike spirit… full of innocence and hope… despite the harsh realities of the world. Maybe it’s that joyful smile, saying to the critics: “I know you think I’m mean. I know you don’t trust me. But even though you hate me… I still love you.”

Maybe it’s the loyalty… the unwavering devotion in the face of cruelty, neglect, and abuse. Maybe it’s the fact that this very loyalty… this precious gift of allegiance…
is exploited every day by evil humans with sadistic motivations.

Maybe it’s the undying will to please their master, the drive for praise at any cost, or the endless desire for compassion of any kind. Maybe that’s what makes them so special…

Maybe it’s the love… the love that waits… often for an entire lifetime… to be given. The love that dies… in the dogfighting ring… on the end of a chain… or at the pound. The love wasted, the lives forsaken, the beauty forgotten… Maybe that’s what I see in them…

Maybe it’s because the media has inaccurately and wrongfully demonized one of the most loving, loyal, and incredible breeds on Earth—the Pit Bull. Maybe it’s because the public believes these mistruths and joins in the bashing. Maybe it’s because Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) has enacted laws banning these amazing creatures… laws that seek to destroy every last living, breathing Pit Bull in America. Maybe it’s because, for the lucky few Pit Bulls in loving homes, BSL rips them away from their families and sentences them to death. Maybe it’s because these precious souls can’t understand why this is happening to them… as they cry out for their families, just before they are killed…
Maybe that’s why I fight for them…

Maybe it’s because Pit Bulls are the most abused breed in existence… and the most highly euthanized breed in shelters. Maybe it’s because, in many American shelters, strict policies prohibit the adoption of bully breeds, eliminating all hope for these dogs. Maybe it’s because, even when given the chance for a family, no one wants to adopt them. Maybe it’s the heartbreak of knowing, that after a lifetime of suffering… and then being dumped at the pound, their only way out… their only chance for mercy… is death. Maybe that’s why I care so much…

Maybe it’s because, even in no-kill shelters, Pit Bulls often spend their entire lives waiting for someone to take them home. Maybe it’s because, for so many, that adoption day will never come. Maybe it’s because, while waiting on that unlikely chance for a family, many of these dogs will slowly lose their minds living in a tiny shelter kennel. Maybe it’s because, due to the stress of shelter confinement and the lack of socialization, their already small chances of adoption are soon reduced to no chance at all of ever getting out. Maybe it’s because, for bully breeds, the never-ending dream of having a family of their own… is only a dream…

After weeks, months, and years of waiting in a shelter for a family who will never come for them, all hope turns to despair… all desire turns to depression… all joy turns to anguish. Across the country, millions of these beautiful, amazing dogs are simply living each day… waiting to die.

So why do I rescue Pit Bulls? Maybe my drive to save them is because I’ve never known a breed more deserving of life. Maybe my will to help them is because they have no other hope. Maybe my advocacy for the breed stems from my desire to fight injustice… to right the wrongs and stand up for the victims.

Maybe it’s the fact that 2 of the most incredible dogs I have ever known are my children, Rudy and Riley (below), both Pit Bulls. Maybe it’s because many of my amazing rescue babies are Pit Bulls. Maybe it’s because I would do anything for my children, because my children would do anything for me. Maybe it’s because they have no reason to trust me, or anyone for that matter, and yet… they do. Maybe it’s because they have no reason to forgive, and yet, they have.

Maybe my love for them is a reflection of their love for me… unconditional, unwavering, and infinite. Maybe I want to change the world for them… to end the unspeakable suffering… to tell them that they matter… and to return the love they so freely and unselfishly give. Maybe it’s because I realize that I possess the power to do all of these things. Maybe it’s because I know that can use my life to fix this for them.

And maybe, just maybe, you will join me…

By Ashley Owen Hill,
Founder of Lucky Dog Rescue

Here’s +2k words of modern!au with Bucky courtesy of yours truly and @pimpdaddysebastian. <3

Warnings: Mental health issues, pregnancy

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When Bucky comes back from war, he knows he’s different. Despite what people say to try to convince him otherwise, he knows he’s not the same man anymore.

To match the two tours as a soldier to the American army, he comes back with longish hair, severe scars on his left arm due an injury and a real messed up head. Panic attacks, bad dreams and sleepless nights are his best-friends in the following months of his return and the walls of his dull, always empty apartment are painful witnesses to his struggles.

Going outside feels like hell everytime but he still gives it a go occasionally.

Even if most of his attempts end up with him panicking in the middle of a crowd or a random store, the little coffee shop by the corner of his building gives him a slight bit of comfort as the place is never too crowded or too noisy. It’s familiar and just what he needs as he tries to adjust himself into the world again.

Hence why he’s completely thrown back as person after person start to fill up the place in a random Wednesday morning.

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in honor of this sacred day I’m gonna list some hc’s that are a thing in my domestic!future sheith au

keith is trans. he had top surgery but decided to hold out on bottom surgery. later on he is very happy he decided to keep that part of himself when he and Shiro decide to have a baby.

after the war, shiro was pretty quick to get rid of the arm. he wanted to do as much as possible to move forward, and his scars were enough of a reminder of what he went through already. no more weapons. just peace. keith’s always been his real right hand anyway. ;)

keith is autistic. he didn’t even know till he was a grown adult because nobody cared enough to consider why he acted the way he did back when he was in the foster system. shiro noticed his symptoms and assumed keith knew and would tell him if he felt like it was important information to share later on. he learned how to respond to keith’s behavior to keep him comfortable, because shiro’s considerate like that. they work together perfectly so there’s never really a need to make a big deal out of it.

they both have pretty severe ptsd. they both understand that it’s not something they can just cure with love, they know it will never really go away, but it makes it easier to help each other because they both go through it. Keith frequently wakes up screaming for Shiro to come back and it always takes a while after for Shiro to remind Keith where and when they are, and what’s real. We already know how Shiro’s works. One minute he’s doing something mundane, working out, washing dishes, the next minute he’s back in the arena, he’s fighting for his life, he’s killing beasts but they just won’t stay dead. They have plastic dishes instead of glass or ceramic ones because of this. Keith always knows where to find the first-aide kit.

when they get married there’s an unspoken agreement that they would wear their rings on necklaces instead of on their hands.

shiro has a bunch of kirby merch. he loves kirby a lot and keith can’t help himself when he sees a kirby plush or a poster or game so he just keeps buying shiro more kirby stuff. they spend a lot of calm nights on the couch playing co-op kirby’s epic yarn and snuggling.

they have three dogs and a cat that they frequently call a dog. their first dog is a border collie named Suki and she’s Shiro’s service dog. the next is a german shepard named Gomez that they adopted a little while before they decided to have a baby. then a few months after having their baby they adopted an abandoned pitbull and named her Sparkle. the cat doesn’t have an official name but with how much Keith calls him “little asshole” it might as well be his name. (keith loves that cat so much)

they have a daughter and keith named her Ricci (after the actress of Wednesday from the Addams Family movies). That baby is the greatest love of Keith’s entire life. He made fun of Shiro for happy-crying about her when he was still pregnant, but as soon as he steps through the front door of their home with Ricci he breaks down sobbing because suddenly it’s all real to him. Shiro being here is real, their love for each other is real, their survival of the war is real, the fact that Keith has a forever family is real and he couldn’t comprehend it until that moment. Ricci isn’t just their daughter, she’s what gives keith his entire life back. she’s everything. she’s his world. keith doesn’t randomly burst into tears out of fear anymore, every crying fit is because of everything really, truly good. Shiro couldn’t be happier. 

anyways, this has gotten long as hell, enjoy the rest of #ShiroLovesYouBaby day!!!!! 

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Hey real quick: Are you in the percentile that Michael and Trevor fell in love post game or pre game?

Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips have been in love with each other for twenty years and get married after The Third Way after Michael earns back Trevor’s trust and they buy a house in Vespucci beach where they have a constant flow of guests not limited to: Lamar Davis, Franklin Clinton, Wade Herbert, Ron Jakowski, Amanda De Santa, Tracey De Santa, Jimmy De Santa, Jesus Christ Impersonator, Patricia Madrazo, Mary Ann, and all of Trevor’s employee’s at the Vanilla Unicorn. Him and Michael get matching tattoo’s, have family dinners every Saturday, and Michael drives Trevor to Sandy Shores to do his work as CEO of TPI. They never hurt one another again, Trevor completely trusts Michael, Michael never abandons Trevor. Mrs. Philips is never heard from again, Amanda remarries, Patricia and Trevor become best friends.  They adopt two rescue pitbulls and name them “Floyd” and “Baseball” and take v good care of them.

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99 on the prompts

99. “How could you forget your son’s birthday?”

“How could you forget your son’s birthday?”

If there was one thing in this world t Logic couldn’t stand, it was Morality’s puppy eyes. And the man knew it. He used them whenever he could against the Logical man- rendering his thoughts useless.

Now was no exception, and he was pulling no stops.

Logic had to turn away.

“For the last time,” He had to take a calming breath, “He is a dog. And you can’t keep adopting every dog you see! This is the third one this month!”

As if to prove his point, their newly adopted two year old pitbull terrier Sunflower, and their first adopted dog Kit-Kat- a Rottweiler no older then a year.

Now Morality held a puppy- what looked to be a bloodhound no older than a few months (Logic guessed three months at most).

“You can’t keep doing this, Mo,” Logic refused to look Morality in the eye, knowing he’d break immediately if he did so.

“But, but Logan,” Morality pouted- you could hear it in his voice- “She needed a forever home.”

Logic rubbed his temples.

“Plus, Maggie and Cauliflower already love her.” Maggie and Cauliflower, a Saluki and  Bergamasco Shepherd respectively, were their oldest dogs, adopted together two years prior. They were mothering dogs, and Logic knew that if they had already been introduced to this new puppy, that there was no going back.

“Morality,” Logic finally met his husbands glittering eyes, “Last. Dog.”

Morality cheered and all of the dogs -Maggie and Cauliflower came billowing into the room- howled in excitement.

“Thank you, Logan!” Morality cried as he ran over and hugged him, not to tightly so as not to squish the small dog still in his arms.

“Trust me, you’re going to love Sander!” He placed the puppy in Logic’s arms.

He scrambled to make sure he didn’t drop the young squirmy dog. The moment he was settled the puppy sniffed at Logic’s face and then began licking him happily before yipping in excitement.

Logic smiled.

Yes, he had no doubt, he already loved his newly adopted son.

(Late) Atomic Hawkmates headcanons for lospolyamweek, Day 2: MMF 

  • Ray is absolutely obsessed with finding old things from the Hawkmates’ past lives. He found (and paid an obscene amount of money for) an old hairclip of Kendra’s from her first life. He also somehow found Carter’s boxing gloves from his life as a boxer in the 50s and proudly presents each object to the two. 
  • Ray!!! Is the biggest hugger. Every time the most minor inconvenience happens Ray is there to give you a hug and it annoys Carter to no end. 
    • “Ray have you seen my keys, I think I lost the- no, no, you do not need to hug me, Ray -” 
    • Ray, cradling Carter in his arms: “It’s okay, babe, you’ll find them. You’ll be all right.” 
    • Carter: “I hate you.” 
  •  Kendra and Ray love shopping together, and they’re constantly dragging Carter along on their shopping trips. They say it’s so that the three of them can hang out, but it’s really so they can dump their shopping bags with Carter. 
    • They’ll tease Carter sometimes because he’s The Boyfriend™ who’s sitting there wearing sunglasses indoors and playing on his phone while Ray and Kendra are chatting about the suits and dresses they got and what matches best, etc. 
  •  They adopt a pitbull that they name Buster. Kendra found him wandering around the neighborhood and after a lot of posters were put up telling people about him, Kendra and Ray and Carter finally decided they would just adopt the pup. He curls up at the foot of their bed and always wakes up Carter (and only Carter, because Ray and Kendra will have been up) with a slobbering lick on the face. 
    • Kendra and Ray are early risers so they always get breakfast ready and every April Fools without fail they manage to prank Carter while he’s sleeping (this year, they put whipped cream all over his face, which Buster happily licked up). 
  • Their trio activity is going to a cabin in the woods every month for a weekend away. There, they all have their time to shine: Ray loves to fish and will talk for hours on end on identifying the correct type of berry. Carter can kick back and relax, Kendra has enough space to truly spread her wings and fly, and at the end, they relax around the fire that Carter made and eat s’mores. 

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Living with Bucky for almost a year when you decide to adopt a pitbull. He really latches onto her, and vice versa. Whenever Bucky has to leave for an assignment, the separation is hard on your dog. But whenever she hears that familiar bike pulling up into the driveway, she barks and jumps up to put her paws on the sill, absolutely ecstatic that her best friend is home. You open the door and record their reunions each time of your dog running to Bucky, nearly tackling him to the floor

I’m living for Bucky and dogs

Tender Tuesday™

Imagine Shiro adopting a rescued Pitbull for his Service dog! it growls whenever you and him get into an argument, but, then calms down once you’ve fully apologised for raising you’re voice at him. This service dog was rescued from having to be put down because it’s a pitbull pure breed. Imagine it falling head over heals for you’re Shiro and you low key get jealous of it and Shiro teases you for being jealous over a fucking dog