adopt kittens


chirp chirp


↳ day 6: animals

While Jace is out of town for the week, Simon stumbles upon a beautiful kitten at a local shelter. Completely mesmerized with her, he comes back day after day to look at her, to hold her, to imagine what it would be like to adopt her. In true Simon Lewis Fashion™, he spends the week seeking reassurance from his friends and family, this time via FaceTime. Whether he’s begging them to talk him out of it or to convince him to go through with it, he’s not sure. 

In the end, he adopts the tiny kitten and Jace falls in love with her even quicker than Simon did, which seems impossible but somehow isn’t.

+ bonus


The Nebraska Humane Society joined us with another Kitty Cafe event at our library. It was totally pawesome!


not the best photos but btw if anyone lives in the atlanta area and wants to adopt a kitten. message me! i have a friendly little kitten that comes to my house everyday. my mom wont let me keep her as an indoor cat (i already have 2 cats) and she so sweet she deserves a home! i call her azula

shes very friendly and sociable and loves people! i think shes about 2 - 4 months old. she isnt sprayed and she seems healthy

please boost!