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How do you think the team reacted to meeting the Eevees? It's gotta be, like, 7 or 8 Eevees running around in a room while the proud parents look on. Then all the Eevees make a beeline for the baby gate, tails wagging. They chose their new trainers.

Oh yessssss *rubs hands together*
An answer is not good enough this is gonna be written!

Coran scratched the side of his head as he stood before the closed door of the nursery. the paladins and Allura stood before him, Lance, Pidge and Hunk trying to get a look thru the window on the door, but Coran stood in the way, obscuring the view. Keith looked uninterested there he stood with arms crossed over his chest, Shiro sent a look from Allura to Coran.

  “What is it Coran? why did you call us here?” the older Altean sighed.

  “I may or may not have adopted 8 Eevees.”

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//ok so, I have a pokemon su for Sypha.

Her starter pokemon would most likely be an eevee. She spends the most time with it and wants to evolve it but doesn’t know which know which form she wants to take on. It’s either jolteon, flareon, or glaceon. But then she gets this bright idea to adopt two more eevee’s so she can have a jolteon, flareon, and a glaceon. She would have a spinda though and name it Trevor out of spite but then have a Zubat named Alulu (nick named because of Alucard)

Free!Poke Headcanon #3

Makoto’s Leafeon called by Elsie.

  • Makoto adopt her not as Eevee but she was already evolved to Leafeon. Her previous master abandoned her because Elsie doesn’t like the fights, afraid of the pain and her attacks are weak. 
  • Makoto never forced her into pokemon fights instead she always help him around the day care, the house and the garden.
  • She adore the nature and really love gardening.
  • She always hide behind Makoto when someone is coming. 
  • Makoto’s Dragonite is always overprotective about her and always watching over her.
  • Elsie loves the baby pokemons, it seems she is only comfortable around them.
  • Haruka’s Vaporeon has a crush on her, thats why: always watching and try to protect her, but always instantly fail about it. And it’s just scared Elsie.
  • The first thing what she get from Makoto is a red ribbon and she never take it off.

Haruka’s Vaporeon

  • Haruka get the Eevee egg same time when Rin, then he instantly evolved him with a waterstone
  • Vaporeon doesn’t like the pokeball so usually he is in outside
  • He can cast rain, when Haru need some water
  • Sometimes he hide in the water for days 
  • Haru often makes Vaporeon to race on the local water-race-field and bet on him. Vaporeon almost always win so Haru already get a little fortune.
  • They work sometimes as a beach life saver.
  • Beside the water activites he is a lazy ass
  • He has a crush on Makoto’s Leafeon Elsie who is really insicure about this. He often try to help Elsie to imress the leafeon but he fails a lot of time. e.g. He tried to watering the little garden over Makoto’s but he overdo it accidentally and maked a tsunami. It ruined everything and brushing poor Elsie.
  • His rival is Rin’s Umbreon. They rivalised since they hatched from the egg. And Vaporeon often jealous because he think Umbreon loves Elsie more than a pokemon friend.

Last Summer I talked about my headcannon on Pokemon Genetics. I like to think that not all pokemon are cookie cutter like the anime and the games make them to be. Depending on their parents, a pokemon could look very different. 

I mean check out these eevees! Bet you can  tell me which pokemon was used as their father. [ Some are PAINFULLY obvious, I know. ] 

[ Like the eevees? want one of your own? Message me! ] 

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Sweet Flower Adoption center had taken in some Pokemon that were rescued from a Rocket Lab and we’re hoping to rehabilitate them and send them to good trainers. Every Pokemon from that lab had been adopted except for one Eevee, who had been extremely skittish and quiet since her liberation from the prison-like lab.

A week earlier, a group of trainers had driven some mischievous Ghastly out of Sweet Flower. One of them came back one day, seeking an Eevee who fought off the ringleader Haunter.

“Oh, we have a few Eevee here actually!” The young volunteer accompanied by a Audino chimes. “But I think I know which one you’re talking about.”