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Sorry, I just sent an ask about what healthy breeds there, but I see you've answered a similar question in the past. I guess an alternative question would be, is there anything specific to look for or avoid when trying to pick a dog with minimal health problems to adopt? What are the main things that should be checked?

Keeping in mind that you should always be considering your available space, time and lifestyle when adopting a dog, and while no dog is ever going to remain free of medical issues its entire life, you should only be taking on a dog with known or suspected medical issues that you are prepared to manage.

Personally, there are a few things I would be looking at if I was adopting an adult dog:

  • Neat eyes, no squinting or rolling in/out of the eyelids.
  • A muzzle, not a completely flat face
  • Ease of breathing
  • Are any teeth diseased to the point that require extraction?
  • Front limbs that don’t bend underneath or away from the body
  • Patellas that stay in joint
  • Not too much hair in the ear canals.
  • Manageable nails
  • Evidence of a good coat, or a regrowing coat.

In addition to a general check up for heart murmurs and any masses. The less extreme the anatomy the less likely you are to have anatomical issues.

Puppies are harder to assess, but I would be very particular about eyes and knees. There’s not much else you can predict from a young puppy, and hernias I can deal with relatively easily.

Now, i hypothetically might be more included to adopt a dog (or cat) with medical problems I can deal with, but the range of conditions I’m willing and able to deal with are probably different to yours. This comes back to my first point about taking on conditions you are prepared to manage.

This is especially true in an adoption scenario. There are lots of dogs in shelters that get surrendered for medical or behavioral reasons when their humans just aren’t able to cope. If you can provide for their special needs you might consider taking them on anyway, even if they’re not by definition ‘100% healthy’. Diabetics are an example. It’s not a problem for me, at all, to give injections twice a day, but for somebody else it might be.

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hana/paul for ur ask meme pls,, im love them

  • Drinks all of the coffee

paul… listen he’s up late and he’s busy unluckily for him he’s also a huge idiot when he’s hyperactive and hana is tired

  • Brings up adopting a pet

hana, probably?? she seems a lot like a cat person and paul is like ‘we already have pets,,,, nick n josh’

  • Kills the bugs

paul even tho he genuinely hates them theyre both huge babies about it and the room is essentially trashed afterwards

  • Cooks the meals

hana,,, need i remind you that paul is not capable at all, he licked ice cream up off of a table

  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should

please imagine hana’s little smiley face as soon as they’re halfway through november because its ‘nearly christmas’ and paul is just ‘haha… sure’

  • Initiates the couple selfies

paul does he needs to keep his instagram updated w photos of his first lady

  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries

gosh neither of them really but paul struggles more with gifts because no matter how small hana’s gifts are really thoughtful and sweet

  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping

PAUL hana is the type to have like. granola and such and paul sneaks it out and replaces it with doughnuts and cookies bc hes a heathen 

  • Nicknames the other

PAUL!!! they’ll be silly nicknames and he has a new one every week but they make hana !!! every single time

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For you, what are goals in life? Kisses Cornelia

I guess my “life goal” is to do what makes me happy, and make sure that whatever that may be has a positive affect on other people, animals and the planet. 

I want to create my own family; have children, adopt more pets, build a home with someone I love. 
I want to be creative; write, film, act and direct.
I want to continue to learn new things every day, grow as a person and get even more connected to my true self. 

I got a lot of smaller and bigger goals in all areas of my life, but these are the main ones :)


There are so many animals waiting in shelters and rescue stations to be adopted! 

Don’t neglect the old ones or the weird looking ones, they need a loving home too! 

Don’t buy from breeders or pet shops, there is no need to obsess over one particular dog breed, you’re doing so much good by adopting the animals that already exist and are in need of your help. A strong bond or a companionship is never determined by breed anyway. :)

For Inktober Day 26


Need Permanent Home/Temporary Foster Home - URGENT

(Pictured from left to right: Isis, Ginger, Max, Willow, and Saffron)

Update#2: A family friend has offered to temporarily house all four remaining cats to keep them from going to a kill shelter and to give us more time to find them permanent homes. Please consider reblogging and please contact me if you can provide a home for any one of them.

Update: Max has a home, and I was informed yesterday that my grandmother was able to pay rent this month and wont be leaving until November 9th

I found out a few days ago my grandmother is being evicted later this month (October 20th) and now I need to find homes for my five cats. I’m unable to house them myself at the moment and it’s very very important to me that they are safe and cared for.

Max, Isis, Ginger, and Saffron are about 7 years old. Willow we’re not sure of. They’re all very good cats, if not a bit shy with strangers, but Isis is more hands-off and not a “lap cat” so i’m concerned about her finding a home.

The two boys, Max and Willow, are neutered and do not spray walls or furniture. Unfortunately the girls are not currently spayed. They are all strictly inside cats.

I’m specifically interested in a temporary foster for Max and Willow but there’s really no time to be picky and it’s most important they’re safe and loved!

If you’re in the Clearwater, Florida area and interested or know someone who might be interested in providing a good home, even temporarily, for any of these cats, please contact me at:

Share love, Share your home 💕 

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