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I’m in my mid-twenties, and honestly get so much hate over being childfree that I’ve started telling people I have an adopted daughter when they ask about my kids. I just conveniently leave out the fact that my adopted daughter is, in fact, a 40-pound sheep, one of roughly two dozen that live in my back yard.

It isn’t even a lie, I raised that lamb on a bottle from the day she was born, as far as she’s concerned I’m her mom. And as long as I’m vague enough, the problems of dealing with sheep sound totally believable as human toddler parenting problems. “Oh yeah, my daughter’s two, she always puts everything in her mouth.” “Ugh, my daughter is always climbing on stuff, I swear she’s part mountain goat!”

I live for seeing how long I can keep it up before someone asks to see a picture of my little darling. “Sure!” I say, “Here she is! Isn’t she adorable?” then relish the horrified confusion when they see this tiny little brown sheep like:

It’s the best thing. It’s my favorite thing I’ve ever done, next to raising sheep in the first place.

Daisy (Husband!Taehyung)

Plot: #22: “How do I even put up with you?” + #23: “I said get rid of it.” + #25: “Just don’t buy a goat. I don’t care what you do, just no goats.” with husband!Taehyung

Word Count: 540

A/N: so I feel like I haven’t written for Tae in forever bc in the last series, his part was already done so I wanted to write something for him today, I decided to throw in some vet!Tae, I haven’t written it but I could see him as a lil vet bc he loves animals so much but the link for this is husband!Tae (here)

Taehyung was an animal lover. He loved everything from dogs to hamsters to horses, small animals, big animals, furry animals, feathered animals. If he could give a home to every animal he saw, he would in a heartbeat. He had dedicated so many years of his life to learning how to care for them, how to help them with their injuries, how to make sure they felt as little pain as possible. He did a lot of work with farm animals, working with a local farm that held injured animals until they were fully healed.

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5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Her

1. When you realize you’ve never spoken about it, so you decide to ask “Have you seen The Princess Bride?” she looks at you as if she’s almost offended, before tilting her head ever-so slightly. The lilting cadence of her adopted accent as “Oh farm boy” rolls off her tongue is enough to turn you into a puddle at her feet. You’ll hope that your jacket at least lands on top of you as one last act of chivalry.

2. The sheer joy on her face as she shows you the new lip balm she’s purchased, despite it being a shade of pink she’d normally never be caught dead with. You’ll both read the name off at the same time, and the curve of her smile will be enough to send you careening down into a free fall. You’ll hope that your feet never again touch the ground.

3. The thrill of waking up to a text from her informing you that your favorite band has just released a new song. Her excitement rivals yours and the only thing you can think of as you listen to the song is how it will sound live, with her standing in front of you, your hands on her hips, her head leaning back against your chest. You’ll hope this soundtrack to your swaying goes on forever, and that just maybe she’ll turn around for a moment to wrap her arms around you.

4. Sitting across from one another at highest restaurant in the entire city, she’ll slowly sip her drink as her leg softly brushes against yours. She stares at you intently as you spout off whatever bullshit philosophy you’ve cobbled together during your lifetime. The way she engages you and makes you rethink everything, you’ll realize the sun is no longer the center of universe you’re inhabiting. You’ll hope that she lets you stay in orbit forever, marveling at the natural wonder that stardust creates.

5. Standing out in the freezing cold for a cigarette break, “Night Moves” drifts out of the loud speaker. As you shield her from the frigid gust of winder barreling toward the both of you, she softly starts to sing along with Seger. Suddenly it’s the middle of Summer, and you’re absolutely lost in the back seat of some forgotten car, feverish and sweaty, unable to stay away from one another. You’ll hope that she’s there every time you step out into the cold, ready to warm you up and sing you back home.


Baby Goat Friends are Here!

I’m so excited to announce this first batch of adoptable friends!

I absolutely love goats. I think they’re so friendly and cute and often hilarious. But when I went to go look for a plush one to cuddle… There weren’t really many options. Of course there were sheep, but nothing as playful and exciting as a goat. So I made my own!

I created the pattern myself, and after a long process, here they are! They are all stitched by hand, and are all super soft and filed with love.

Come on by my Etsy to adopt one today! c:

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Imagine: You are Patricia and Otis’ adoptive daughter, and when the farm is taken over by walkers you are devastated by the news that Patricia (your mom) is dead too and you want to go back to the farm and Daryl stops you. Can you make it romantic? Like have Daryl be in love with you.

This story takes place in the last episode of season 2 of The Walking Dead.

You didn’t know who was alive. Everyone separated and you could only hope they were all okay. Millions of questions crossed you mind, they terrorized you and forced you to stop the vehicle you were driving and cry.

What happened to mom?

Am I the only one left?

What if they didn’t make it?

Did Randall cause all that to happen?

If he did, what if he is holding everyone hostage?

Did Daryl, Glenn, Rick, and Shane ever make it back?

Should I go back to the farm?

All your thoughts and sobs were blinding your ability to think straight. The panic of thinking you were completely alone was making you lightheaded, but the next second you managed to get a grip on yourself and a thought came to your mind. Rick was always going on about the highway they lost that little girl in, they were always going back there, maybe if I go and wait there a few minutes I’ll find them.

You started your engine and headed toward the only place you were hoping they were at, that little amount of hope did not stop the tears from overflowing out of your eyes.

The drive took a lot longer than you had expected, mostly because you were avoiding hitting cars that were just abandoned on the side of the road. The spot you were looking for in the highway was coming close and your heart skipped beat when you saw the all too familiar cars parked together in that same spot.

You pulled your car over and ran out of it, Maggie and Beth giving you the warmest hug, a hug much needed. You three were always like sisters, Maggie the oldest, you, and Beth. You smiled and looked around noticing that you were probably the last one to arrive, but the face you were looking for was nowhere in sight, and the looks everyone was giving you weren’t helping.

“Where’s my mom?” You asked, you could feel your bottom lip quivering. You turned to look over at Herschel who was serious and avoiding eye contact with you “Uncle?”

“I’m so sorry honey, she, she didn’t make it.” Maggie broke into tears the minute you let out a loud sob.

“Oh my God! No please no! No! Please not this! Mom!” The pain in your chest only grew by the second. Beth held your hand and Maggie hugged you, your tears and sobs muffled by her chest.

“She’s got a fever.” Maggie placed on of her hands on your forehead.

“Is she bitten?” Carol asked, everyone with the knowledge that having a fever is one of the signs that you have been infected was left to assume such conclusion.

Whatever they said after that didn’t really matter because your vision began to blur and you found yourself hitting the concrete.

You woke up to the sound of everyone arguing. They all seem to be fighting over something with Rick. Actually it looked more like a one-sided argument, because Rick just seemed to be yelling at all of them.

You stood up Daryl being the only one who noticed walked up to you.

“You all right?” He asked, his blue eyes burning through your soul. You had only been caught under their fire once or twice.

“I’m fine. I just need my car keys.” You said reaching for you shoes and placing the on your bear feet.

“For what?” He questioned taking a hold of your arm, realizing he had laid his hands in you after you flinched from the pain of his grasp.

“I’m going to go get my mom.” You said avoiding his eyes.

“Beth said they saw her go down.”

“You don’t understand! If the walkers got her then I can’t just let them finish eating her flesh and leaving her to the bone as if she was a decomposing body. How many people do I have to lose before you guys understand that I am completely alone? I can’t let her become a walker. I just don’t think I can live with the guilt of leaving her there like that. That’s why I have to go back to the farm.” The tears once again beat you before you could even fight them.

“I ain’t gonna let ya go.” The tone of his voice, his thick accent reminding you that not so long ago you were crushing on this man. This man who only worried about his group, this man who had only spoken to you once when he was shot by Andrea and you had to feed him, and only to tell you that he can do all the shit by himself and that he didn’t need a little girl babysitting him.

“Surely to you it doesn’t matter if I go or stay.” You said quietly like a child taking back to their parents silently but he caught every word you said.

“Well what are you gon’ tell Hershel? Maggie? Or Beth? Were you planning on saying anything at all?” He caught you, your plan was only to tell Rick and just walk off, after all no one had a right to stop you.

“What about my mom? She is probably turned by now.” You looked around but noticed everyone was engrossed in the argument to even notice you and Daryl were having an argument of your own.

“You’re right. She probably is turned. So if you go back there you must be prepared to have the memory of your mom trying to eat you be the last thing you remember about her. Cause don’t be stupid to think that she will remember who you were and that she’ll run up to you and hug you. No, the only reason why she will even go near you will be because you look appetizing enough to be dinner.” His word were harsher than your reality, you really didn’t think of it like that, all you thought was that you will see her and just shoot.

“Then what do I do? Do I just sit here and think that some other asshole will do it? What no one ever puts her out of her misery?” You asked. You looked into Daryl’s eyes and saw them softening.

“Her blood won’t be on your hands.” He spoke softly, not like him at all. “You can fight to stay alive because that’s what she wanted for you, and in case it gets too hard, I got your back.”

There on the side of the camp fire, where no one could see you, where no one could hear you, where no one saw Daryl pulling you in for a hug, where everyone was too busy arguing with each other to notice the sweet kiss you an Daryl shared.

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Del, I had a dream where I traveled to visit you and we got along so well, if you know what I mean ;D And right as I was about to leave to visit my other online friends, you jump in my car with your luggage like "Bitch, I'm coming too!" And so we go to to my friend's go to my friend's house, end up in a poly-relationship, own a farm, adopt a bunch of kids, and have lots of sex.

That sounds like an amazing dream omg 🙌🏽😂❤️❤️

Meet Nicholas! Had this Animal Place resident not been rescued, he would have been considered a “by-product” of the dairy industry and killed for meat. Fortunately he was rescued and brought to the sanctuary on Christmas day. He loves to roll in tambark piles and is very playful with new stuff added to the pasture!

Nicholas’s arrival was the best Christmas delivery Animal Place could have received 7 years ago today!

List of One-Shots

(Pretty much listing my one-shots ideas that I’ll be tackling soon)

My Brother: After Raven leaves Qrow comforts Tai. (These two are my ultimate BROTP)

The Creation of the Stars : Ozpin tells Qrow a story of how the stars were created. (Cloqwork fluff.)

A Mother’s Memento: When Qrow gives Oscar a familiar cross pin it sparks a conversation between Oscar and Ozpin abount their mothers. (Feels heavy and bonding between ghost dad and his adopted farm son)

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Hello Sherlock, I'm glad you all got to pet such a good dog like Freddie. I saw my friend Luna at the park this afternoon, so I also got to play with a dog today. I'm excited because I've learned about the possibility of adopting a beehive in a farm near Madrid, which will grant me apiculture lessons and harvesting my own honey, and I thought you'd like to know about that. I posted a link about it in my blog - the site is in Spanish though. Hope the rest of your day is as good as the morning.

How wonderful for you.  I read Spanish.  I will take a look at the website.  I hope the possibility becomes a reality.

In September, I adopted a dog from a local shelter. The woman who owned the shelter told me he was adopted and returned twice, but they did not know why. We had the dog for a little over two months, and everyday was a nightmare. He became possessive over everything in the house and attacked my family and I everyday. We had scars from him all over our bodies. I took him to the vet to make sure he was healthy, paid for a trainer (even though this dog was already an adult) and even got him a dog xanax prescription. In early December, we returned him and told the shelter owner exactly what was wrong with the dog.

A woman just called me and said she was adopting the dog, and that the shelter told her that the dog had no behavioral issues, and would be a great fit for her and her two small kids. They even listed me as a reference for the dog’s history. I told the woman my exact experience, and talked her out of adopting the dog, and adopting any animal from that shelter.

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sleep sad happy random hc for ginjo and grimmjow please? (are we allowed to send these in right now? It says closed but u reblogged the meme. I'm sorry if this is wrong)

i’m doing these boo

Kugo Ginjo:

☾ - sleep headcanon

DO NOT SLEEP WITH THIS MAN! This guy is a very rough sleepier, you will either be wrapped around his arms he will not let you go, or he will kick you right out the bed, he also likes to sleep with tons of pillows, and he kicks the covers off him a lot because he gets hot really fast.

★ - sad headcanon

When he is sad, you can never really tell, because hides it really well with a small smile, but if you just look into his eyes you can see the sadness and how empty his eyes really look. He doesn’t cry either but when he is with someone who he can trust and won’t say anything bad about the situation he will tell them how he is really feeling.

☆ - happy headcanon

He smiles so much when he is happy that everyone around him can’t help but smile as well, and he laughs and makes more jokes too. He also blushes a little when someone complaints on his smile.

ൠ - random headcanon


Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez:

☾ - sleep headcanon

Do not leave the bed when sleeping with Grimmjow, especially if you are his partner, that makes him so mad when he wakes up in the middle of the night, and feeling a cold breeze at his side, when he finds his s/o and drags them back in bed he will hold on tighter to them just so they won’t leave this time.

★ - sad headcanon

When he sad, he is mostly angry and he doesn’t talk and just glares at people who approach him. He will never admit he is sad, cause men like Grimmjow don’t get sad, but he sometimes wishes that he can just let his guard down and be held for once in his life.

☆ - happy headcanon

His smiles are wider and his a lot more easy to talk too, but Grimmjow normally doesn’t get happy either, so when he does it kind of is a rare thing to see. And he laughs really hard and loud, he even laughs at the most corniest jokes ever.

ൠ - random headcanon

Sometimes he likes the curl up in his s/o lap like a cat.

something Mabel and Stan have in common: they both adopted farm animals

do you think Stan had a similar moment with Gompers when he had to leave so he could sail on the Stan O’ War II with Ford? a moment where Gompers bites onto Stan’s coat and refuses to let go because Stan’s leaving and he doesn’t want Stan to leave

what if Stan has to have Skype calls with Gompers because Gompers got really anxious and stressed after Stan left, so Stan has to call him and calm Gompers down 

(Stan and Gompers bonding)

On anti-breeding

I keep seeing anti-breeder posts when it comes to getting a puppy so let me lay something down for you from someone who has 11 years of experience

First off, yes adopting is a good thing. It’s a GREAT thing. Adopt if you want and can, go right ahead

Puppy farms/mills are a thing. They over breed dogs and keep the mother and puppies in cages. Now instead of being like other people and saying ‘DON’T BUY FROM BREEDERS! THEY COULD BE THIS’ I’m going to do the logical thing and explain how you can avoid puppy farms. A good breeder will let you meet the mother and see where the puppies live. You will also be aloud to hand pick a puppy and play with the puppies too. 

Good breeders are also ones that show their dogs, since that’s a clear sign that the person truly loves dogs

Pet stores are also a bad thing. They’re usually from puppy farms and kept in poor conditions.

There, that’s how you avoid puppy farms. Adopt if you want but know these things if you consider buying and not listen to any bullshit anti-breeder posts that don’t seem to understand puppies have to come from somewhere so stop getting mad at responsible breeders. It’s not the breeders fault if someone dumps their dog. That’s why my family avoids breeding around Christmas. We care about the puppies (my parents are up late taking care of them), we try our hardest to make sure they’re healthy and all survive (once the mother dumped on of her kids so we took really good care of him and you know what, he survived), we try to make sure they go to good people. Please stop trying to talk about something you clearly don’t know enough about or have actually experienced.