adopt a bully

alright i’m not really liking how my doodles are turning out so–

paranorman au ok

harrison would be norman and sk would be neil (wow)

and obviously jasper is aggie


Help! I’m supposed to adopt this beautiful boy next week. However I’m worried that when I move later this year it will become an issue because he looks like he has pit in him. Where I live there isn’t a single apartment that allows Pit or Pit mixes. Can anyone maybe help me identify what breeds he may have in him, if it is pit or otherwise?

He looks more american bulldog/smooth collie mix to me. But I don’t know if adopting a bully breed mix in a place that can kick you out for having one is a good idea. He is super handsome!

I work at a jokester shelter so I’ve seen so many people mistreat their clowns, mimes, and other jokesters so many times that I had to put up this PSA for all y'all: Don’t punish your jokesters for natural behaviours

An example of this would be yelling or even taking away the toys from your clown simply because you woke up with your face painted. You may see this as a prank but to the clown it takes on a very important meaning. As we all know, clowns recognize each other based on markings, hence why when their young is born without any they immediately paint their face so the troupe welcomes them. Simply put: Clowns see us as their young and as such try to paint our faces when possible. Its just a maternal instinct as they want us to feel welcomed.

Rodeo clowns are a notoriously energetic and active breed that can be very destructive if kept in a small enviroment. This leads to them breaking many an object in an owners house and then being punished for it. Its a rodeo clowns natural instinct to run and cause havoc which means unless they have a wide open space in which to run amok freely and safely, you’re bound to have a stressed clown and a lot of broken valuables.

Mimes are a naturally quiet breed unless they aren’t a purebred, and even then they don’t make much noise. If you try to force your mime to speak and get upset when they don’t, perhaps you should’ve adopted a fool as they are a naturally noisy breed. Or if you make your mimes use real props, which prevents them from stimulating their mind and stresses them out, you should’ve sprung for a clown instead.

Bards, a hotly debated breed over whether or not they are true jokesters, have sprung back into popularity the past few years. They are highly social and musical, using special songs to communicate with the rest of their group, making them a favorite among famous musicians. But due to this they need real instruments and not ones you would get for children as they need the right set of pitches and sound to talk. Sure they may repeat words and songs they hear you say but its only for humans and not when they talk with their own kind. You don’t EVER take their instrument away even if they won’t stop playing it and you’re trying to sleep. Consider giving them a more quiet instrument to play like a kalimba.

Jokesters display emotions different than we do, and if you codemn them from acting on these emotions the way they would in the wild, you shouldn’t own a jokester. Please please please do your research on each breeds temperaments before you consider adopting one. I hate seeing jokesters not being adopted or bullied by others because they’re too afraid of being punished for normal activities like honking, pie throwing, jingling, imaginary play, and general tom-foolery.

The Accidental Hale Brood by Julibean19

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 42356

“I know, I just…” Derek trailed off, rubbing his forehead with both hands, frustrated that the right words weren’t coming to him.

“What?” Stiles asked honestly, pulling on one of Derek’s wrists until he could see his expression again.

Derek’s heart pounded in his chest so loud he figured even Stiles could hear it. He inhaled deeply and let the air out slowly through his nose, trying to keep his voice even. “When we take them places, and spend time with them, and make them smile… it feels like…”

“It feels like they’re yours,” Stiles finished for him, licking his lips before snagging the bottom one between his teeth.

“No,” Derek said, taking Stiles by surprise. “It feels like they’re ours.”

“Oh,” Stiles said simply, mouth still slightly open while he contemplated Derek’s words.

Or, the one in which Stiles and Derek have been BCPD partners for years when they are assigned Halloween duty and run into a couple of kids from the orphanage. One fake marriage and two real adoptions later, they somehow become a family.


aang almost got a brother today….