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YIKES! I just found out I’m the longest resident EVER at the animal control shelter  in Athens, Georgia.

Hi, I’m Biz, and I asked my best volunteer friend why no one had picked me. She said it’s really just because everyone at the shelter loves me too much to let me go! AWWWW!

Then she admitted that was selfish and she ran right out and asked the Shelter Pet Project to feature me, and here I am!

As you can tell, I’m super-happy. I love to give kisses and play  with the other dogs at the shelter. I’m cheerful, affectionate, and playful. I have a great sense of humor and some pretty awesome ears!

I haven’t mastered that “fetch” game the humans like so much, but I can toss my own ball in the air and catch it all day! Also, when I feel like some love, I will just lie right next to you and plop my paws in your lap! BEST. THING. EVER. Guaranteed!

And when I know you have treats? Wait til you see my puppy dog eyes!

I’m two years old, healthy, neutered, and weigh 45 pounds of pure sweetness. To learn more or meet me, just email my buds at

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I was hanging out at the local shelter where I’d been living for MONTHS!!! when my new friends from Adopt-a-Dog in Armonk, New York, saw me and said, “WOAH!” #awsomedogalert

Next thing I know, I’m enrolled in obedience school – where I’m a superstar – and learning great new things called “agility” and “long walks.” #amazing

They were learning about me, too, and found out that when I love, it’s for life, baby! #trueblue

I think I’d like to be an only pet, but I like the ladies, so if you know a mellow girl dog, I’m willing to make an exception! #girlsrule

Sound interesting? You can call 914-273-1674 -or email to find out more or set up a meeting. #easyaspie #pieisalsogood

Can’t get to New York? No worries! Reblog me, and it’s almost as good! #notreally #countingonyouranyway



thisredshrine  asked:

DA:I, companions and councillors reacting to the Inquisitor bringing home a crate fill of baby nugs, or mabaris, or your choice of small cutbaby animal. You guys do great work!


Cassandra: “We don’t have time to…” She stops and stares at the yapping and waggling puppies, some of which are trying to reach her for attention. Her eyes widen, slightly, and she gingerly pulls one out of the box. After holding it for a moment, she sighs. “Alright, we can take them back to Skyhold to be given to some of Cullen’s men. This once.”

Blackwall: He lets out a hearty laugh and insists on carrying the crate. He plays with the puppies a lot, and is sad when they’re given up for adoption to other Inquisition members.

Iron Bull: “Oh, look at the little guys!” He grins and sits down, allowing the puppies to amble up to him, crawling up on him. “Look at them! Gonna grow up fierce as dragons!”

Sera: “PUPPIES!” she cries as she picks up a wiggling puppy to give it a hug and a kiss. “Look at their smooshy little faces! Can I have one?”

Varric: He grins. “Well, would you look at that?” He strokes their heads and watches them for awhile.

Cole: He loves them, because they’re happy and they make almost everyone who sees them happy. “They’re so happy. Everyone should have puppies. Maybe demons wouldn’t be demons if they had puppies.”

Dorian: He instantly smiles at the sight of them. “Well, what do we have here, Inquisitor? New recruits?” The puppies like him, a lot, much to his surprise.

Solas: He can’t help but crack a smile at the puppies. He can be found sitting and watching them with great interest.

Vivienne: She acts like she’s not interested, but the Inquisitor sees her eyes flicking over to them and her lips curling upward as they yap and just be adorable in general.

Josephine: She squeals in delight at the sight of them. “Ohhh, they’re so CUTE!” she exclaims as she hurries to greet them.

Leliana: She wishes she could spend all day with them, but she has to work. Later on, though, a scout finds her at her desk with a snoozing puppy on her lap.

Cullen: He’s at their side instantly, offering to help however they need. Dog food? A kennel? Anything so the puppies can stay. They seem to lessen the effects of his headaches.


Finally selling some adoptables!! They don’t have set genders or names, that’s all up to the buyer!
Please DM me or email me at if you’re interested in buying one.

~Prices down below~
Lion: $10
Pointer Puppy: $10
(Large) Rat: $10
Raccoon: $10
African Wild Dog: $10
Skunk: Owned
Hyena: Owned
Bull/Cow: $10

Bunny here, hopping right into your heart!

I’m still waiting at Providence Animal Center​ in Media, Pennsylvania, for you awesome friends to reblog me and help me find my heart’s desire: a home! #dreamscometrue

As you can tell, I’m a bouncy girl, healthy and happy, just one year old. I love my toys, playing, cuddling I know tricks like giving kisses on cue, and am housetrained and walk nicely on a leash. #superstar

One trick I haven’t learned is getting along with other pets, but I more than make up for it with an impressive array of different ear positions – I could probably be an Internet sensation! #thegoodkindofviral

Want to know more? Hop on over to your email and contact!



You know who lives up to their name? ME!  I’m Snuggler, and boy do I love to snuggle!

Now, when you see me, you might think I had a pretty awful past, but that is alllll behind me. I have met the nicest, most loving people here at Providence Animal Center in Media, Pennsylvania, and boy do I love to snuggle up to them and get lots of good pets!

They tell me that if I can get you to reblog me, I will have a family all of my own who will let me snuggle them and they might kiss me on the head and tell me what a good boy I am! I can’t tell you how nice that all sounds.

My loving doesn’t stop with humans (of all ages, by the way). I like some other dogs, too, and feel most comfortable with them around if my humans have to leave me alone, so my home should have a calm (female) friend for me to keep me company.

I am crate trained and need a home without cats. At about 6 years young, I can fill your life with more love than you can imagine. Please share me, or email my friends at to learn more about me, today!