adopt a boxer rescue

today’s random story: My father has always judged me for giving my dog human food as treats. Not because he worries that it’s unhealthy - he’s well aware that we’re very careful to only give dog-approved foods, and we don’t do it often enough that the dog gains weight. He just thinks it will encourage the dog to beg, which he says is a bad habit. This has been going on for roughly 6 years.

Fast forward to this weekend: my parents got a dog! They went through a senior dog rescue and adopted an 8 year old boxer mix who is very, very sweet.

They have had this dog three hours when my dad calls me to ask if it’s okay for dogs to eat potatoes.

I said: “Yes, but what happened to not giving the dog table scraps?”

My dad: “We’re not at the table! I’m just in the kitchen, cooking. And she looks so soulful!”

I am never, ever, ever letting my dad forget that it took three hours for him to break.

This is Lucas, recently adopted through West Coast Boxer Rescue. I volunteer with this amazing rescue and Luke was my last foster dog. He was dumped at a Sacramento shelter and being a senior he didn’t have much of a chance of being adopted. He was rescued by WCBR and transported to me in Oregon for foster. His surrender paperwork from the shelter said he lived in the yard and garage, was never allowed in the house. This breaks my heart. Boxers are one of the most social breeds, they need to be with their people. Luke is the sweetest, most loving boy but also very playful for his age. My entire family and my other dogs fell in love with him and I couldn’t bear to let him go. Not only does he have a better life, but my life is better with him in it!