adonit jot mini


170203// So, first time EVER having a digital bujo and !!!! LET ME TELL YOU, at first it was a bit awkward but I got the hand of it pretty quickly c: I got some ideas from @jellybujo bc their digital bujo are goaaals! 

Digital bujo = Good Notes4 (great investment and easy to use)
I use a rubber stylus, nothing fancy at all c:

UPDATE: I ordered the Adonit Jot Pro 2.0 and will arrive approximately this thursday!

2020-surgery  asked:

Hello! I came across your iPad post with a photo of your fine-tip stylus! Which brand is that one and how are you liking it? I was actually in the market for one last night! Thanks for your time!

I have answered this previously but this is what I use:

It is Kmoso GP-DD104-01 Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus which I purchased it from not gonna lie and it costs me like around $6 usd so it is an extremely good deal for me.

The one I used before was Adonit Jot Mini, and it is around $19.99 usd (even more expensive here). And it broke like two months later unfortunately.

The Kmoso one, though it is cheaper, is much more flexible. You can hold it in 35° - 90° and it works perfectly fine, so you can write like you usually do. However, for the adonit one, to me it’s more like I have to find a way of writing to accommodate to the stylus (not to mention that it is likely to break with one accidental fall). But after all the adonit one has a better outlook.

+ sidenote when I purchased the Kmoso one they gave me an extra stylus tip, which is amazing.

So yeah I prefer the Kmoso one, definitely recommend it.


Recording of the E.N.D Natsu drawing
Total time: 4h | App: Procreate | Pen: Adonit jot mini