So this is for the best person everrrr!!!!!
My queen knifeandpear!!!
The past few days have been really sucky in terms of people stuff, but she’s always there to make me happy happy :D
YOU’RE THE BEST (obvo) and hopefully no one minds the fact that I got super lazy with coloring and just sorta sepia’d it~
I know it looks nothing like you but I think I got the bodacious babe part kind of right ;D

[i drew the eyes super weird but I kinda give up on faces for a while until I get used to this pen] Drawn on my iPad!

Just a little drawing I whipped up to make me feel a little better.
Made with SketchBook Pro for iPad, used the Jot Pro stylus by Adonit.

This Jot Pro finally came in the mail today. Very excited as I think it will be my go to pen for the iPad from now on. Grabbed this as part of Adonit’s kickstarter project launched a couple months ago. I believe the pen now retails directly from the site Check it out here. It looks good. Feels good. Writes incredibly well and it magnetic! 


Ha ha, today’s piece is bought to you by “Adonit Forge”, not too bad but it keeps locking up! No smudge!! and Latency issues but not a bad start