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Okay so I play this "game" with my parents where I sit them down in front of the tv and see how many kpop mv's I can play before they rip the remote out of my hand. So far the record is 12 and my mom is actually obsessed with Bangtan (my dad prefers Nu'est) and her favourite is Jin so now I have to watch her attempt to reenact their dance moves from the various mv's and the other week she asked me when they're coming to Canada... I don't know whether to be happy or worried

Oh my god this made me smile SO much I love when parents actually get into the music you like. It reminds me of this music show on this tv station that used to air on Sunday mornings over here and basically, my mum would just yell at me to wake up and be like ‘THERE’S THE STUFF YOU LIKE ON TV’ and there’d be all these kpop MVs on and it would just make me so happy simply 'cause my mum would recognise the music I like xD Also your parents sound adorable and I congratulate you mum for attempting to reenact Bangtan’s dance moves because if I tried, I would easily end up needing some sort of hip replacement surgery <3 Also the fact that your dad has a preference for Nu'est is adorable too oh my god everything about this is so cute :DDD

Like this is actually such a cute story, thank you so much for sharing <333 Btw I do the same kinda 'game’ with some of my friends too and it’s so awesome when they actually watch and listen and pick out their favourites and whatnot even though they’re not interested in kpop xD I hope Bangtan come visit Canada now too so you and your mum can get VIP tickets ;D (definitely be happy chingu, trust me <3 it always hurts when people judge somebody’s music style or judge anything for that matter so having people around you who will listen and join in with you is a beautiful and awesome thing)