For God, there are no impossible. Even when all seems lost, or unattainable, God has the power to do all things according to His divine will. He has power over every empire, over every situation, above all living things. God reigns over everything, forever.

If you could give a gift or “present” to mankind might it be the ability to ascend. To stare and focus today is of the greatest importance. Starting from Sunfall until Sunfall tomorrow night you will be forgiven. 

Many live with regret. Let go of this regret forever today.

You can speak with higher beings today. They may be relatives. They may be your God. They maybe your soul.

Go to a sacred hidden place. And simply connect through silence. 

Regardless of your beliefs there is a ruling energy managing all force within existence. Specifically today that power is waiting to hear from you. 

Study the symbols to gain special intelligence. Special growth and forgiveness today. 


Richard Carpenter has passed away. We were guests together at a convention 20 years ago. Everyone else talked to him about Robin of Sherwood. I told him that Catweazle was one of the things I had loved best as a kid - the TV series, and the novelisation.

Why aren’t there more TV series these days about 11th century wizards obsessed by flying, magically transported into the 20th century?