“I can only assume the letter detailing my arrival did not make it to you.” Adolpha said after having to sneak into the camp and into his tent no less. she was holding the Mark of Caesar out from under her Leather armor and in the other hand she was holding out a sealed letter. The letter basically said that she was a Frumentarii and that she had business in the camp. It was signed by Vulpes. It was an annoying but necessary precaution so the person she reported to didnt think she was lying when she told whoever what her position was. She had been used to doing it this way so whoever she was reporting to didnt have a chance to alert others or attack her. That didnt mean it would always work though.

Here’s something you can read tonight: “The Cage,” a werewolf story by A.M. Dellamonica.

The eerie thing about Paige Adolpha wasn’t how she turned up right when I was reading about her in the paper. It wasn’t her fame as the star witness in the local werewolf trial. What brought on the gooseflesh, first time I saw her, was she’s the spitting image of her murdered identical twin.