Sean Spicer: Hitler 'Didn't Even Sink to Using Chemical Weapons'
Sean Spicer incorrectly claimed that Adolf Hitler did not use chemical weapons during World War II while comparing him to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during a Tuesday press conference.
By Mahita Gajanan

This goes far beyond a “gaffe” as the media is calling it, this type of statement is right out of the Holocaust denier handbook. It’s dangerous, anti-Semitic rhetoric. 

Psychika szerokich mas nie jest wrażliwa na półśrodki i słabości. Podobnie jak kobieta, na której delikatność uczuć mniejszy wpływ ma abstrakcyjna mądrość niż bliżej nieokreślona tęsknota poddania się uczuciom, łatwiej ulegnie mocnemu mężczyźnie niż słabemu, tak i ludzie bardziej kochają mocnego władcę niż słabego i czują większą satysfakcję z doktryny, która nie toleruje rywali, niż z takiej, która uznaje liberalną wolność - naród na ogół nie wie, jak się nią posługiwać i wnet czuje się opuszczony.

“Moja Walka” - Adolf Hilter

non-jewish bloggers on tumblr will often make or read posts about how adolf hilter wasn’t such a bad guy. he painted! he wore funny shorts! he held the hand of a white, blond, blue-eyed german child one time in one photograph! amazing! that makes it okay that he ordered the slow, agonizing murders of thousands of people who didn’t fit into his violently narrow world image! he worked thousands of jewish, black, romani, and homosexual human beings until they lost all hope and, dead-eyed, unable to even influence the terms of their own dooms, they died of starvation in concentration camps. he literally wanted to kill every single jew. he wanted them to die and he wanted them to die horribly, in front of their families, until not a single person left on earth knew the blessing for wine on the sabbath, the story of esther, the yiddish word for gossip. he wanted to burn our temples, our torahs, our rabbis. he wanted to make sure that all future hebrew babies were killed before their parents existed.

and you know what? he failed. i know the blessing, the story, the yiddish word for gossip. i have my great grandfather’s name and even now no one can remember whether “hecky” stands for “hermann” or “herschel.” my mother has driven a volkswagen around our city every day for twenty years because she believes that the best way revenge, the best way to, in her words, “shtick it to hilter” is to “get my jewish ass real comfortable in his perfect german car." hilter failed to wipe us out. we take care of our own and we thank our g-d we are alive and we spit on his fucking grave.

but even now we fear him. the mere mention of his name, the mere mention of nazi, of antisemite, of holocaust shakes us to our bones. in eighth grade my school took a trip to the holocaust museum in washington, dc; while we looked at images of suffering, of war, of human beings, people just like us, with their skeletons showing, their lives carved out until they were hollow and empty, human beings annihilated by other human beings for nothing but their appearance as human beings do to other human beings over and over and over– while we looked at these photographs, a child in the group said "why does this matter?” let that sink in. this child, who had studied the holocaust again and again in class, who had walked into this museum assuring the teacher that he would be respectful, who was looking at pictures of concentration camp survivors, who was standing next to a jewish child, said “what is the big deal?” i – already in tears, because i had known better than any of these kids what would be waiting inside and had still felt so… so wrecked by all of it – hit him. i got in trouble for hitting him. he did not get in trouble for anything.

we are terrified of this. we are terrified of people who do not understand, who can never understand, what it is like to know that you are never safe, that at any moment someone next to you could make you fear for your life, could make you shut your mouth and keep all your ethnicity, all your culture, whole parts of who you are, inside for your own safety. we are terrified of our synagogues aflame, of our daughters locked in dark, secret spaces, writing diaries to pass the time before they die. we are terrified of “but you don’t look jewish,” of macklemore and katy perry and their “totally inoffensive, non-stereotyped” costumes, of nicki minaj using nazi flags in her new music video and harry styles tattooing himself in our sacred language and celebrating our sacred holidays because he “feels jewish on the inside” and then having their fans label them “problematic faves” who have just “made some mistakes :/” when i see so many posts saying adolf hilter “just made some mistakes.” we are terrified of a society that, after all that, still tells us “no one hates jews,” and “antisemitism is dead." we are terrified of you. you, people on this website, who read those posts about how human adolf hilter was, how even though he is to this day responsible for the deaths of thousands, responsible for genocide, he only "made some mistakes.” he “wasn’t evil.”

he destroyed us. he is dead, right now, as you are reading this, he is beneath the ground, and still he haunts us. me. still the ruins he left, the legacy of the jack-booted nazis, is destroying us. i believe in judaism with all my heart, i believe in my culture and my community and i desperately hope that if you are still reading this i can believe in you, but i have no faith that the memory of adolf hilter will ever stop destroying us. he is the pharaoh, and he will never let my people go.

What has Rupert Grint been up to after Harry Potter?

When he finished filming Harry Potter in 2010, he starred in a music video of Ed Sheeran called Lego House. It got released in 2011. Ever since that, a few people still think Rupert is Ed Sheeran. Gingerness! You definitely should watch this music video. It’s funny. He pretends to be Ed Sheeran.

He went filming Into the White around in 2011 that was released in 2012. He played Gunner Robert Smith. You really should check out this movie. It’s really good. It’ll make you laugh and cry.

He also voiced for American Dad. He played Liam in an episode ‘Killer Vacation.’

After that he was in a movie The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman with Shia LaBeouf. It was released in 2013. He played Karl. It’s a good movie. It’ll make you angry, laugh and cry.

He also appeared in a movie CBGB and he played Cheetah Chrome. A real person playing in a punk band. And he used an American accent here. It was also released in 2013. Alan Rickman played a manager in this movie!

For the very first time he’d appear in a TV show called Super Clyde. There was only a pilot and nothing more. CBS decided not to continue this TV show after the pilot was released in 2013. He starred with Stephen Fry. You definitely still should watch the pilot. It’s a nice and an original story. He played Clyde. After his grandfather died, he decided to use money for other people who need it more. And he still works as a fast food worker. I’m still so upset this TV show didn’t continue at all.

For the first time he was on stage in West End, London. His play was called Mojo with Ben Whishaw. That was in 2013. Quite proud of him to be on stage for the very first time. He liked it very much but admitted it was also terrifying. He played a guy Sweets.

He voiced Amadeo a young man in The Unbeatables in 2013. An Argentinian movie about table soccer figures coming to life. Originally it’s called Metegol.

He voiced Josh in Postman Pat: The Movie in 2014. A guy who can sing. Rupert sang in the movie ‘Lightning’.

Rupert made his first Broadway debut in 2014. His second play was called It’s Only A Play. With Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. I was so so proud of him. He played Frank Finger.

A movie called Enemy of Man hasn’t been released yet, but he was busy filming this movie in 2014 and 2015. It’s still very unknown when it will be released. But gladly we got to see some clips from Rupert using a Scottish accent. He played Rosse.

He played in a movie Moonwalkers with Robert Sheehan and Ron Perlman in 2015. It was an amazing movie! It was promoted like almost in every country till 2016. So proud! You really should watch this movie. It’ll make you laugh! It’s about a fake moon landing. Rupert played Jonny Thorpe, a loser band manager.

He played in the show Tracey Ullman Show as himself with Tracey Ullman. It was released in 2016. And it was very funny! You should check it out.

He played a historical figure August Kubizek, a childhood friend of Adolf Hilter in Adolf the Artist in 2016. Iwan Rheon played Adolf. It was recently released on Sky Arts in August. Not everyone got to watch it, sadly.

He played Daniel Glass in a TV show Sick Note with Nick Frost in 2016. It will be released in 2017. Daniel finds out he was misdiagnosed with cancer.

There will be a TV show (NBC) coming up soon called Imperial City. He plays Rupert, a New York office employee about a comic book series Imperial City. It’s yet to be announced when it will be released. Or if he really started filming it. He announced once in January 2016 he would start in March. But we haven’t heard anything about it. Fingers crossed!

He will be also starring in a show called Snatch and he will be playing Charlie Cavendish. Ed Westwick and Dougray Scott will join. Not only he will act, but he’s also an executive producer for this show. It will be released in 2017 (Crackle). Based on the movie where Brad Pitt was starring in.

That’s it for now! We look forward to more projects!


LIFE Magazine, November 30, 1936

Since then, Realmleader Hilter has imposed a strict censorship on all information concerning his art.

From the Wikipedia article on Heinrich Hoffman, Hitler’s official photographer:

The personal esteem Hitler held for Hoffmann is indicated by the fact that in 1935 he allowed the photographer to issue a limited edition of a portfolio of seven paintings Hitler had made during World War I, even though since becoming Chancellor he had downplayed his desire to become a painter in his youth. In later years, Hitler would forbid any publication of or commentary about his work as a painter.