Over half of Austrians say they would re-elect Hitler in recent poll
"poll reveals worrying views about banned party"

“61% of Austrian adults want to see a “strong man” in charge of government. 54% said they thought it would be “highly likely” that the National Socialists would win .. and many agree that life “wasn’t all bad under the Nazis.“

A time to rejoice. Our brothers and sisters are waking up.

Adolf Hitler in Paris, 6/23/1940

From the series:  Hoffmann Collection; Subseries HLB; 35mm prints and negatives made by the Berlin Office, 3/1933 - 7/1944 . National Archives Collection of Foreign Records Seized, 1675 - 1958

France had signed an armistice with Nazi Germany the day earlier on June 22, 1940, bringing an end to month-and-a-half long the Battle of France. Paris would remain occupied by German forces for 4 years until liberated in August of 1944.

  • Them:What are your thoughts on Adolf Hitler?
  • Me:*laughs nervously* Hitler? Fuck that guy. He was a dictator and - (thousands of pictures of Adolf Hitler fall out of my coat)t-these aren’t mine man I swear I’m holding them for a friend I fucking hate (seven copies of Mein Kampf fall out of my back pocket) wait dude those aren’t even mine I swear i (more pictures fall to the ground) wait man I fucking hate Adolf Hitler just listen