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hey guys, im making a zine!

i love to cook, i love making filipino dishes, and i love to draw! why not put all of em together? i don’t have a specific title for this series yet, but it’s gonna be little recipe zines… and all filipino dishes, too! each zine will have a list of ingredients, and a short comic explaining how to cook them into the dish!

i’m gonna kick off this project with one of the most popular filipino dishes around… CHICKEN ADOBO! it’s chicken stewed in a soy sauce and vinegar based broth!

Adobo (Spanish for marinade, sauce, seasoning) is the immersion of raw meat in a stock or sauce, composed of paprika, salt, oregano, garlic & vinegar to preserve and enhance the flavor. The Portuguese variant is known as Carne de vinha d'alhos. The practice is native to Iberia, namely Spanish & Portuguese cuisine. It was widely adopted in Latin America & other Spanish/Portuguese colonies, including the Azores and Madeira. In the Philippines, the name adobo was given by Spanish colonists to an indigenous cooking method that also uses vinegar.

A Wish Upon a Bay Leaf -- Adobo Recipe

I helped a little with a question about magic and bay leaves, so I thought I’d expand on the recipe I was talking about. (:

This is pork adobo, its a Filipino dish that I grew up on. For me, this stew is a source of comfort, and when I’m upset, my mom made it for me often (as the bay leaf’s magical properties include protection). Also bonding! I enjoy making it for friends and family. A shared pot of adobo and rice opens up positive channels between people you love, and people you are growing to love (not to mention this is absolutely delicious, you’ll want a huge pot of it anyway! Haha~)

Here’s a list of ingredients you’ll need:

  • Soy Sauce (1 ½ cup) (There isn’t much I know about any magical properties of soy, but it is very, very salty! And salt is a good thing)
  • Distilled White Vinegar (¼ cup) (Element: FIRE! For enthusiastic energy!)
  • 1 table spoon whole pepper corns (Element: FIRE! Banish negativity and evil influence!)
  • Salt (pinch) (Cleansing!) (Element: EARTH! Purify and ground yourself)
  • Boneless Pork ribs or Pork Belly (2 lbs ) (Element: FIRE! Profuseness, dramatic energy and hella tasty flavor!)
  • 2-3 fresh, crushed garlic (Element: FIRE! Break curses and hexes, demolish what’s holding you back)
  • 2-3 Bay Leaves (Element: FIRE! Bring money, success, protection, divination)

Tools (magic or otherwise):

  • Athame or other sharp knife
  • cutting board
  • large cauldron or another nice sized pot with a lid
  • Big spoon for stirring
  • Large mixing bowl (glass preferred)

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Here’s a classic Filipino dish. Hmmmm,

Well, Megan, you gotta keep your eyes on your pot. But it still looks yummy.
Messy but was all for theatrics


Because the recipe for this was requested. Typing this on my phone while eating this for lunch.

1 pound chicken thigh fillet cut into chunks

½ cup (Filipino soy sauce, not the Japanese Kikkoman, try to buy Datu Puti brand)

2 Tablespoons worcestershire sauce

1/3 cup white cane vinegar (white regular vinegar will do or also try to buy Datu Puti white vinegar at a Filipino store)

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

3 bay leaves

1 whole head of garlic, cloves separated, peeled and sliced

Cracked black pepper to taste

- Marinate the chicken pieces with all these ingredients overnight in a ziploc bag. The next day, pour entire contents of ziploc bag in a tall enough saute pan, add ½ cup canned pineapple chunks and 3 cups of water. Turn on heat to high until it boils then turn heat to low and simmer slowly, braise for 30mins-45mins or until you are left with a third of liquid, reduced sauce.

Add, ½ cup unsweetened coconut cream (for cooking, preferably made in Thailand)and simmer until sauce thickens.

Serve with plain boiled white rice.


Adobo (Filipino “Let It Go” Parody) - Mikey Bustos

Yeah this video needs more views. If you’re a pinoy/pinay (or not whatever) you need to watch this. It’s just too perfect.