Adobe Town Wilderness Study Area, Wyoming – Bob Wick, Instagram Guest Photographer 

About the photo: The desolate beauty of the Adobe Town Badlands in southern Wyoming eluded me on my first visit. A late spring storm turned the miles of unpaved road accessing the area into an impassible quagmire. My second attempt was successful and I was able to capture some images of the colorful badland formations in the soft evening light. The area offers photography angles for both morning and evening light. Adobe Town is like many BLM managed areas in that you need to do some pre-trip research and on-site exploring to get to the best photo spots. To me this adds to the sense of adventure and the knowledge that I am capturing some truly unique photos. The area is located southeast of Rock Springs. Four-Wheel- Drive is needed for access.

Camera Settings: Lens focal length: 200mm, aperture: f16, shutter speed: 1/15 second, ISO 160

At 85,710 acres in size, the Adobe Town wilderness study area is the largest in Wyoming. Within the WSA, you’ll find Skull Creek Rim and Monument Valley - names that conjure up images of colorful badlands, buttes and spires created by thousands of years of erosion. Located 80 miles southwest of Rawlins, outstanding opportunities for solitude and primitive and unconfined recreation exist in the WSA.

The WSA is nationally known for the educational and scientific study of paleontological resources. Fossil remains of mammals are numerous and widely distributed throughout the area. This area has been identified as one of the premier sites in North America for paleontological resources. Significant archaeological resources are found throughout the WSA, representing 12,000 years of continuous occupation by man from Paleo Indian through late Prehistoric periods. The cultural site density of the WSA is estimated to be 30 surface sites per square mile, which is unusually high.

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Photo by Bob Wick