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We haven’t posted an article in a while, but here we are back with great news for you, especially if you work every day with the most used software for digital painting, Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop comes with a nice Brush Manager. It’s clean and simple but when it comes to organise our hundreds of brushes’ sets, here we stumble upon a little weakness: we can’t. Or, at least, we can but regrouping brushes into categories by creating new sets can be not so easy and it might take away time.

There are a few nice plug-ins out there to do the organising job and today we want to share the newest one.

Panorabrush is a PS plug-in you can use to easily organise your brushes by folders. Said folders can be colour-coded, searched through using a search bar and of course you can save your brush preset in .abr.

The plug-in is compatible with PC and Mac, though it can be installed only in Photoshop CC 2014 and 2015.

The only con we have found is the price, $19.99, though the number can be easily forgotten if an artist works every day with Photoshop for a living: the plug-in lets you save a lot of time, after all, and it makes your life easier.

Our beta tester, Gabrielle, is also beta tester for the official plug-in and says: 

I think it’s a great start. It’s useful, almost life changing, because when you have hundreds of different brushes it’s a pain looking for that particular one with a forgotten name… I was actually disappointed when I opened the “official” brushes manager of PS CC and found this plain list where you can only rename but not organise by categories your brushes without saving them first and re uploading. I mean, if you are not a nerd, that may not be very easy.

For more information, here’s the official website of Panorabrush.

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I have finally bought a new laptop my children… It runs on windows 10, so far I think I’m not too lost in it, although I’ve already uninstalled most of these shitty pre-installed apps like do you think this is a phone here stop taking needed space dang it… But honestly it’s so good like, IT’S SO SILENT, and considering its price (cries, oh cries), it really fucking better last me 5 years AT LEAST without causing me any troubles. Every other important details seems to be ok anyway, I’ve been checking thoroughly since yesterday lmao so… 

Now, I’ll try to install Pigeon Blood and see if it works…


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