“u were dum, and left a dum corpse, which i now own” -Clairyx, to Zyra

I’ve always imagined my asura necromancer would become more of a ritualist as she attained her lichdom, though I suppose this would be early on as she’s reanimating her faithful undead servant/bodyguard/minion/partner Zyra. 

Being as I cant log on and have a new computer I worked with absolutely 0 references to ingame characters so character designs have strayed quite a bit since I cant remember what either character looks like lmfao!!! Though that reaper/lich form is pretty headcanon too.

Drawn with Krita! Since I don’t want to afford Adobe CS anymore. Krita is pretty amazing for a free program!! Really loving it au pair with my Surface Pro. It’s like a small, crappy Cintiq!!! shoutout to @jiggydino for the tip  

The Principles of Design | CS AU

Prompt: I’m a traditional painter who has to take a basic Photoshop class, you’re a graphic design major sitting next to me and getting sucked into helping me out because Im so shitty at this

Fair warning: I’m not normally a writer, and I haven’t written fic in …years. But, I stumbled upon this prompt and I just had to write it, y’know? I’ve also been musing a Design Agency AU, and decided this was a perfect prompt to flex my writing muscles with first before committing to something larger. I intended this to be a one-shot but it grew and now will be in four parts.
Thank you to @spartanguard for the quick beta & the words of encouragement. <3

Rating: T; Word Count: ~3000; Reviews are welcome!
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Chapter 1: Contrast

Contrast: Making elements different increases understanding.

It was a truth universally acknowledged that Emma Swan did not like computers, and computers did not like her. Okay, that may be a bit dramatic, but tell that to the damn spinning beachball of death that mocks her pain. Emma tapped her fingers against the top of her desk impatiently as she slumped back in her swivel chair. Her blonde, wavy hair was piled high on her head in a messy bun, and her glasses perched on the edge of her nose. She chewed the inside of her cheek as she waited for Photoshop to finish loading.

This is why I prefer paint and canvas, Emma fumed, glaring at the screen as if she could simply will it to operate faster with her mind.

“Stare any harder at that screen, love, and you might burn a hole through it,” came a familiar voice, interrupting her silent cursing. Emma sat up straight and turned to meet a pair of perfect blue eyes and knowing smirk.

It was mid-day on a Wednesday in the computer lab at Storybrooke University. The lab was practically empty, save for the petite brunette lab assistant, Belle, which is why Emma tended to visit only at this time. It was also the only time she’s able to visit the lab, between all of her other classes and working at Granny’s.

Emma all but rolled her eyes, as Killian Jones plunked down in the seat across from her. He was a graphic design major, two years ahead of her, with a British accent and permanent scruff, that one would describe being attractive…or devilishly handsome, as he liked to point out. Emma pointedly ignored him as he unwrapped the earbuds hanging from around his neck, and took out a USB drive and sketchbook out of his bag.

Instead, she had begun to aggressively click her mouse, in the hopes that somehow that would make her Mac load faster.

“Y’know, most men would take your silence as off-putting.” Killian amused by her impatience, as he started up his computer, and plugged in his USB. “But I do love a challenge,” he smirked looking up from his monitor.

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gif yapmayı lütfen anlatırmısın

İlk olarak lazım olan programlar;
Photoscape, gomplayer ve kalite istiyosanız adobe photoshop cs6 bu üçlüyü indiirin.
Gif yapacagınız videoyu indirin bilgisayarınıza, ve indirdikten sonra gom player ile açın.
Replik geldiği anda ctrl+e tuşuna basılı tutun ve replik bitince bırakın.ondan sonra belgelere gelin ve orda gomplayer yazan klasöre girin, orda fotoğraf olcak, o fotoğraflardan 10 tanesini falan kopyalayın.
Photoscapeyi açıp anigif yazan yere tıklayın, kopyaladığınız fotoğrafları yapıstırın. Bu kadar yani orda gif hızını falan ayarlamanız için bi şey var zaten orda görürsünüz.

Adobe cs 6 yı niye yükledik, gifler bazen 2 mb falan oluyo boyutundan dolayı tumblrda zor açılıyo yani zor yükleniyo(1.20 mb ideal gibi)
İşte yaptığınız gifi adobe ile açın web için kaydedin orda görüntü boyutu diye bişey var onu biraz düşürünce gif tumblr boyutuna ulaşıyo işte.

Bu üstteki dediğimi photoscapeylede yapabilirsiniz ama yazıların rengi soluyo bide pixeli tuhaflaşıyo adobeyle yapmak daha yararlı.

İyi geceler



All the scanned pages before digital edits. Small panels are 2.2 x 5 inches and the big one (ending) is 3 x 6 inches. Sketches are done with Staedtler pencils (HB, 2B, 3B and 6B) and Pilot ENO Colour (Red). Digital edits done on Adobe Photoshop CS 6 and Video is done with Windows Media Player.

GIF Comic


Dear Student,

Thank you so much for contacting me about teaching you how to use the Adobe Creative Suite. I would love to!  To respond to your questions in your email:

No, unfortunately it does not help that you used to like drawing. And no, it does not help that you really love photography and use Picasa.  And the biggest no, is that I will not teach you “how to be a graphic designer.” Here’s why:

Adobe CS is a tool, knowing it does not make you a graphic designer any more than having a guitar makes you Eric Clapton. It takes talent, skill and education and experience. Designers go to college and major in design, because it is not all about the software. We do our concept layouts on paper first, then we use our tools - one of which is the software - to complete the design.

You asked how long it would take to learn the software? If you wish to become proficient, then allow a couple of years. While you are learning the software you will also will need to be teaching yourself typography, color theory, principles of design, art history and the history of design as well as print technology, digital technology…and you will need a mentor or someone to critique your work along the way, or you will not know how off (or on) track you are. 

And yes, absolutely, you do need to buy the software. I know it’s expensive, but you will have to have it to practice. Again, if you want to play like Eric Clapton, you have to have a guitar.

Again, thanks for the inquiry, and I am happy to teach you Adobe CS, but you won’t be a graphic designer.



Man I sure do love using my copy of Adobe © ® Photoshop © © CS © 7 © to Digitally Manipulate © images using their many Presets © and Tools ©
—  How adobe expects people to talk about using photoshop

porco giuda Adriano Gariglio questa cosa che hai fatto ci ha emozionato davvero è vero:  hanno smesso di sviluppare Flash perche si son messi a lavorare sulla CS

Judas pig Adriano Gariglio this thing you did us really excited is true: they have stopped developing Flash because they sat down to work on CS