Adobe Creative Cloud

I can’t even express what is happening inside me right now. Apparently Adobe is giving away free orgasms with this release. Freaking game changer.


Fontshop släppte precis en intressant plugin som gör det möjligt att förhandsvisa och köpa typsnitt direkt i CS-programmen.

Laddas hem härifrån. Om ni har problem att installera, uppdatera Adobe Extension manager till senaste versionen.

Dear Student,

Thank you so much for contacting me about teaching you how to use the Adobe Creative Suite. I would love to!  To respond to your questions in your email:

No, unfortunately it does not help that you used to like drawing. And no, it does not help that you really love photography and use Picasa.  And the biggest no, is that I will not teach you “how to be a graphic designer.” Here’s why:

Adobe CS is a tool, knowing it does not make you a graphic designer any more than having a guitar makes you Eric Clapton. It takes talent, skill and education and experience. Designers go to college and major in design, because it is not all about the software. We do our concept layouts on paper first, then we use our tools - one of which is the software - to complete the design.

You asked how long it would take to learn the software? If you wish to become proficient, then allow a couple of years. While you are learning the software you will also will need to be teaching yourself typography, color theory, principles of design, art history and the history of design as well as print technology, digital technology…and you will need a mentor or someone to critique your work along the way, or you will not know how off (or on) track you are. 

And yes, absolutely, you do need to buy the software. I know it’s expensive, but you will have to have it to practice. Again, if you want to play like Eric Clapton, you have to have a guitar.

Again, thanks for the inquiry, and I am happy to teach you Adobe CS, but you won’t be a graphic designer.



porco giuda Adriano Gariglio questa cosa che hai fatto ci ha emozionato davvero è vero:  hanno smesso di sviluppare Flash perche si son messi a lavorare sulla CS

Judas pig Adriano Gariglio this thing you did us really excited is true: they have stopped developing Flash because they sat down to work on CS

Great a lot of places aren’t selling Adobe CS6 anymore and I am sorry but I don’t feel like paying $50 a month for CC. What the fuck happened to buying a fucking program and that’s fucking it!? THIS IS BULLSHIT ADOBE! I understand having renting be an option, but not the only fucking option. It’s just a way for them to make fucking money. And I need this for my fucking chosen career. *intense fucking eyeroll*

Register for Winter/Spring Workshops

Intro to Illustrator Workshop – January 28
Learn the basics of this popular Adobe program. Learn the basic tools, practice and create an art project while you are learning! No experience necessary, just your enthusiasm and desire to learn digital art! Bring a flash drive to class to take your work home.

Branding U – March 3
Ideal follow up to Illustrator Workshop, this class helps you create your own unique logo-for use on stationary, cards, Facebook, blog or anywhere you might like a personal mark. Bring a flash drive and your creative ideas to class!

Design Your Own Cards in Illustrator – April 14
A great third class in Illustrator. With the practice from the Intro and Branding classes now get creative and design something new-invitations, cards, stationary, you choose your own project. Each student will create their own original design and learn how to save in formats for print and web.

Web design, photo editing and DTP software - Serif

Has anyone messed around with the Serif software? I haven’t used any Adobe Software past say, CS4 or 5 so I’m kinda curious how it stacks up to their current line up. Serif has starter editions for all their software so I might download a couple this weekend. I’m particularly interested in the vector program and the html editor. Hmm…