adobe wall


This is my illustration for the Cartoon Network en Amarillo, Azul y Rojo art show curated by Chogrin Muñoz.
The art show was paying tribute to many of Cartoon Network’s original shows (classic and current) by 30+ artists from around the world. All of the artworks do only use the primary colors of Yellow, Blue and Red to represent the colors of the ecuadorian flag.
Also featured were exclusive pieces of art made by artists from Ecuador.

All sales went to UNICEF to aid the victims affected by the earthquake that took place in Ecuador in April 2016.

Hux x Reader Soulmate Au

A/N: The soulmate trope, Hux style.

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The sound of blaster fire echoes through the night. It is accompanied by a crescendo of shrieks which fall off all at once—leaving the village square in deafening silence.

You’re hidden under your bed, back pressed up against the adobe wall of the hut. Tears streak down your cheeks and you clamp your hands over your mouth in a desperate attempt to muffle the whimpers that threaten to give away your hiding place. You feel as though your ragged breaths are being broadcast into the now eerily still night. And then you hear distant shouts and the drum of armored boots marching across the village. They’re checking the huts.

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There’s a very unique sort of comfort in unchangeable places; a tree that sheltered you all through childhood standing tall and timeless where it has always stood, a bathroom that still has all the same grit in it’s corners from the ever-eroding adobe walls and a badly painted picture of a dog opposite the mirror that your mom let you paint when you were 6, a cactus growing out of a boulder perched eternally on the hillside where you played an intricate game of pretend with your herd of breyer horses. Every time I go home I feel intensely grateful for the steadfastness of its landscapes, the way it transports me so entirely to so many different stages of my small life.