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Things I Learned in College

I’ve been a college student for three years now and for this coming first sem of school year 2017-2018, gladly I will become a senior. The idea of college wasn’t valuable for me before. I thought it would be just like how high school embraced me. I thought college was only about whatever field you enroll yourself, new friends, dramas, and stuff just like what high school was about.

For three years of setting foot on college, back-and-forth from home to school, and being hopeful that at least I would survive this student life, I realize that all my thoughts about college were all wrong. Filtered with paper works, challenges about reports, and nerve-cracking demonstrations, college is totally a not-joke thing. Yes, I thought about that, for the first time in my life I took schooling seriously (or at least I’m trying the best I can to be serious) and all thanks to college.

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H o l d  o n  t o  a n y t h i n g … 

We made a NIGHT IN THE WOODS comic zine! With @stasya-sher​ @anneliesedraws​ @roo-draws​ and yours truly :) Thanks so much girls!

Riso printing was a blast!. It was also my first time setting up a booklet in inDesign, really appreciated how smooth everything went! Gotta use that student Adobe subscription while it lasts, am I right…

Here’s to more chill games to play with in the evenings - thank you, Scott!

3.2.16 I wish I was autumn again! I have been pretty busy today! Driving lesson and then trying to remember how to draw on illustrator for the laser cutter. I made butternut squash soup which is my favourite. Xxx emily


a cat gets stuck in a box and it is beautiful

(I like fat cats in boxes ok)