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Solution for Intuos pen pressure issue on Photoshop ( Windows 10 )

Hi everyone ! ^^

Since I have been trying to fix the issue of pen pressure on Photoshop CC after I updated to Windows 10 for a few months. I was really frustrated each time when I use PS to paint. The issue I got was only for Photoshop but not other programs like Sai, Painter, or CSP. I also have heard that some of you also get the same issue in other programs / other windows versions as well. Therefore I would like to share the solution which is really unbelievably easy fix..! 

The issue I had was when I drew brushstroke quickly, the pen pressure and all the settings were suddenly off. As well as for the short brushstroke, it would create a loop back to the starting point. 

At first I thought it was PS CC new update issue with my Windows 10 but I noticed that it only happened with quick brushstrokes. Here is the solution ^^

Open  [ Wacom Tablet Properties ]
and turn off [ Tip Double Click Distance ] 
Now restart the program, and I’m sure that the issue will be fixed ! ♡

I hope this is helpful for anyone who currently has the same issue with me.
If you have any question please feel free to ask as well. ^^ 

Let’s enjoy drawing! 

I am thinking about doing a big piece with all the girls in celebration for Dragon Games but for now what I’ve ready is the amazing Darling. Plus wanted some more mature look to match better the warrior princesses aspect. 

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