adobe illustrator cs3

Nowadays, I make most of my art in a Moleskine plain notebook. It didn’t take long to realize how much quicker things are with pencil and paper compared to with the Pen tool in Adobe Illustrator CS3. My upload rate remains the smae, though, because I keep forgetting to scan things.

I must have had Princess Mononoke on the mind because those boars must are enormous, looking at the trees.

Attempting to teach myself how to do vector illustrations from pencil sketches using Adobe Illustrator CS3...


I used to do this on Photoshop but apparently illustrator is better/easier so I’m trying to break bad habits and do this right so I can start making comics again. 

Pen tool, one day I will master you…

If anyone has any tips/advice on this please leave stuff in my ask… I’m a little discouraged but I will not give up! 


Men’s Health Magazine - Portraits

Brazilian illustrator Cristiano Siqueira has created awesome portraits  for Men’s Health Magazine (U.S). December 2015 issue. All vector illustrations were done in Adobe Illustrator CS3.