adobe cs5.5

Hell fuckin’ yeah, bitches.  Look at that shit.

Simply the act of using the Crop tool in Photoshop to crop this screencap of my desktop for the completely base act of bragging about joining CS6 Creative Cloud has blown my goddamn mind.  The way they’ve changed the tool is small, but absolutely goddamn revolutionary.  You just have to use it yourself to see what I mean.

There’s no turning back.  I never want to use CS5.5 again.


I was gonna animate a scene in my art style, but I decided i don’t want to deal with Tumblr’s attitude since it is a lil’ problematic, so…I’ll probably just pick a different scene to work with.
Anyways, here’s the symbols I made for Mr. Frond and Linda all put together. Also the backgrounds for both shots. Made in Adobe Flash cs5.5!

I’m sooooo excited I got a newer adobe suite and I just wanna make videos of everything until my hard drive is full I’m freaking out I’m fangirling I’m such a geek but whatever this is one of my loves.

Maybe if I get enough to work with I’ll make a Mellivia fan video, just because I can.