adobe animation


Hello, friends! I gave a seminar on Adobe Flash last night, and figured I’d also put the slides online for anyone who was interested in learning the program! Because of file size/bandwidth limitations, I can’t upload any of the example FLA’s, but you could easily find alternatives on YouTube. The dog pictures also made more sense in context. Well, kind of

Tumblr hecked up the last few images in this post, so here’s an Imgur album of all of the slides at full resolution

Made a simple breathing animation of my updated icon.

This was intended to be an animated icon for my dA account but it doesn’t look that great compressed to 50x50 pixels so I think I’ll leave it as it is

Awkward Sibling Hug Tackle

So tired….Hand hurts….must return to cave…

Sorry about the watermark. On my computer it looked more transparent but looking at it on my phone, I see it’s more opaque than I wanted it…

Super big thanks to @rubberninja and @vernafterreading for helping me get hooked up to do my first Game Grumps animated!! It’s been a privilege to animate for you lovelies and it definitely helped me during my time of unemployment. 

Mad props to @power-auer for being badass and helping me with the backgrounds! You rock!!

Yes…this was what took my time away from finishing my Pokemon Art Academy gifs (the next time I’m free, I’m finishing those up, no worries!)

You guys rock! Love ya and enjoy the animation! I can’t wait to do more in the future :P


a cat gets stuck in a box and it is beautiful

(I like fat cats in boxes ok)


Forget Meme I did with my OC Yuu! After 7 hours of nonstop work it’s finally done! ;u;


Set 1 out of 2 of my Disney Princess animated GIF series (I can finally compile them like this!) :D

View the second set here!

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This is what I’m sure most people do with pint-sized talking mushroom things wearing clothes.

Made this in about fifty minutes for the hour-long challenge held over at @my-little-art-challenge

Had to draw something relating to the Mario princesses, but since I had Flash open, I took another crack at speed-animating something, or whatever the term is for frantically scribbling a squeaky plastic pen tip on a Cintiq monitor for over a half-hour.  Someday, I’ll get my time for one of these small tests down to a half-hour, or even twenty minutes.  Someday…